Learn How To Tell A Story

Learn How To Tell A Story – “They come and surprise you. Sometimes, the things you learn can be really surprising, but in the realm of life storytelling you can also discover pleasant surprises and learn invaluable lessons.

It’s a funny thing – and you can probably tell – that I used to think that “knowing” someone was about gathering stats on them – where they live, what they do, and other general identification. But a true and rich appreciation is much more than a resume.

Learn How To Tell A Story

Learn How To Tell A Story

Being a lover of good stories, I eagerly listen to what is being said on the radio. Shows like “The Moth,” “This American Life” and “StoryCorps” draw me in and I am transported to a world that is not my own, made relatable through shared emotions.

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Because of my interest in listening to stories, I suggested to my daughter Alexandra that we create a storytelling game. Together (especially with their creativity and amount of effort), we came up with “Tell Me Another (TMA)”.

TMA is a fun strategy game, but the best part is hearing stories from family and friends. There are laughter and surprises, and each time I leave with a richer understanding of the people I thought I knew best!

Shared experiences connect us in incredible ways. But if you really want to grow in awe and wonder, here are five unusual lessons you can learn from listening to other people’s stories:

1. Flexibility involves small, diligent steps. To my son, TMA is the sign, “When something is so bad it’s ridiculous.” He lived in South Africa for three years while serving in the Peace Corps. When we played TMA, I heard stories of their experiences that I didn’t know before (probably for the better), which revealed their incredible resilience in difficult times.

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2. Others face struggles that you don’t realize. My nephew’s TMA symbol reads, “When ______ saved my life.” I knew he had chronic health problems, but I had no idea the extent of his monthly treatments. He was so kind, gentle and generous that I could never imagine him suffering like this. I found that his attitude was really inspiring.

3. Courage is contagious. My daughter’s TMA sign was, “When I felt most brave.” I knew there were many chapters in his young life, but I didn’t fully appreciate how he worked through feelings of fear and dwindling savings to reach his current successes. I left feeling proud and inspired.

4. Respect the storytellers’ pace. My son-in-law’s TMA sign was, “When I moved from my hometown.” I couldn’t keep track of the details normally, but when he told her stories, they were rich in the most incredible kind of way. He speaks comfortably, allowing me to pay close attention and understand every word. His voice and style of storytelling are entertaining. I learn by staying calm and paying attention to their comments, which are always remarkable.

Learn How To Tell A Story

5. Failures provide opportunities. My TMA sign was, “When I got my diver’s license.” When I was 16 I tried to get my license, even though I didn’t have a car. However, I took a little practice trip in my parents’ car, and felt confident taking the written and driving tests.

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After clearing the written exam, I went for a test drive with the DOT officer. We kept talking, and he asked me to turn left. As soon as he said this, I realized that I was going too fast but still I decided to turn, heading straight towards someone’s lawn.

It’s almost like a film-classic accident as the owner was outside watering his flowers at the time. The homeowner turned towards us startled and saw the car pull up to the edge of his lawn before we could stop.

The DOT officer turned to me and calmly told me to get back on the grass, and I returned to the office, where he announced that I had failed.

I didn’t try to get my license again until I was in college and about 20 years old. Looking back, it was great not having a car and driving in high school, because instead I was able to pay for trips to Spain and Mexico, which were important life experiences.

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As we all struggle in this time of COVID-19, stories can remind us that we are strong, capable, and a community. And we will always benefit from sharing stories together for connection, laughter and inspiration.

If you are looking for a storytelling game to play with friends and family, please check out Tell Me Another in the Storied Gift Shop.

Sherry is the founder of Storied Gifts, a private publishing service of family and company histories. He and his team help clients turn their stories into books. When not writing or interviewing, Sherry spends a lot of time with her grandchildren and lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Learn How To Tell A Story

Do you need some great inspiration for your story life? Please check out the Storied Gift Shop where we offer wearable wisdom and daily inspirations.

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The store is a mother and daughter venture for Sherry and Alexandra Borzo of Content in Motion. They both work to help their clients’ stories sing. This store is their effort to inspire everyone to focus on healthy thinking through positive thinking.

Please like the Storied Gifts Facebook page. We provide tips and inspiration to help you tell and live your story using your healthy mind through the power of the thoughts you choose. Telling a compelling story is a social skill that anyone can learn. I will give you some phrases that you can memorize and use to tell better stories in English. Stories are important in helping us understand ourselves and the world around us. One way to look at our identity is as a collection of stories. In this video, I break down the art of storytelling into different topics that people talk about the most. I will share some personal stories from my life to give examples of how to tell a good story in English. Most people have a set of stories they want to tell. For me personally, there are some stories that I’ve told people hundreds of times! I recommend that you practice your most common English stories because you will definitely use them in social situations with English speakers. Preparing your story in English means you can tell it better, and your audience will enjoy it more by laughing in the right places, or by feeling the emotions you want them to feel, like surprise or sadness.

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Test your understanding of this English text Test your understanding of this English text by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the test. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a natural storyteller. It seems some people have a knack for weaving compelling stories that capture everyone’s attention. My stepfather has this ability. When I was a child, she would spin long, choose-your-own-adventure stories that would compel my siblings and I to pause at dinner time. And one of my best friends from high school could make even the most mundane everyday events like a trip to the shopping mall so interesting that everyone was on the edge of their seats to listen to her retail stories. However, not me, I’ve always been a matter-of-fact, get to the point, type of person.

However, I realized that my reluctance to tell stories had to change after the birth of my first son. Like most kids, he was perfect

After we climbed into bed around 6:30, “Can you tell me a story Dad?” This is my normal way of waking up every Saturday and Sunday. We also have a series of stories featuring my son, his imaginary best friend (a character named Mickey), and his little brother Emerson. The stories follow a typical pattern: while visiting a local park the children discover a hidden hole in the ground behind the jungle gym that leads to a giant cave filled with glowing crystals and bat-wielding vampires; Or while enjoying a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica with the family the kids get lost in the jungle, stumble upon a jaguar’s den, and have to build a wooden raft to escape an angry crocodile; Or while visiting a space museum

Learn How To Tell A Story

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