Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation

Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation – The main message of the book is that the really rich get their wealth by owning cash-generating assets, and everyone trades their time for money in wages.

However, it is the big picture and does not cover the technical details of starting your own business and building a property portfolio. That’s why Kiyosaki featured Garrett Sutton’s work.

Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation

Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation

. We will discuss the legal and technical details of how to start your own business and give advice on how to successfully launch your company.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What The Rich… By Robert T. Kiyosaki

A good guide to starting your own company. In addition to covering the legal and technical basics of starting a business, it explains details such as which state to incorporate, how to raise finance for your business, corporate structure, business tax deductions and other topics. We are interested in business owners and entrepreneurs.

The first three chapters in this book are essential for business owners, and they outline the basics of doing business in the United States and explain why it’s important to organize your company as a legal business to protect your assets and property. Limit your liability. The menu for businesses in the United States is as follows.

This book explains each of these components in detail so that readers can understand which components work best in which situations. Knowing which businesses exist and how each works is important to every entrepreneur. This is why I found the first three chapters so important.

Another important way to illustrate concepts in this book is through case studies. When studying business, case studies help illustrate abstract, theoretical ideas by applying them to real-world situations. After all, business is a practical skill, so case studies are important. Sutton uses case studies throughout the book to give readers a chance to see how things play out in real life.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary

The book begins with information important to new business owners and entrepreneurs, but becomes increasingly technical as the book progresses. However, it is still important to know the later chapters. Some of the business scenarios discussed may not apply to every entrepreneur, but it’s worth reading them just in case. However, in most cases there will be specialists who handle the more technical aspects of the business, which are covered in later chapters. In fact, managing some of these aspects is more foolproof than hiring a professional lawyer or accountant to do it for you. It is ineffective for CEOs to be caught up in tasks such as tax reporting, auditing and statutory reporting and to focus solely on business rather than delegating to professionals.

My biggest criticism of this book is that it only talks about how to start a business in America. Not that the United States is a better country to integrate. Many other countries have business-friendly laws, and by ignoring them, this book prevents readers from learning about options that might be better for their business.

In addition, there are many people who want to do business outside of the United States or who do not want to do business at all in the United States. If so, a more global perspective on this book would be helpful.

Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation

Even for readers who want to do business primarily in the United States, incorporating abroad may still be a better option. Many multinational corporations have foreign domiciles away from their core business to take advantage of business-friendly laws.

Cash Flow Board Game For Kids

This book by Garrett Sutton is a great guide for those starting out in business. Many of the important basics should be familiar to those who have already started in business, so later chapters can be more useful. However, the book focuses only on the United States and does not describe important foreign strategies for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. So I say.

It is a useful guide, but by no means comprehensive because it lacks a global perspective.

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Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation

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Book Review: “start Your Own Corporation” By Garrett Sutton

If you want to be creative, just delete two social media platforms. In October 2022, during the Elon Musk crisis, I finally deleted Twitter from my phone. I left around the same time… We live in a litigious society. We must be vigilant as we go through life. You have to wait as your wealth grows. For those who don’t have hunters, their attorneys use every trick in their toolbox to protect unprotected assets, no matter how big or small.

For over 30 years, Garrett Sutton has been implementing corporate structures to protect our clients’ assets and limit liability. This valuable experience shines through in an easy-to-read book on why and how to achieve asset protection. Start Your Own Corporation teaches you how to choose between a corporation and an LLC and how to get the most out of your Nevada and Wyoming corporations. Non-technical and easy to understand, this book teaches you the importance of following corporate procedures, taking advantage of business tax deductions, and building business credit.

Robert Miyazaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, “Start Your Own Corporation is a must-read for anyone looking to protect assets…the clearest and most popular asset protection book of the last 10 years!” He said.

Rich Dad Start Your Own Corporation

“If you’re serious about getting rich and protecting your wealth, understanding corporations and other legal structures is an important part of your continuing financial education. I’m happy to introduce my mentor Garrett Sutton to this topic. I enjoy working with him. He’s more than a great mentor, he’s a great teacher. – bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, creator of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Robert Kiyosaki

“I give it 5 stars for the way it is written in a way that makes it easy for new entrepreneurs to understand and apply the basic principles. Now I know how risky it is to start a business as a sole proprietor or partnership. The author was convinced that it is necessary to form a corporation to protect one’s assets. Overall, this book is a testament to Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich ‘Father, poor father’ book is a perfect complement.- Kamarulzaman Ishak, Malaysia

I was a reader of Rich Dad’s book and Kiyosaki mentioned Suto as part of his mentoring team. When I saw this book in print, I knew I had to have it in my personal library. And he didn’t give up. Run Your Own Corporation is one of his favorite books.” – Steve W., California

“This is a great book for beginners entering the business world. It is very effective in explaining different types of business. I think anyone thinking of starting a business should read this book as it will expand their knowledge in this field.” – Nicholas D. Hoyt

This is the best book you should read to truly understand the power of business. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about business. – Cathy Zamora

By ‎روبرت تي كيوساكي‎ ‎robert T. Kiyosaki‎

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