Simple Stories For Beginning Readers

Simple Stories For Beginning Readers – I have three children, so I could talk for hours about the incredible age differences in which each child reaches the milestones of walking, talking and reading, even within the same family. My first child only reached 16 months and started reading at 5. My third child was born at 11 months and only started reading at 7. I swear I didn’t make a difference to any of them!

But especially with reading, I see that many parents are in a rush. Which isn’t good news for kids like my third child, whose brains just aren’t ready to read at age 5 or 6.

Simple Stories For Beginning Readers

Simple Stories For Beginning Readers

Here’s my best advice: Don’t force independent reading until your child is clearly ready and interested. But as soon as that moment happens, prepare yourself with short, bite-sized books to start your independent reading life with a rush of joy.

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These selections are arranged in order of difficulty, from “beginning readers” to “beginner chapter books.” They start the entire series, so your little fan can read one and then continue.

It comes from the adorable and popular Elephant & Piggie series, 17 very short books for children just starting to read in full sentences. Two friends, a nervous elephant named Gerald and a lively pig named, well, pig, overcome every possible misunderstanding together, with laughter and love. Here, Gerald is feeling depressed and Peggy does everything she can to cheer him up. You can also take turns reading each character’s lines – and feel free to read them out loud for anyone who hasn’t read them yet.

First published in the 1990s, the first five books of Pilaki’s Chapter Dragon are quite short. They’re also sweet, silly, and profound. Round and blue, the dragon is by no means wild – he may even be too good for himself. The villain of this first book is a cruel snake that the poor dragon thinks is the companion he so desires.

McLachlan, author of the beloved novel “Sarah, Plain and Tall,” knows how to write for children of all ages. This is her first book chapter for new readers and is accompanied by Boutont’s lovely full-color illustrations. Our intelligent red-haired narrator gets a new dog, named Barkus. He doesn’t speak, but he doesn’t need to: he speaks, however, and many interesting things happen.

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The two friends in this book and its sequel seem to have nothing in common. The Rooster is restless and full of energy, the Fox is a kind and direct person. Newly independent readers can easily follow his fantastical adventures: minimal, deadpan text appears in panels of comic-style word balloon dialogue, with Rosier’s jazzy yet deceptively simple visual style.

King and Banana and the Case of Lost Dog Behavior by Dorie Halstad Butler. Illustrated by Nancy Myers.

King is an iconic dog—he even helps his owner, Kayla, solve mysteries in this delightful first-chapter book series. The king tells the story, which makes some of the short sentences seem completely natural, not childish. In this title, Kayla thinks King stole some medicine from the kitchen, but her excellent canine nose knows it’s someone else’s fault.

Simple Stories For Beginning Readers

He’s part dog, part cop and 100% attracts a certain type of new reader. Visually impaired children will love the heavily illustrated style, quirky humor, and nonstop adventure of this spin-off of the Captain Underpants series. Everyone loves that the books are “written” by George and Harold, the heroes of the previous series. Don’t dismiss this as crass escapist stuff – there’s heart and soul to be had.

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In this heavily illustrated “hybrid” chapter book, 6-year-old Dory playfully mixes her everyday and fantasy life. The youngest of three siblings, she uses her cheerful personality and big imagination to overcome challenges like being assigned to a shy reading group. Hanlon is a former teacher and her understanding of a child’s perspective can sometimes seem intuitive.

Jasmine, the 8-year-old Japanese-American protagonist of this charming chapter book, wants to help make mochi, a sticky rice dish. When she was told that only men could eat rice, she decided to convince everyone that she could. In the first chapter of this series, readers are given a charming heroine, an easy-to-follow plot, a warm cast of family members, and finally, a cobbler’s recipe.

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