Start And End Of Route 66 Map

Start And End Of Route 66 Map – Tour areas: United States, Southwest United States, California and the West Coast, Chicago and the Great Lakes, Midwest

Head out today and experience mile after mile of the spectacular Windy City. Standing at the corner of Michigan and Adams is where historic Route 66 begins. Enjoy coffee and a hearty breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s, a Chicago institution since 1923 and a must-stop for Route 66 travelers. Stroll along the lakefront, browse the shops, bike through the park, catch a Chicago dog, or explore the city’s incredible landscape and architectural treasures, including Willis Tower, one of the tallest buildings in North America.

Start And End Of Route 66 Map

Start And End Of Route 66 Map

This morning, pick up your rental car and get ready for an unforgettable journey across America along historic Route 66. This legendary old road passes through a variety of authentic American scenery and some of the largest, oldest, and most unique attractions in the United States. Begin your journey along Route 66’s traditional east-west route from Chicago to St. Louis, Missouri, through endless cornfields and plains. Along the way, don’t miss Wilmington’s most photographed “citizen,” the legendary Green Gemini Giant, and Atlanta’s Bunyan Giant, a 19-foot-tall statue of Paul Bunyan holding a A giant hot dog. In Springfield, stop at the Cozy Dog Drive-In, the birthplace of the corn dog, and explore the legacy of Abraham Lincoln with a visit to Lincoln Home National Historic Site. Once you arrive in St. Louis, the largest city along Route 66, you can follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers and visit historic sites throughout the city, including the Arch, the tallest monument in the United States.

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Continue through the Ozark Highlands of southern Missouri to Springfield, considered the birthplace of Route 66. En route, stop at the Meramec Caves, a vast expanse of natural limestone caves whose structures and colors are both unique and beautiful. Adding to the fun of exploring the caves, Jesse James uses them as hiding places and uses an underground river to escape through a “back door.”

This morning, drive through the southeastern corner of Kansas toward Oklahoma City. There are more miles of the Oklahoma section of Route 66 than in any other state, and more miles of the original 9-foot section where Oklahoma families headed west in search of better opportunities in the 1930s. . On the way to Oklahoma City, stop to see Catoosa’s beloved 20-foot cement blue whale, a Route 66 landmark, and Tulsa’s Cyrus A. Cyrus Avery’s Route 66 Memorial Bridge commemorates the memory and connection of the “Father of Route 66.” Historic highway. Once in Oklahoma City, the state capital, be sure to visit the old Route 66 motel, gas station and many historic buildings.

Continue to Amarillo, located on the pancake-flat plains of the Texas Panhandle. This area of ​​Texas was once the buffalo-rich prairies of the Great Plains and was inhabited by Kiowa and Comanche Indians. Stop by the Route 66 Museum in Clinton to experience 60 years of Route 66 history. Visit Shamrock’s Tower Station and the U-Drop Inn Cafe, whose towering spire is a reminder of the area’s once prosperous business scene. Visit McLean’s first restored Phillips 66 gas station, as well as Groom’s tilting water tower and 150-foot-tall stainless steel cross. Once you arrive in Amarillo, be sure to stop by Big Texas Steak Ranch where you can try their 72-ounce steak. Steak challenge.

Before leaving Amarillo, be sure to see Cadillac Ranch. This unique art display features a row of ten colorful Cadillacs placed on a grill that was previously buried in the floor. Continue to Adrian’s Center Point Cafe, famous for its “ugly crust” pies. From Adrian, you’ll travel along Route 66 to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to get a taste of this magical land.

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Albuquerque is the state’s largest city and stretches north and south along the Rio Grande River. Spend a day exploring Central Avenue in downtown Albuquerque, a treasure trove of Route 66 landmarks. Historic Old Town offers a taste of New Mexico’s Spanish colonial past, while the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, owned by 19 different Pueblo communities in the state, traces the history of Native American culture in the area.

To understand the true significance of Old Route 66, today you’ll travel to Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. Built on the ruins of an abandoned Indian village, Santa Fe is rich in history and is the oldest capital city in the United States. Although it lost its location on Route 66 in 1938, it remains the most picturesque in the state. one of the cities. Once, it was the terminus of the Old Santa Fe Trail, the oldest trade route connecting the American frontier to the Far West. Plan to shop at one of Santa Fe’s famous art galleries, art markets, or museums filled with traditional and contemporary art, including works by Georgia O’Keefe, or shop for authentic pieces you won’t find anywhere else Create works.

Arizona greets Route 66 travelers this morning with a plethora of trading posts. See giant concrete teepees standing at the foot of spectacular red rock mesas on your way to Petrified Forest National Park, the only national park system that contains historic Route 66 A park along a highway. Here you’ll witness 13,000 years of human history and one of the largest and most colorful collections of petrified wood, historic buildings and archaeological sites in the world. Watch the sunset over the Painted Desert from the park’s Kachina Point before heading to Holbrook. Once in Holbrook, stop at the Wigwam Motel, where a steel and concrete teepee with modern amenities has been welcoming guests since the 1950s.

Start And End Of Route 66 Map

Continue to Meteor City, a truly ancient trading post whose distinctive dome can be seen for miles along Route 66. Travel through Flagstaff and Williams to Grand Canyon National Park, a natural wonder you have to see to believe. Spend a day exploring the canyon’s unique South Rim. Stop at one of the many lookouts, stroll along the Rim Trail or along the historic Hermit Road. Visit photo hotspots or climb to the top of a stone observation tower for panoramic views that stretch for 100 miles (on a clear day).

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Leaving the beautiful town of Williams and the Grand Canyon behind, Seligman is your first stop on the longest uninterrupted stretch of Route 66 west. Continue through Kingman, where old Route 66 cafes and motels are still doing brisk business, and end at one in Arizona. Hidden treasure, Hoover Dam. Considered the largest single public works project in U.S. history, Hoover Dam spans the mighty Colorado River and forms the border between Nevada and Arizona, bringing much-needed water and power to the Southwest. Continue on to Las Vegas, Nevada, a city that needs no introduction.

Enjoy a full day of Las Vegas style. Stroll the famous Las Vegas Strip, lined with mega resorts and twinkling neon lights, gamble at one of the many casinos, dine at world-class restaurants, catch the latest must-see shows, shop designer boutiques and ride roller coasters. By the pool…the list goes on. There is so much to do that 24 hours a day just doesn’t seem enough.

This morning Calico left the Mojave Desert for the ghost town of Yermo, a true silver mining town in California and one of the few original mining camps in the Old West. Rejoining Route 66 in Barstow, the Route 66 Mother Road Museum displays a collection of historical photos and artifacts related to Route 66 and Mojave Desert communities. Continue through Pasadena, Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills to Santa Monica for a true Hollywood end to your cross-country tour. Park and walk through the last few blocks and look for the “End of Trail” sign at the Santa Monica Pier. This sign officially marks the western end of historic Route 66.

Spend the day strolling Santa Monica’s beaches or browsing the adjacent indoor/outdoor shops along the Third Street Promenade. Alternatively, Los Angeles explores more unique destinations, playgrounds of the rich and famous, and architectural gems. Universal Studios Hollywood and the original Disneyland in Anaheim are also nearby and are an easy drive away.

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See a replica of the long-lost Route 66 “End of Trail” sign at the Santa Monica Pier

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Start And End Of Route 66 Map

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