Tina Turner Life Story Film

Tina Turner Life Story Film – , the new HBO documentary framed by Oscar-winning duo Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin says goodbye to fans, and given Turner’s recently publicized health issues, you wouldn’t be wrong to think

“Oh no, not at all, not in our experience,” Lindsay says via Zoom. “I mean, she’s 80 years old. So there’s some pain and she had a kidney transplant. But when we did the interview, the whole process was over. She was healthy. She’s incredibly vibrant.”

Tina Turner Life Story Film

Tina Turner Life Story Film

Although Turner’s husband, Erwin Bach, called the film a farewell of sorts, it is intended as a long look at Turner’s public life after a career spanning more than 60 years, not a premature epitaph.

Rest In Power: Tina Turner—queen Of Rock & Roll, Acid Queen, Queen Of Hearts

“I think it has to do with her constant desire to leave behind Tina Turner, the personality,” says Lindsay. “Hang it on the shelf and it’s really part of the next chapter of your life.”

That explanation is one of many shared by Lindsay and Martin in setting Turner’s lifetime record. The documentary is filled with archival footage, breathtaking footage, and of course, testimonials from Turner herself as she sits and relaxes in her home in Zurich, Switzerland.

, the Broadway musical about Turner’s life, also appears in the film, adding context to the legendary singer’s life and legacy. Lindsay and Martin were commissioned to direct the film by producer Simon Chinn and were surprised by how easily Turner welcomed them into his space.

“He’s very humble,” says Lindsay. “You go to her house and she walks into the room and you know very well it’s Tina f – King Turner, but her presence just calms you down. Pretty soon we’re engaged in simple conversation. And she’s interested in other people; she wants to hear of your life, of your love life.

Hbo’s Tina Turner Documentary Is Her Way Of Saying Thank You — And Goodbye — To All Of Us

There’s the idea that Turner’s story has been told over and over in the hope that audiences will brush aside the more tumultuous parts of it—the well-documented physical and emotional abuse she endured in her relationship with Ike Turner—and move on. But as the wonderful and sometimes shocking documentary shows, Turner’s tumultuous times are an integral part of his story, then and now, and in many ways he still goes through tough times on a daily basis.

“She naturally brought Ike into the conversation,” says Martin, “and in doing so you could tell the pain was still bubbling under the surface.” He even said, “If I talk too much about it, let me know. It comes back to me in my dreams.” Like It Happened Yesterday It was something we couldn’t shake: this idea of ​​being a survivor is something you have to do every day.

It doesn’t offer new information so much as new official context for what we already know about the legendary musician. Thanks in part

Tina Turner Life Story Film

, a critical and commercial blockbuster that starred Bassett and Laurence Fishburne as Tina and Ike, most of us can relate to the big beats in its story: A girl named Anna Mae Bullock escapes her bleak childhood in Nutbush, Tennessee, heads to St. , and falls in love with the attractive leader of the group. Under his tutelage, Anna Mae thrives in the rock ‘n’ roll vixen environment and embraces the new identity it gives her, albeit at great cost to her sanity and sense of self.

Tina Turner And Angelica Ross On Forgiveness, Personal Style, And How To Change Your Life

Turner opens up about that terrible time, explaining in her own words what happened during that chaotic time and how she finally got out.

It focuses on what happens after he is freed: Turner’s triumphant rise using only the name that won Ike in court and his own determination. It’s a real thrill to see her rise to the upper stratosphere of music and pop culture, even as she’s still haunted by her association with Ike and the trauma that was overcome. As much as we’re happy for her, we’re also disappointed that even after she escaped Ike Turner, she seems to have remained chained to him.

“It’s really about Tina seeing Tina’s story,” Martin says. “This isn’t your typical blockbuster rock doc. It’s much more about that intimate relationship it has with its narrative.

Expresses new respect and admiration for the career of the living legend, and his somewhat unusual decision to voluntarily step away from the spotlight he has shared for nearly six decades. Calm and perfect-looking, Turner exudes confidence and ease, even as he’s still dealing with turmoil in his secluded home overlooking the calm waters of Lake Zurich.

The Stars Of 1993’s ‘what’s Love Got To Do With It’ And The Real Life People They Depict

“The association we have with Tina Turner is a symbol of strength and resilience,” says Martin. “Like, she’s come into her own, she’s found her voice, and she’s a global icon.” In fact, he says that

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Tina Turner Life Story Film

Your 2023 September. TV Review 10 Favorite Movie Adaptations Craig Robinson Tries to Kill Michael Cera takes a long shot. You might be surprised by what’s right and what’s wrong about What’s Love Got To Do With It. In this list, we’ll look at the 1993 Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got to Do with It and separate fact from fiction. Our countdown includes Tina’s conversion to Buddhism, Tina’s parents leaving her, Ike beating Tina, and more!

Tina Turner At 81: ‘i Am Done, I Am Tired, I Just Want To Live In Retirement’

Now let’s see what the truth has to do with it. Welcome to MsMojo and today we are counting down the 10 things Love has to do with her that are actually right and wrong.

In this list, we’ll look at the 1993 Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got to Do with It and separate fact from fiction.

While one of the happier scenes in an otherwise bleak feature, the hospital sequence is riddled with factual inaccuracies. First, we’re pretty sure Tina learning her stage name on the radio was more cinematic than reading it on a vinyl copy of one of her songs like she did in real life. But perhaps scarier is the scene where Ike and his friends escape with postpartum Tina to Tijuana, Mexico, only to be caught. Although they picked the right place, Ike wasn’t present for the birth of their son, which caused such a quick turnaround, and the two didn’t make official moves for another two years in 1962. And don’t even get me started on what else happened in Tijuana, although you can probably imagine that.

Raised as a Baptist, as shown at the beginning of the film, Tina was introduced to another religion, Buddhism, which helped change her life. Specifically, it is Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō, an integral chant of Nichiren Buddhism, that embraces and establishes a deeper autonomy for her. In English it translates as “devotion to the mystical law of the Lotus Sutra”, and Tina often repeated these words for up to four hours a day when things were particularly difficult. There are a few little things that make the movie drag out, like how the earlier suicide attempt happened in 1968 instead of 1974, but we’re willing to forgive those little things instead of solving such an important issue.

Tina Turner Finally Tells Her Own Story In ‘tina’

Before Tina sings the theme song in the climactic scene (more on that later), Ike approaches her backstage and threatens her with a gun. Although Tina’s rejection of himself then shows her strong-willed attitude, that’s not exactly how it happened in real life. Although Ike was distraught over her departure and willing to go to extreme lengths to make it right, he never threatened Tina personally. Instead, Tina reported that Ike would send his thugs to threaten to burn down the house where she, her children, and her longtime boyfriend live. He was so scared that he started sleeping in the closet. yes…

Sad to say, Bullock women don’t always seem to have the best taste in men. In a touching scene where young Tina, and then Anna Mae Bullock, sing in church, we see their mother leave their home in Nutbush, Tennessee, never to return. Although not depicted in the film, Zelma Bullock was equally abused by her husband, Floyd, and her escape was strictly because of that. Floyd soon ran away as well, as two years later he remarried and moved to Detroit, leaving Tina and her sisters in the care of their maternal grandmother. He died when Tina was sixteen, so the talented young man reunited with his mother in St. Louis.

Let’s go back to Buddhism

Tina Turner Life Story Film

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