The Story So Far Tour

The Story So Far Tour – August 16th Show Preview: Sad Summer Fest 2021 (All Time Low, Story So Far & More) – Sacramento, CA

I am someone who always has terrible anxiety. The thought of returning to a concert after eighteen months away from the public, while a strain of the virus continued to rage around the world, didn’t give me all the warm and fuzzy feelings. I’ve been vaccinated and taken care of, yes, but the thought of automatically being normal, or what is now considered “normal,” was a bit of a scary thought.

The Story So Far Tour

The Story So Far Tour

So when I woke up and realized that not only was Sad Summer Fest the first concert I was returning to after a year and a half absence, but that it would be full of dicky fires with smoke billowing into the air, my confidence wasn’t exactly high. Starry. Part of me was convinced this show was never going to happen. I remember a few years ago when NOFKS’ Punk in Drublic festival was postponed because the air outside was classified as unsafe for the general public, and I thought that the opening of Sad Summer Fest would meet the same fate. Fortunately, it was not.

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With an N95 mask in hand, a plastic water bottle to make sure I was fully hydrated throughout the day, and cautious optimism, I headed to the second annual Sad Summer Fest, a touring music festival produced by the acclaimed rock group The Maines. The end of traveling music festivals like the Vans Warped Tour. The lineup is much smaller than something like Warped Tour, with one stage instead of seven, but the music shares the same charm and heart as the festival veterans that came before it (every band on the lineup has had a summer run on Warped Tour in previous years).

The Destroy Boys, an up-and-coming punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area, played the first note of the day, followed by a set from new alt-rockers Grayscale. While people were excited, it took a while for the energy throughout the place to warm up. It was surreal to see live music after such a long time. There was excitement in the air during these first two acts, but it was somewhat muted, almost as if the audience was asking, “Shit, is this really happening?”

(“All I’m Looking For”) and the self-titled “Black Butterfly and Deja Vu.” Singer John O’Callaghan could barely contain his excitement as he encouraged those in the stands to dance during his tightly packed thirty minute set (I wish we’d seen more of him at this show).

As smoke shrouded the upper layers of the atmosphere and bathed the sun in a blood-red glow, the movement set the stage for an absolutely sublime set. Their music, reminiscent of bands like Emo and American Football from the old days, fits the scene very well. I cannot explain it more than this; Sometimes things just work out. Movements’ set was followed by one of the most anticipated sets of the day from The Story So Far, a pop-punk band that has taken the scene by storm since the release of their album.

Live: Taking Back Sunday, Coheed And Cambria, The Story So Far Highlight What Summer Is All Aboutlive: Taking Back Sunday, Coheed & Cambria Highlight What Summer Is All About

Back in 2011. To be completely honest, I found this set incredibly incredible. I’ve been disappointed with The Story So Farro for years; They always write very good music

Well, but their stage presence was completely absent, a far cry from the band I once saw packing 924 Gilman Street a few years back.

All time LoveClosed night out (apart from The Main, my most anticipated band of the day). The band first dove into “Some Kind of Disaster”, the opening track from their 2020 album.

The Story So Far Tour

, the Baltimore, MD-based quartet went through a wide range of songs spanning their entire career. All Time Love continues to be a band that gets better with every show they play, and you can tell at this show (along with almost every band on tour) that they’ve wanted to break out like this for a long time.

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As I said earlier, there was a buzz in the crowd, a renewed excitement, but met with caution, because finally, after months of solitude, no one really understood if we were all in this together. At times, Sad Summer Fest felt like a fever dream. But by the time All Time Love took the stage, the fever had subsided, reality had set in: live music was back.

For the first time in a long time, I had a smile on my face for over an hour. Granted, she was hidden by the mask, but I knew she was there and that she was important to me. With news of Delta Variant now in the country, I’m not sure if we’ll see a continuation of this spectacular comeback in live music or if some shows will see the dreaded “suspension” status granted in 2020. Please get vaccinated and be as safe as possible). Whether this was the beginning of a return to live music, or a slight detour as the pandemic continued, Sad Summer Fest was a welcome moment in an otherwise apocalyptic eighteen months. But hey, everyone knows there’s a party at the end of the world.

Sad Summer Fest 2021 featuring All Time Love, The Story So Far, Movements, The Main, Grayscale and Destroy Bois is currently on the road until September 11, 2021 when the tour concludes in Pontiac, MI. The tour will continue on August 20 in Orlando, Florida.

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