Phrases To Start An Email

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Phrases To Start An Email

Phrases To Start An Email

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Ever stuck trying to figure out how to start an email? Especially if you don’t know the recipient, it’s hard to come up with a greeting and opening that will impress them.

We’ve analyzed data from millions of cold email campaigns to find out how to start an email that generates the highest response rate. In addition, 25 examples of greetings and opening lines are rotated.

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We’ll start with a summary of why your email resume is valuable, and the facts behind great email resumes, or you can click here to go straight to the examples.

The subject and first line of your email is what determines whether or not the recipient opens and reads what you have to say. This is the only content they can see when they check their inbox.

So if you haven’t done these details, there is little chance that your email will actually be read.

Phrases To Start An Email

Your prospect’s decision to open your email is based on your title, your subject line, and the first few words of your email.

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Therefore, the goal is to make your email stand out, and make prospects want to open your email without thinking it’s just another person on your list.

It’s descriptive, but a bit boring. It focuses on the sender, without attention on the receiver.

It has a much sharper subject line, and this compliment hits the nail on the head. The initial line focuses on expect() and indicates that the emitter is focused on them.

In fact, this email achieved a 90% open rate – the open code and subject line made people want to know what was inside.

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Not only that, but once you’ve moved your subject line and thank you to open the email, the open signal is key to getting the rest of your message read and ultimately taking the action you want to take. .

Based on a 2023 analysis of millions of cold advertising campaigns, the best way to start an email is with a 4-12 word opening line that adds value to the prospect. This means: start your email with a short opening that focuses on the person you’re sending it to (not you!).

To test the best email opening lines, we analyzed the entire first sentence of millions of emails, excluding salutations (such as phrases like “hello}’).

Phrases To Start An Email

First, we want to get an idea of ​​how long your email intro should be: should it be short, attention-grabbing, or long enough to provide more detail?

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According to the data, the highest converting opening line is between 4-6 words. An opening line of 7-12 words also works well, so we recommend finding a sweet spot between 4-12 words.

If you know how long your opening line should be, what’s the best way to write it?

To test this, we grouped opening lines into different categories based on whether they contain certain words or phrases.

We created an AI-powered database of hundreds of words and phrases that match each type of opening, and then used that to collect cold opening lines from millions of emails submitted by users.

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When we had thousands of email openers of each type, we looked at the average response rate for each line open type.

The opening lines that got the most responses were those that added value to the approach: giving feedback, offering free services or advice, providing a professional perspective, etc.

Other methods like introducing the classic or talking about the latest expected events can also stimulate the interest of the audience.

Phrases To Start An Email

Small talk is the least successful category, so if you’re going to start an email using chit chat, you want to make sure it’s well-targeted to your prospect.

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Of course, there are many other factors in a cold email campaign that contribute to response rates. Not only will you want to optimize your email intro, but also your subject line, call to action, signature, and your email cold text.

Now that you know the facts behind an email open line, here are some examples of the best ways to start an email.

For a complete guide to choosing the perfect email salutation, use this list of 20 email salutation examples.

It’s a great compliment when you’re approaching this person for the first time, and you don’t know what tone to take. If you want to be careful, choose “hello” rather than “hello” or “hello” so it’s not accidental.

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A long salutation that includes a few small words allows the email to properly open and get to the point.

If you use greetings like this, we recommend following up with an initial cue that provides immediate value to the prospect. Don’t follow up with chit-chat openers like “I think you’ll like this.”

You broke the ice with your greeting, so use the first line to spread your message! Below in this list, you’ll find examples of lead-to-head lines.

Phrases To Start An Email

You show a personal touch by using your prospect’s name, so it doesn’t come across as vague or impersonal. At the same time, it doesn’t matter: your customers immediately see why you are contacting them.

How To Introduce Yourself In An Email (with Examples)

Depending on the length of the subject line, they’ll be able to read why you’re engaging with them at a glance in their inbox. This makes your email stand out and saves the recipient time, which makes them more likely to respond.

This greeting is an example of what you follow up with after speaking with your prospect.

It’s specific, refers to the conversation you shared, and immediately conveys the value of this email: the deliverable the prospect is waiting for.

Another thank you, this is fine if you haven’t agreed to send something after the meeting.

How To Start An Email: Formal And Informal Email Greetings

It keeps the conversation going and encourages you to respond by reminding you to watch yourself.

We recommend that you enter a summary of what you and the prophet said, then take other clear and easy steps to get down to the cave.

If you have met this person and they have agreed to follow you, this is a great compliment to check their progress.

Phrases To Start An Email

You keep it simple with “please” and immediately state what you expect from the message: while updating, what you two discussed. If you want it to sound smaller, you can put “hello” or “hello” before the }.

An Informal Email Or Letter

We want to thank prospects who attended a conference, webinar, or other event you hosted. It’s a good idea to send an email to everyone who attended your event with this type of greeting to keep them engaged.

This shows your appreciation (“nice to have you”) and makes it personal by using her name.

Use other emails to provide more helpful information related to the event you are attending or to make announcements related to the same topic.

Thanks for the follow up, it’s a good thing to tap into prospects who are younger than those who haven’t responded to an email. If you don’t know the best tone to use with this person, this greeting is friendly and neutral.

I Just Wanted To Follow Up—seven Effective Alternatives

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with sending a follow-up if the recipient doesn’t respond right away; in fact, it increases the chances of him coming back to you.

This is the thank you that you will use to respond to the prospect, thanking them for taking the time to get back to you.

Especially if your first email was a cold email, meaning that the recipient has no further connection with you, this type of greeting is good for renewing the conversation and building rapport.

Phrases To Start An Email

The last greeting comes, and this helps to feel interested and interested in continuing the conversation. It’s like replying to an old friend and opening up an exchange

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