Start My Own Candle Business

Start My Own Candle Business – Thinking of starting a candle maker? The idea may seem daunting, but it’s worth a try. We started as a small family business, but have grown since the beginning. We’ve learned valuable lessons along the way, but let’s start with the most important: The most successful companies are created because someone is passionate about something and wants to share what they love with others.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide if a candle business is right for you and walk you through the steps to get started.

Start My Own Candle Business

Start My Own Candle Business

If you’ve been thinking about starting a candle business, use this guide as a blueprint to get you started. If you’re still not sure if a candle business is right for you, consider some of the reasons why candle business owners love entrepreneurship:

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Crafts such as candles are among the fastest growing small businesses in the country. According to the National Candle Association, candle sales in the United States are estimated at over $3 billion per year. Here are a few more reasons why candles are a fantastic business opportunity:

No matter the size of your business, creating a business plan is important. It helps you think about the future, lay the foundation for your brand and create a framework for success. In this section, we will highlight 8 steps to create a practical and functional plan.

Keep it short and simple and don’t stress about getting all the details together perfectly. Getting started can be the hardest part, but you can always come back to it later. Your goals and business structure will likely change and adapt over time, especially during the first few months.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with these 8 steps, then check out our two downloadable light work planning sheets.

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Consider this your elevator pitch. Developing a strong, concise pitch will help refine your mission and connect with customers. First, define “who” and “what” in one or two short sentences. “Who” describes your company’s core focus and “What” describes the value you provide to your customers. An example: “Good Boy Candle Co. creates unique scented candles with unusual, memorable names for dog lovers.”

Determining where your business fits into the wider lighting market is an important step. Consider developing your candlestick range around one of these three target markets:

Your target market is the group of consumers most likely to buy your products. They are the customers you envision browsing social media, your website or walking into a store and buying your product. First, consider their age, location, interests and the price they are likely to pay for a candle. Knowing your target market allows you to tailor your branding, messaging and pricing to that specific group rather than trying to please every possible customer.

Start My Own Candle Business

It is important to start with a goal in mind, but also be willing to change and adapt over time. Successful companies are constantly adapting to better suit their market.

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Now that you know where your lights fit in the market, it’s time to identify your brand’s individual “niche” – what makes your lights unique and sets them apart from the competition. Here are some common methods that candle makers have used to find the perfect niche:

Ultimately, your goal should be to sell candles that are so distinctive and unique that customers can’t get them anywhere else.

Brand identity includes the visual elements of your brand, such as your logo, color scheme, design style and company name. This will be your first impression and differentiate you from other brands.

To establish your brand identity, you need a business name. When brainstorming names, focus on what makes your brand unique, what you’re passionate about, and the experience your candles provide to the end consumer. Do they inspire creativity? Remind her of her favorite vacation spot? Maybe they support a cause or organization. After you’ve thought about it, ask trusted friends or family members for their opinion on your brand name. Talking about it can get your ideas started or strengthen them! Remember to focus on being personal and authentic.

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Once you’ve come across something catchy and memorable, double check if a website domain is available and do a trademark search. You don’t have to register the trademark right away, but you’ll have the option as your business grows.

After you’ve decided on a name, focus on choosing a color scheme and designing a logo. Canva is a great free online graphic design tool to get you started. Once you’re happy with your logo, you can start thinking about your candle labels.

We recommend that you create a budget for the first two months in business. Estimate the cost of materials, equipment and overhead. And don’t forget to pay yourself as a business owner for your time and effort!

Start My Own Candle Business

Our article “How to Price Your Candles” is a great resource to help you budget. So start there if you feel overwhelmed!

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Start with a small and manageable product line. Consider which lights are most popular with friends and family and whether they suit your target audience. Then decide how much each item will cost to make (in terms of materials and time) and what a reasonable price might be. Don’t be afraid to price your candles based on your time and effort. We’ve seen many candle entrepreneurs price their candles between $8 and $40 (or more) depending on their target market.

Every ideal market is unique. Consider where your target audience is likely to shop. Here are four markets you should consider first:

It can be nerve-wracking, but letting your personal network know early on that you’re now selling candles can be very helpful. Your family, friends and colleagues can provide valuable feedback about your product line and be some of your best brand ambassadors.

This process varies depending on location and individual business needs. However, some general first steps include the following:

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Here’s a helpful IRS checklist for starting your own business and an article from Etsy about business structures popular with crafters.

It is true that starting a candle business is relatively easy, but we would not encourage anyone to start a business solely out of a desire to make money. Be careful with companies that offer get-rich-quick deals or turn the first candles you make into extra spending money. It sounds good, but unfortunately it’s not very practical. Selling lights that you haven’t thoroughly tested is a recipe for disappointment.

Whether you use this as a blueprint to get you started or a tool to help you decide if starting a business is right for you, we’re here to help you every step of the way. From testing your candles to starting your business to scaling for growth, we are candle makers who are eager to help other candle makers.

Start My Own Candle Business

We love helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business. Do you have questions or would you like to give feedback? We are here to help. Contact our support team or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Start your free trial and enjoy three months for $1/month when you sign up for a basic or beginner monthly plan.

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Start a free trial and enjoy 3 months for $1/month on select plans. Join now

Try it for free and discover all the tools and services you need to start, run and grow your business.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to break through with a new business venture, we have a potential business idea for you: selling homemade candles.

When it comes to creating a product that’s both practical and hip (literally and figuratively), learning how to make candles is a skill that comes in handy for even the most hesitant DIYer.

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So if you are curious about how to make candles yourself and start a candle business, let’s take a look at how you can make money online with this trending product.

Do you find it difficult to increase sales? Learn how to go from day one to your first sale with this free course.

Homemade candles have become a home decor essential — an industry expected to reach $5 billion in sales by 2026, according to MarketWatch. In recent years, the commercial use of candles has increased significantly, with spas and massages using scented candles for a calming effect and restaurants creating aromatic environments for customers.

Start My Own Candle Business

According to the National Candle Association, consumers are also purchasing candles as a focal point for their home decor, as well as for aromatherapy such as relaxation and stress relief. A quick look at Google Trends shows us that the global interest in homemade candles continues unabated:

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And while candles can be used for a variety of purposes around the world, most searches for homemade candles are focused on North America, the UK and Australia. This is great information for candle makers looking to find a market for their DIY products:

Next, Google Trends shows great interest in specific types of candles – from scented candles to soy candles and everything in between. Buyers’ interest in candles is not only great, but covers the entire spectrum.

So when an eager entrepreneur makes decisions about what kind of products to create, this knowledge is a powerful insight to help you build

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