Short Story About Love And Death

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It’s true that crime has evolved to delight our screens, and it will surprise even the best armchair detective. Based on real events.

Short Story About Love And Death

Short Story About Love And Death

Tells the story of Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen), a churchgoing mother who is deeply offended by her friend Betty Gore (Lily Rabe).

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An adaptation of the real life story starring Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey. With

, HBO Max gives viewers another angle of the story that will delight crime lovers everywhere.

Here we look at the truth behind why Candy Montgomery killed her friend Betty Gore with an ax and what happened next.

On June 13, 1980, Betty Gore’s body was found in the bathroom sink of her suburban home at 410 Dogwood Drive in Wylie.

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. A mother of two was hacked to death with a razor blade 41 times. Accordingly

Gore, 30, is a fifth-grade teacher who makes his death more likely because he is a well-liked person in the community.

Residents were shocked by the discovery. At the time, Steve Deffibaugh, Deputy Mayor of Collin County, said

Short Story About Love And Death

“It’s like an event from a horror movie … it’s Friday the 13th. Our idea is that we have a change.

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Betty’s husband, Allan Gore, was out on business when she died, and he began to worry when he couldn’t reach his wife on the phone.

. As reported by Texas Monthly, Allan calls Candy to find out what she knows about Betty’s whereabouts and visits her daughter, Alisa, who is Candy’s babysitter. In the post, Candy told Allan that Betty was “fine” earlier that day, saying “she acted like she was rushing me out.”

Allan also called the neighbors three times throughout the evening, finally urging him to check on Betty.

. Sadly, neighbors “saw the baby [Gore] crying after hours of silence and the mother was cut” at

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Because the murder was so brutal and involved a three-legged ax, the police did not begin to consider Candy Montgomery as a suspect. “The police…couldn’t believe that someone as small as Candy Montgomery had the physical strength to handle that big of an ax.”

Show. “Although their suspicions about her grew, they could not believe that a beautiful, beautiful and ordinary woman could carry out such a terrible attack.” Basically, since Montgomery is a mother, a churchgoer, and a good friend to everyone in town, it’s hard to imagine who she killed. Montgomery, however, had a reason.

Montgomery had an affair with Betty’s husband Allan, which began after some matches at church basketball. Betty was pregnant with her second child at the time, and Candy reportedly gave her a shower.

Short Story About Love And Death

. Before Montgomery and Allan started sleeping together, they set some strict rules not to arrest or harm their spouse. Most importantly, both of them decide that they will not have feelings and if they both start to like each other, then the romance will end.

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. This relationship continued throughout 1979 until Allan and Betty decided to attend a counseling session, which made Allan realize that he wanted to save his marriage.

Show. According to reports, Allan will tell Candy, “Being in a relationship with you is taking away all the feelings and energy I can give to Betty and the kids,” and the two will end their relationship. illegal.

After her romance with Allan ended, Montgomery’s life went on as usual and she reportedly focused on her own marriage to husband Pat, per

. But there was no escaping the Gores as they moved around the church as did the Montgomerys and their children. Be friends (of

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. One of Candy’s feelings for Allan will be revealed beneath the surface as the two families continue their lives.

After Betty’s murder, Allan revealed the details of the relationship to the police, leading to Candy’s arrest. Allan reportedly explained that the romance had stopped seven months before Betty’s death, giving Candy a reason to want to kill her.

. After initially denying the allegations, Candy would turn herself in 13 days after Betty’s death, according to

Short Story About Love And Death

On June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery went to the Gore residence to bring a body bath for Betty Alisa’s daughter and asked if she could stay one more night at the Montgomery home.

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. As reported by Bustle, Montgomery will also reveal that Alisa wants to join her baby to be seen

In the cinema. However, during the brief interview, the story was reported to be bad between the two women.

While preparing for the trial, Montgomery’s attorney enlisted the help of Dr. Fred Fason to find out why the wife at home.

. The report notes that in a misunderstanding Montgomery claimed that Betty confronted him about being in love with Allan. In Montgomery’s account, Betty allegedly left the room and returned with a razor, telling her former friend not to see her husband again. Accordingly

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Betty left the bow, and both were happy for their children and what Alisa needed for her swimming lessons. According to Montgomery (at

) He apologized to Betty for this, which angered the mother of two, took an ax and said, “I have to kill you.” .

“The flat of the sword hit Candy’s head,” causing her to bleed. Betty allegedly grabbed the ax and bit Montgomery’s toes in the process. Accordingly

Short Story About Love And Death

Montgomery took a shower in Gore’s bathroom, left Betty’s one-year-old home alone, then went about her day as if nothing had happened.

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Montgomery reportedly returned home to take a shower, change out of his blood-stained clothes and soak his shirt in the pool. Accordingly

Then she took her children and Alisa Gore from Bible Camp and waited for her husband Pat to finish work so they could go to the movies.

With his own confession and explanation, the evidence against Montgomery began to mount. Investigators, for example, found Montgomery’s hair in Gore’s bath along with his blood at the scene.

Dr. Fason, a psychiatrist in Montgomery, claimed that he committed the incident during a “disgust” that stemmed from his uncontrollable anger as a child.

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. In response, Mongolia confessed to killing his friend, claiming that he did so in self-defense.

. The publication also noted that “Candy is smart, charming, direct, she controls herself well, and she uses the best explanation, the excuse “I’m scared.”

The jury took less than five hours to deliberate, acquitting Montgomery on all counts of murder, leaving her a free woman.

Short Story About Love And Death

, Montgomery moved to Georgia after trying to be with husband Pat and their family. The couple announced “four years later” and Candy returned to use her real name Wheeler. Meanwhile, Daily Mail

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Screening today. Unforgettable distribution sees Elizabeth Olsen transform in close-up shots and crane heads as she looks at model Jesse Plemons through a car window. Opponents of his case are working to make evidence of these statements available online.

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Candace “Candy” Montgomery is a story that has been told many times before. It’s easy to see why. The story has all the elements for a national news scandal that turns into a small town legend: A woman in Texas starts an affair with her friend’s husband, and doesn’t long time his friend is 41 was found dead with an ax. After Montgomery’s story was expanded by reporters Jim Atkinson and John Bloom in a 1984 two-part Texas Monthly and subsequent books, Texas Housewives Tales became fodder for many adaptations. exchange. The first was a movie in 1990.

Not interested in retelling the crime story – as good as it can be. Unlike the previous project by author David E. Kelley,

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Short Story About Love And Death

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