Route 66 Hotel And Conference

Route 66 Hotel And Conference – It was our first historic hotel on Route 66 on our road trip. We arrived too late – we arranged dinner with a friend of Penny Black. But it wouldn’t be Route 66 if we made it in time.

We chose it because of the neon rainbow above the door. Neons are part of Route 66 like yolk is part of an egg. And why not start our Route 66 tour in style with a nostalgic hotel?

Route 66 Hotel And Conference

Route 66 Hotel And Conference

The hotel is my age (you can google it and you will know how old I am…lol). It has been completely renovated. There is a coffee machine in the room, as breakfast has not been offered in the room since spring 2017. The hotel now has its own restaurant where you can not only have breakfast; Here, too, the dinner must be delicious. But we couldn’t try it because we already had a dinner with Penny.

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The room had a brand new fairly quiet air conditioning system, it was good so far, but what was most important to us: sparkling clean. The bathroom even had a bathtub and the shower curtain was on a rod bent outwards, which gave a lot more space when showering.

The lobby and all the corridors of the floor look like a museum. Route 66 artifacts everywhere: from ceiling to floor.

A hood with all possible signatures. Unfortunately, we did not leave our mark here. Next time we will bring a matching pen to the house.

And Route 66 smiles across the US – from Chicago to LA. This Route 66 map reminded me of a smiling smiley and it simply became mine

Route 66 Hotel Gift Cards

Either they began to immortalize themselves on the sign in 2017 or it was actually set up only in 2017.

The guests have also immortalized themselves on this … and it is even very current. We were here in August 2017. Some signatures were only added in July.

Other hotels we gave Feedback from Route 66 Germany Unfortunately, not everyone had the same positive experience as us. Route 66 Germany probably had quite negative experiences with this hotel, which even led them to avoid this hotel for organized group tours in the future. Below is a verbatim conversation between Wolfgang Anja Werz of derRoute 66 Germany and Geri Linda Metterle on Facebook.

Route 66 Hotel And Conference

I would be happy if these conversations took place directly in the comments under the post next time. It saves me a lot of work and time. I would really be very grateful to you for that.

Holiday Inn St Louis Sw

Verbatim reproduction of the conversation from Facebook A nostalgic historical hotel, completely renovated and at the same time a museum. We spent the first night here at @ILRoute66 on our trip in 2017. Wolfgang Anja Werz Completely renovated? Museum? So I don’t go there with my groups anymore… Geri Linda Metterle The only thing I would have to complain about is that the people in the office did not know much about Route 66. There are many things that remind you. of Route 66 and this time, most of them even have information about them and you can also read a bit about the history. We were told it was recently renovated. Our room was also new – you could see and smell it. When was the last time you were there with your bands? The renovation was only at the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it was like before. It was our first visit there. Wolfgang Anja Werz I was there with a group in May 2018. Very bad, incompetent staff, they didn’t want to serve us in the restaurant at 7pm (and it wasn’t the first time) and the rooms were completely bad and smelly good . They were also very poorly lit and I always had the feeling that I was not the only living thing in the room. I had the best room, but you never know what room you’re going to get. I won’t take that risk anymore, business and atmosphere. I canceled the rooms for the June group and went to another motel in Springfield. Not more expensive than this motel, but brand new… Geri Linda Metterle Wolfgang Anja Werz OK. This is of course annoying and I can understand your displeasure. We arranged dinner with Penny Black because we weren’t there until 8pm. The staff was friendly, but unfortunately no one could answer our questions about Route 66. Then I read a bit of the texts about the affairs 😉 . . . It is probably not entirely true that it was completely renovated. Maybe we only got one of the newly renovated rooms, which, as I said, I could not complain about. So everyone probably has different experiences. If I had your experience with it or know in advance what I have learned from you now, I would not have taken it and I would not go there again. I will include your comments in my blog post. Can I mention you by name or should I just put it anonymously? Wolfgang Anja Werz Heal Linda Metterle You are also welcome on Route 66 Germany Heal Linda Metterle OK. I would like to do that. I have already asked if they are not prepared for groups. But on the other hand, they have premises for conferences and events, so it shouldn’t happen there. They should also prepare for a greater “rush”. Thanks again for the feedback Wolfgang Anja Werz Wolfgang Anja Werz Groups are still here. We have been there several times a year since 2009 – alone and with large and small groups. It was ok, but “good” can be done differently… The name alone does not always say it all… Geri Linda Metterle Wolfgang Anja Werz I will quote it. I am really happy when I get feedback from others about my experience or our experiences. Even more if they are from you seasoned Route 66 travelers and I can include them in my report. Your experience here is more important than my unique experience, especially the experience with group. I am with you if you avoid such a thing. The rainbow neon was the deciding factor for me and the hotel is about the same age as me…the reviews were very good and we try to stay in historic hotels and motels as often as possible. Ultimately, people on Route 66 should benefit, but it must be earned. I hope that there will be more feedback – especially from you – since you are there at least twice a year and have already visited many historic motels and can add to our contributions.

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