Make Your Own Mini Figure

Make Your Own Mini Figure – Today, The LEGO Group brings one of its most popular in-store experiences to its official online store. Builders have long been able to hit the stores and create their own character out of bricks, and now LEGO is bringing its Build a Minifigure service online with the launch of a new beta program.

If you’ve ever been to a LEGO store, you’ve probably seen or even enjoyed the experience of building a Pick a Brick-style minifigure. So while today’s new addition to the official LEGO site is a new option for online shoppers, it’s about as proven a program as we’ve seen from the company.

Make Your Own Mini Figure

Make Your Own Mini Figure

When it comes to deploying a beta online, there are a few things that are different. For starters, the new Create Minifigure option will only be available in Europe and Asia for now. There’s no word yet on whether the limited number of local users will be expanded while the service is still in beta, or if it will roll out to the US and the rest of the world after the official launch.

Doodle Your Own Minifigure (draw Your Own!)

Then there are actual accessories and parts available for each of your characters. At the moment, the actual selection is limited compared to what you will find in a store. There’s a pretty decent amount of heads, hair pads, torsos, and even bi-sculpted legs, but you won’t find any more of the fun or eccentric bricks that have appeared in stores in the past. Accessories are also quite limited, but there are some interesting ones included like a recent dachshund dog and more.

One of the advantages of the Build a Minifigure stalls in the store was the ability to skip creating a character and collect a collection of identical items. So if you want 15 shields or a bunch of identical body parts, most shops will look the other way. Building a minifigure online, on the other hand, will require you to choose one of each item.

The prices here are also slightly different. The official cost in the US has not been confirmed, but we do know that it costs from £5.97 per figure to create your own character. Then, if you want to add more minifigures, you can customize two extra figures for £1.99 each.

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Make Your Own Mini Figure

Every year we get a small selection of Christmas themed minifigures and in 2023 we have 3 new characters including a brand new and very awesome dark red Santa figure!

Lego Build A Minifigure Closed At Lego Stores In Response To Coronavirus

, but I think LEGO has a very strong lineup this year to round out what has been a very varied and mixed year for LEGO Build a Minifigure collections.

I’ve been checking my local LEGO stores for them, but it seems to be a bit slow in Australia this month so at the time of writing they weren’t out yet, but @hanobrix kindly took some photos of the BAM 2023 Christmas minifigures and he found this review in Germany, for which I am incredibly grateful!

Check out previous versions of Minifigure Assembly (BAM) below. I’m proud to say that this blog has the most detailed instructions for all LEGO Build a Minifigure releases, as it’s something I really enjoy collecting and looking for!

If you’re new to it, LEGO releases new (and sometimes exclusive) Build a Minifigure (BAM) stations that you can find in LEGO stores. These are usually released quarterly and are a deliberate strategy to attract LEGO and Minifigure fans to the store.

Hall Of Bricks

You can customize your minifigures and choose a wig/hairpiece, head, torso, legs and one accessory for this 3-pack, priced at USD 9.99 / USD 19.99.

The standout character is the new crimson Santa Claus. It’s very interesting that LEGO has gone to great lengths to repaint the iconic Santa Claus minifigure, and you know, I’m a big fan of this dark red version.

He comes with a teddy bear accessory and ditches the core beard in favor of a printed beard on his minifigure’s head, which is another fun twist on the ubiquitous LEGO Santa.

Make Your Own Mini Figure

Here is a back and front view. On the back, sweets are stuck in the belt.

Mom Files: Make Your Own Lego Minifigure Family

And yes, this is the new Dark Red variant, even the hat. Here is a side by side of the standard Red Santa minifigure.

The next minifigure isn’t particularly new, the Snow Shovel, but it does feature a rather unusual LEGO City top, which features a striped bandit shirt under a fur-lined caramel leather jacket that only appeared in 2 LEGO City sets this year (eg: 60371 Emergency Vehicle Headquarters).

The combination of the bomber hat and the leather jacket makes the minifigure very suitable for a winter theme, so it will have some useful elements to winterize your minifigures.

Last but not least is the adorable Snow Lady with hot pink hair, big round glasses and blue snowflake accessories.

New Lego Minifigure Factory Lets You Create Custom Figures

She comes with one of the cutest LEGO minifigure dresses with fur lining and a beautiful star and snowflake pattern.

The print even extends to her back, including the legs of the skirt. This is one of the best new LEGO minifigure costumes in Build a Minifigure and is already one of my favorites from the 2023 BAM line just because of how shiny and gorgeous it looks. Bonus points because it’s also great for the season.

This is a really solid line of Christmas themed minifigures and you definitely need to visit your local LEGO store to pick them up, especially the dark red Santa and Snow White.

Make Your Own Mini Figure

They should start appearing in LEGO Build a Minifigure statins around the world starting in November, so next time you’re near a LEGO store, pop in to see if you spot any of them!

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Make Your Own Mini Figure

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