Start A Social Media Platform

Start A Social Media Platform – How to create a social media platform from scratch? Today’s users are very demanding and there are many prominent social media platforms out there. If you are planning to create an attractive and profitable social network, here are the steps you need to take to get closer to your goals.

We live in an age where people love to connect with each other. According to Hootsuite’s Global State of Digital, the average modern internet user has approximately 8.3 different social media profiles and spends at least 2 hours a day on social media channels. This number increases to 9.4 points and 3 hours for people aged 16.24 years.

Start A Social Media Platform

Start A Social Media Platform

From a business perspective, social networking platforms are now a huge opportunity and source of income for large corporations and small businesses alike. It helps organizations build community around their products/services, increase brand awareness and generate sales leads. In other words, in this era of digital development, social networking platform is a great social marketing tool.

Different Types Of Social Media Platforms

In the planning phase, you need to determine the type of social media platform you want to use, your target audience, and what will attract them to use your platform.

You can’t build a social networking platform without knowing what type of network you’re going to build. Depending on your experience or the type of business you want to generate income from, you can choose one of the following 8 popular types:

Identifying the right type will help you not only target the right audience later, but also help you identify the key features of your industry and your potential competitors.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of network, your initial idea for your social networking platform should evolve into a unique platform concept. While coming up with different ideas and concepts, remember that your network should be relevant and offer unique value to users. The more unique the concept, the more popular your social network will be.

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Depending on the type of social network and the network it belongs to, these questions may be different; but the core value is always the same: you need to differentiate your social networking platform.

Your social networking platform is designed to meet the specific needs of specific users. You can’t target everything. The better you understand your target audience, the higher the conversion rates and ROI for your platform. To narrow your focus, you can use market data, gather demographic data, psychographic data and behavioral patterns of potential users.

Depending on the complexity, uniqueness of functions and cost of development, you can choose downloadable software from ready-made platforms:

Start A Social Media Platform

Social network builders like Ning, Spruz, SocialGo are simple platform solutions with basic social network functions like registration, user profile, messaging. However, this isn’t ideal for monetization because you don’t own the code or the saved data.

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Social media plugins, like those in WordPress, allow you to create a basic social network based on your existing website. They provide almost all the basic functions for connecting people and require some technical knowledge to set up.

This solution is an ideal choice for developers or companies who want to create a unique social networking platform with a limited budget. Social media software allows you to manage data and code (but not as completely as custom development). Compared to the above two solutions, you get more advanced social networking features like analytics, monetization tools, SEO.

Bespoke solutions are designed for complex projects with exclusive features and a high level of security. This is the most expensive and technically demanding of the 4 solutions. However, the potential is endless. You can basically create anything you have a vision for and make the most of it. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln and many other popular social marketing platforms are all custom built.

Template solutions such as platform builders, plugins, and open source CMS software are cheaper and easier to implement, but building a social networking platform from scratch requires a large budget and reserve resources. However, a stand-alone solution will provide you with a web resource that fully meets your needs and is a better option in the long run.

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At this stage, you need to gather all the information you got in the planning stage and decide what features your platform will have to meet the needs of your target audience according to your business model. The first step is to make a list of the basic features that every social network should have. The types of features may vary depending on the social networking platform, but there are some basic features that your platform may be missing. Note the following features:

Most importantly, don’t forget to introduce your social network to the unique features that make it stand out from other websites. Advanced and unique features of your social media platform can enhance your user experience and provide additional monetization channels. You also need to consider your budget and schedule, as implementing advanced features costs a lot.

All successful social networking platforms have one thing in common: user-friendly design. You need to ensure that your users enjoy their experience and keep coming back. Complex UI/UX design will not work in this case because it will be too difficult for most people to use. A simple, intuitive and attractive interface is the main goal and it will help you get users and encourage them to use the network.

Start A Social Media Platform

Once you have the concept, features, and design, you can move on to developing the full product. This phase is the most time-consuming and money-making phase, as it takes at least a few months (for a simple platform) to years of continuous development (for complex ad hoc networks) to complete a usable network.

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Hiring professional developers to program your social networking platform is a good option as they will do the hard work for you in the shortest amount of time. Just follow the process and make sure your hired development team delivers a product that meets all technical requirements and platform standards, especially the features you expect.

Testing is as important a task as development itself. It should be done both during and after development. There are 6 standard testing steps you should follow: functional testing, usability testing, interface testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, and security testing. By going through this process, you will have a high quality network that your users will love. If all tests pass, the product you’re proud of is now ready for release.

Without PR, no one knows about the newly born social network. Therefore, it is necessary to implement as many marketing activities as possible to get more users for your social network platform. You can get email marketing, SEO practices, paid sponsorships, lead generation, branding and more. You should check it out because they are the most effective social marketing tactic to get more users right now.

Another important step is to regularly evaluate network performance. Always track some key metrics like customer acquisition cost, user activation statistics, bounce rate, user engagement. These metrics reflect your success, that is, how much money you can make.

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Having a working social networking platform is not enough. You also need to ensure that it will function properly and efficiently in the future. As a development phase, this can be done as an on-demand service. Maintaining an existing product may include, but is not limited to: product updates, bug fixes, adding additional features, scaling, etc.

Even though your platform may be free for users, it should somehow benefit you financially. Go back to your plan and use these pre-planned tactics when you decide to use an existing social media concept. Some popular monetization strategies include allowing advertising on your platform, affiliate marketing, selling products, providing services (teaching, coaching) or donations.

A social networking platform is a worthy investment these days, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to get there. We couldn’t be more excited to build a winning social networking platform with you. Contact us now and we will help make your journey easier. This website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and to assist with our marketing and analytics efforts. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our installation of cookies.

Start A Social Media Platform

Can you replicate the incredible success of Facebook and build your own social media site? Nothing was impossible because this high-profile platform was a simple experimental website accessible only to Harvard students. Inspirational, isn’t it?

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The human desire to socialize through the latest innovative tools is constantly evolving, making this industry more productive. So, continue reading this article and we will explore the online networking scene and answer your question on how to build a social media platform.

MySpace in 2004 marked an important milestone in the era of social media sites. Since then, the number of active Internet users of the social network has increased.

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