Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency – There are few things more exciting than starting your own recruitment business. But where to start? This guide will help you with practical steps you can take today.

The recruitment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. When Covid hit, recruitment was hit the hardest. As we recovered, recruitment increased. The current economic turmoil makes things even more interesting.

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

This guide will guide you through all the necessary steps to start your own recruitment agency.

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Each country has its own legal structures, options and rules for starting a business, so you’ll need to find out what they are in your country.

This isn’t the most exciting part of starting a business, but in order to receive funding from customers and operate legally, you must register your business.

Keep in mind that if you want to trade internationally (cross border), you may need a different legal regime than if you only trade locally.

It’s best to hire an accountant or financial advisor with the experience needed for your particular setup. If you don’t have money to spend yet, start with a simple structure. You can usually change the legal entity later, although this may require some effort.

Signs You’re Ready To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

Find out what entity you can set up in the country where you want to register your agency. Will this be your home country? Then you might already know some of the rules and options for registering your business entity.

Google the regulations in your area, which government organizations handle business registration, and ask for advice from people you know who have started businesses in your area before.

Submit an application to register your company. Depending on the efficiency of setting up a business in the country, this may take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

This doesn’t mean that you can’t start building your business. There are plenty of things you can do without registering (creating a website, setting up a recruiting process, starting networking, etc.).

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Keep any legal documents you create in a safe and organized place. Poor administration can cost a lot of money and create problems in the future. Take time to develop a disciplined way of working and keep your administrative hygiene in order. Use software that can manage your finances like FreshBooks and file storage like Google Drive.

A niche is a specific part of an industry that you focus on. An example of a recruitment business area would be “permanent technical talent for startups”.

Choosing a niche is important because when you focus on a specific part of the market, it becomes much easier to quickly build your knowledge and network, rather than tackling all kinds of recruitment projects.

You don’t need to know what you want to focus on in the beginning, because developing your niche and brand around a specific niche is an iterative process and takes time. You can also expand your services to market areas later.

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However, it helps to quickly gain experience and name in a field where clients are not focused on a specific candidate market. This will be part of your added value as a staffing agency.

Will you focus solely on finding technical talent, or will you help clients find financial professionals? The candidate market you focus on can bring great value to the client as you will have built-in knowledge of how to source those candidates, as well as a network of candidates within that area. .

Are you going to focus on the corporate market or startups? A start-up company will have fundamentally different talent needs than a corporation. You may want to set up your staffing agency as one that can help with the specific needs of certain stages of company growth. Also, the industry perspective may be relevant to you in choosing your field, will it be healthcare organizations, financial institutions, governments or software companies that you will help?

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

Will you focus on the sourcing part of recruiting or will you become a full-cycle recruitment agency? Depending on the companies you want to help, you’ll probably be looking at some process as well. Larger companies may need your help especially with the sourcing part (sourcing and pitching), and smaller companies may be looking for a more full-cycle approach because they don’t have the resources and experience to do the recruiting themselves. .

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Will you focus on permanent or contract jobs? Recruitment for contract roles meets different needs than permanent roles and requires different expertise and is more dependent on the network you build yourself. Whereas recruitment for permanent positions focuses more on long-term commitment and proper alignment with the company culture.

You are not the only staffing agency. Competition in the recruitment industry is very real and you have to stand out from the crowd to get an offer. The good news is that most staffing agencies don’t invest much in branding.

Most agencies, especially smaller agencies, have incomplete and very basic websites, terrible logos, and zero content.

This is an opportunity for you to stand out with beautiful branding that clearly states your focus (niche) and possibly even educate potential clients on where to find good recruitment services (that’s you!).

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A great website allows you to stand out and capture customer’s attention. It is also a gateway to information about your recruitment services for potential clients. Your website should make it clear what services you provide, what features you offer and what your vision is.

Your website can also be a place where you create and share content like videos and blogs. If you do it right, potential customers will also be able to find you on search engines like Google, so you can generate a steady flow of organic traffic and ultimately grow your business.

Content can be a real growth engine for your recruitment business. Many potential clients are starting to look for staffing agency services online. If you have good content, you can be one of the agencies that comes up in the search results and possibly one of the agencies that gets clicked on.

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

In addition to showing up in search results, content helps you build your recruiting brand in other ways. You can share content on social networks, events and newsletters.

Of The Best Ways To Advertise Job Openings On Social Media

The more interesting content you create, the more potential customers will find you and contact you to learn more.

Content can be anything from blogs, tutorials, videos, email newsletters and even full recruitment courses.

Why give away your knowledge for free? Because ultimately you get customers by creating content because website visitors end up as leads and leads end up as paying customers.

To find out what the most interesting topics are to create your own content, you can use SEO tools like Mangools to do keyword research.

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When you have interesting ideas and content to share with the world, share them! Be active on social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, wherever your potential customers and potential candidates are active.

Create a business social media account so people can find your brand and start following your agency for updates.

But also engage with your potential clients’ posts and updates so they can see that they care about their companies and their career goals.

Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

Do you charge a success fee or an hourly rate? Do you work as part of the client’s organization or externally? Are you working with an exclusive or non-exclusive contract?

Your Approach To Hiring Is All Wrong

The business model describes how you charge customers (the pricing model) and how you provide your services (the delivery model).

The pricing model determines how you will charge customers for your services. There are many types of pricing models and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should decide which pricing model best suits your type of customers and the roles you typically perform.

The contingency model is a success fee model and is the most common pricing model used by staffing agencies. Some companies may prefer contingent recruitment because they can avoid the risk of paying for services that do not result in recruitment.

Contingent fee is calculated as a percentage of the annual salary of the appointed candidate. The average success fee is between 15% to 25% of the candidate’s total salary in the first year. However, the amount of the success fee is highly dependent on the difficulty of recruiting for the role.

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The clock model is the most straightforward model. The staffing agency charges an hourly rate from the recruiter providing services. Hourly rates average between $50-$150 per hour, depending on the recruiter’s experience and value added.

The flat model is based on a fixed fee calculated based on the services requested by the customer. The client pays a fixed fee to the agency, regardless of whether the agency is successful in hiring employees or not.


Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

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