Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story

Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story – Will two children escape from the Titanic, the most famous sinking in the world? Take a look at a series of survivors in this fascinating historical novel.

Gavin Reilly works on the Titanic to find its way from Ireland to America. She knew that when she was finally with her brother in New York they would achieve their greatest dream together.

Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story

Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story

Karolina Green was devastated after losing her parents. He returns home from England with his aunt Rose and dreams of fixing his broken life in New York.

Eyewitness Account Of The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912

But on a calm and clear night in April, these dreams turned into nightmares. Rich and poor, famous and unknown, hundreds of people aboard the Titanic found themselves facing the cold sea and the sinking ship. Few will live to remember the tragedy that the world still cannot forget… will Gavin and Karolina be among the survivors?

Gavin Reilly stood on the deck of the Titanic, his eyes closed tightly. He held his hand and counted to ten. Then they opened their eyes again. He has to overcome this. He must be able to see the open water. After a few seconds, he blinked and turned to face the ground, breathing in the cool air. He looked out over the beach and the green mountains above Queenstown, Ireland. This is ridiculous. He has been swimming since he was a child. He was never afraid of water in his life.

Gavin looked up to see a girl with light brown hair and a scattering of brown hair on the bridge of her nose. He looked worried. Her accent, black African-American, was low and rude.

Gavin shook his head. There is no way to explain what is inside him. He himself did not understand her. “It’s okay,” he said, looking at the beach.

Titanic By Rupert Matthews

The space in the city was too small for the Titanic, so the giant ship was anchored two kilometers from the sea. His passenger, luggage and mail bags were confiscated. Gavin watched the tenders and bots turn back and forth. The Ireland is not a small ship, but it looks like a toy next to the Titanic. America stood in the distance waiting for his turn to land.

Gavin watched as the bomb landed next to her. Most of them were loaded with Irish goods. The first nabobs and their beautiful wives would be able to buy Irish clothes, even if they couldn’t make it to the coast.

Gavin looked up. The girl was standing next to her, but now she was looking at the sea, her hair blowing in the wind. Gavin wanted more than anything to turn and face the open water, but he knew he couldn’t. She walked away from the girl, hoping she wouldn’t follow.

Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story

Gavin leaned against the metal railing. The famous green river of southern Ireland is less than two miles from the water. He looked at Queenstown with its narrow streets and crowded buildings. He was breathing.

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The hills behind the city were so green, they reminded him of his home outside Belfast. He can imagine his brothers tending potatoes in the pasture. Sean’s voice will pass a little Katie giggles. Gavin was about to see her, his face flushed pink. Liam will argue with Mary. Small children will be at home with their Mom, lining up on the sofa for an afternoon nap. Gavin felt a familiar warmth that was always associated with the thoughts of his family. He may never see them again.

Gavin looked up and nodded, then slowly turned away. He forced himself to look at the sea. The cold gray water stretched to the sky. He didn’t know why it bothered him. Everyone agrees that the Titanic was never named. They had a great review this morning; allergic to noise, they closed all the watertight doors.

Gavin was so determined to get a place on the Titanic that he went to Southampton, lied about his age and stood with hundreds of other people to be interviewed. Conor’s letters from New York make him dream of a different life. Like all brothers, Conor wanted to have a chance. Their mother lit a candle for Conor on the day he left for America. It will now shine twice every Sunday. The thought of candles made Gavin very homesick.

“I didn’t intend to come in,” the girl said apologetically. He looked at her and wanted to apologize for his rudeness but she turned away.

The Titanic Sisters By Patricia Falvey

He was watching her pass the huge debris that fell from the field one day. The other three were right and the Titanic emitted black smoke as it sailed. This is fake, nothing but big air. However, like the others, it is connected by thick metal cables. Gavin watched as the girl started down the stairs to the third class corridor.

“Hey, Gavin! You better go back to the gala.” Lionel’s voice startled him. The tall boy with long hair sat on one of the wooden chairs near the pit. “Master. The Hughes will find you a pleasure, and they will miss you. It will embarrass your roommates, you know.”

“Well, Harry and I are going to be embarrassed anyway. I’m not sure Wallace has it in him.

Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story

Lionel shook his leg. “Are you all right? At anchor? It’ll be like walking across a whole city across the Atlantic, Gavin. He’s barely turning.”

Huge Facts About The Rms ‘titanic’

Gavin looked at the open water again and felt his stomach tighten. “I’d better wash the potatoes first. First class they’ll make parmesan.”

“Work hard and you can become a first-class manager like me.” Lionel stood up and clapped his hands proudly. “I have to go down to the dining room to deliver a message.”

Together they went to the door of the second class. Gavin reached out and opened the door. They started a long stack side by side. Their steps are organized according to a rhythmic rhythm that allows them to walk down at almost a running speed. Lionel taught Gavin how to climb the stairs and shot him a satisfied smile. “You’re getting better.”

As they walked down through the Palm Court windows, he found the first class passengers sitting in the decorated garden cabin. There were many men on the ship who were very rich, probably having enough clothes to feed Gavin’s family for more than a year. He once saw a woman wearing a huge diamond necklace, and it lit up the room.

Fire Did Not Sink The Titanic

On B deck, Gavin could smell the smell of tobacco wafting from the second class smoking room. Lionel raised his hand and covered his nose and mouth. Gavin shook his head. The first class is the worst – expensive cigarettes have a strong smell that sticks to the wall.

As they got deeper into the ship, Gavin felt his discomfort subside a little. Here, Titanic was like a big hotel. It is easier to forget the deep gray water that will soon take him away from his family and the farm where he lived all his life.

“Come to the first-class dining room—it’s empty then, and some of us will play cards.”

Titanic Historical Fiction Short Story

Gavin looked at the side of Lionel’s face, then at the stairs. “I came here.” As they started to retreat, he focused on the second class library.

Titanic An Alternate History — Oceanliner Designs & Illustration

Gavin smiled and shook his head. “I have to go to New York with all my expenses. I can’t expect my brother to support me.”

When they reached D-deck, Lionel slowed down. “Come if you change your mind. You can stay with us; you don’t have to play.”

Gavin watched as Lionel entered the first class dining room. Through the open door, Gavin saw that the room was still full. The caretakers started cleaning up the mess. Lionel’s angry smile disappeared, and his face became a literary mask, as he turned and bowed his head to speak to a woman in a green silk dress.

Gavin nodded as he closed the door and turned to walk across the beach. Once inside the first class cabin, he walked slowly, corner by corner past the pleasant corner of the Waken & McLaughlin winery. Kuki and one of the milkmaids came to greet him from the door of the house. He stopped and turned aside and let them pass. The two men did not believe in his existence.

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Gavin watched them go. He was not like Lionel. It is difficult for him to smile at people who are rude to him, whether they are the crew or the passengers. He quickly entered the house, asking to be hired as a waiter. It was easy. Half an hour after the last passenger leaves the dining room, the waiters will change the white plate and turn it on.

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