Start A Conversation On Hinge

Start A Conversation On Hinge – A great way to start a conversation about Hinge is to comment on women’s answers to questions about Hinge. It’s complimenting something about her biology and showing a bit of irony. If a woman does not answer any questions; Focus on her photos or ask her a fun question about her personality.

This post focuses on how to chat with women on Hinge. For an overview of the Hinge app, visit my blog post How to Use the Hinge Dating App to Meet Women. I demonstrate how to add your profile to Hinge as well as the app’s features.

Start A Conversation On Hinge

Start A Conversation On Hinge

The goal of your first message is to start a conversation. that’s it. Just barely making it. Don’t be cute, show a lack of effort (“Hello”, “Hey”, “How are you”) or use short statements.

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The ideal way to start a conversation with a woman on Hinge is to ask open-ended questions. Her Personality Personality questions should be central to breaking the ice. However, there are other effective methods. Here are the 5 conversation starters I use on Hinge.

Make sure you put some effort into your bio before sending a message. Don’t use bad photos or answer questions on Hinge with one or two words.

The effort you put into your resume shows how serious you are about meeting a woman. Hinge said 57% of women do not respond to men’s messages.

For photography tips, How to Take Dating Profile Photos for Men I recommend avoiding answering Hinge bio questions with one word like this:

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You want a profile with great photos and answer questions with humor and confidence. Diligently searching for answers to personality questions will get you answers, except most men don’t say anything about themselves.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your bio. A well-crafted bio will attract women like you first (which is a good thing); Send yourself a message (preferably) or make sure they reply to your open message.

The only time I recommend commenting on a photo is when a woman doesn’t answer a question about Hinge or responds with one or two words. Having a conversation this way is difficult but not impossible (more on that later).

Start A Conversation On Hinge

The best way to start a conversation on Hinge is to pay attention to women’s responses. Be friendly in your messages. Use a positive approach; You’ll be OK.

How To Start Conversation On Hinge With A Guy (the Proper Way)

A good tip for opening text messages is that when you ask a woman a question, you should also give an answer to your question. For example, If you see a woman who loves to travel, ask her about her future travel plans and join you. I think doing this will improve the response because it shows you that women have something in common and helps you understand yourself better.

Here is an example of what I mean. The woman below shares that she loves to “drink alcohol”. My opening letter focused on what she had to say about wine.

I asked the woman below what her favorite drink was and shared a few of my favorites. Red wine and whiskey. I’ve had success starting conversations on all the dating sites by asking women what their favorite drink is and it’s perfect.

In this example, the Woman shares that she is “willing to eat strange foods”. I personally love a variety of foods so this was easy for me. I focus on this as a way to start a conversation.

Need Advice/tips On How To Carry This Conversation Forward On Hinge Help

I asked the woman her definition of “exotic food” as I shared some of my favorites. Remember that whenever you ask a woman a question, you are also sharing your answer to her question.

The woman did not respond with a word or two. Give him a variety of foods that he likes. So my opening message did its job; A conversation begins.

In this next example, the Woman shares that she put ketchup on her eggs. Don’t insult people even if you find them mean. Have fun with it and use a friendly approach in your messages.

Start A Conversation On Hinge

The woman had no problem with ketchup on her eggs (I didn’t) and shared what she put on mine. Frank’s Sauce. He kept asking how much ketchup he put in the eggs.

The Best Hinge Conversation Starters (for Guys And Girls)

Not a profound message, After all, it is Hinge. The nature of her answer to the question “Don’t hate me” provided a good answer to the conversation.

Anything a woman shares in her bio is fair game as a conversation starter…never compliment a woman’s appearance beyond her appearance.

Beautiful women especially receive a lot of messages from men telling them how beautiful they are. Even if you’re being honest, complimenting a woman’s appearance makes us all cringe. You won’t stand out that way.

A better option is to compliment a woman’s biological response. In this first example, the woman shares: “Life is an exciting adventure.” I joined this comment to start a conversation.

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I told the woman how much I “loved” her attitude. It’s a simple compliment, whether she’s been on an adventure recently or not. A question that hasn’t been asked. result? The woman replied.

In this next example, She decided to ask this woman about her comment that she “likes to work.” As with all dating sites, I find things in common in women and start conversations. Exercising and living an active lifestyle are two of my favorite things.

I admire a dynamic woman. I didn’t compliment her on her looks (even though she was very pretty). I continued my compliment by asking how she stays active and sharing some of the things I do to stay in shape.

Start A Conversation On Hinge

Notice how I responded to that ridiculous statement about maintaining my “sex appeal.” it’s clear, I’m not serious, the Smiley Face is a great way to emphasize the content I’m playing. Guess what? The woman replied to my message. The conversation has begun.

Hinge Adds Video And Poll Prompts To Get Daters Talking

I can’t tell you how many women answered the questions below the same way. Apparently 90% of online daters love good times and Netflix. Although many women share this in their bios. It’s an easy way to start a conversation.

One of the best ways to start a conversation is to look for signs that a woman is an alcoholic.

While sharing, I asked the woman what her favorite drink was. But this time I added a rude word describing myself as “a very handsome man”. it works. The woman replied.

One thing I can tell you is that asking a woman about her favorite drink is the perfect opening message because most respond. Remember to share your answer to the question you asked on your icebreaker.

How Does Hinge Work? A Guide To The App’s Best Features

In this example, I used the woman’s answer to her “travel tips” question and added confidence and humor to my message, and she responded. I said, “I’m a wonderful and sexist intellectual.” I’m sure it was a goosebumps, but that’s okay.

Women often answer questions about Hinge with one or two words, making the conversation difficult. In this case, the best way to start a conversation on Hinge is to comment on their photos, especially if they have a dog.

In this first example, the first woman liked my profile, and after reading her bio, I noticed a photo of her with dogs, even though she didn’t share much. . As a dog owner myself, it’s easy to strike up a conversation. I asked him what his dog’s name was and shared that I had a dog.

Start A Conversation On Hinge

Active messages. The woman replied that one of the dogs was her brother. She asked if I was a local (I am), probably because many men who come to San Diego and use Hinge to have sex here for work or vacation.

What Is ‘we Met’?

In this example, that Woman has nothing in her biology. But she noticed the dog in one of her photos. She commented about taking pictures of her dog. Then ask him what kind of dog he has and share a little about my dog.

Again, the message works. The woman shared her dog’s pedigree and my goal of conversation was achieved.

What if there is no dog in the photo? Easy! Anything to start a conversation is fair game. If you see a coyote, ask what it is drinking. If you see her hiking, ask her where she hiked. comment on any photos you take; Stay positive and friendly and you’ll be fine.

In this last example, the Woman has a photo of herself in the overhead compartment of the plane. This photo looks like a basketball hoop. I’m sure she has received many messages based on this; But I chose it for my first message anyway.

How To Start A Conversation On Tinder, Bumble And Hinge (successfully)

She responded by telling me that this photo looked like she was pale and in bed. I hadn’t thought about that; Or use a lazy opening line like “Hello” or “How are you?” I focus on photography.

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