Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume

Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume – Happy Halloween!!! How is October 31st already?! For our Halloween costume this year, I asked Olivia what she wanted to be and she said Jessie from Toy Story. He was obsessed with Toy Story 4 and read books every night. It just didn’t make sense that we would make Toy Story family costumes!

For the Toy Story family costume, I got the whole family involved – the grandparents too! It was so fun to see my parents dressed up. I designed and made our costumes for the week leading up to Halloween. Every year I try to DIY our costume using what I already have and buy a few things to make the costume. I was so proud of myself for making the Toy Story family costumes for a total of $50!

Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume

Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume

Olivia’s Jessie baby dress is the only one I absolutely bought. Our neighbor got a Disney discount and hooked us up so we said why not! Plus, it’s fun to buy an outfit and not have to think about it. We even got her a matching Jessie hat but she refused to wear it. Well, a red bow will do! Although there were many clothes on sale, I thought the clothes were baggy and unflattering. I like this version better. We also have cowboy boots for her birthday party.

Jessie Deluxe Costume

Olivia’s grandfather (my dad) is Woody and he totally stole the show! For his outfit, I made Woody’s famous cowhide outfit. I bought a yard of fabric for less than $5 because Joan’s always offers a discount code if you have their app. I cut the fabric into three pieces – one back piece and two front pieces (right and left). I don’t know how to sew so I used heat and duct tape to hold the pieces together. All you need is an iron to activate the glue. I had my dad try it on a few times so I could measure and cut the dress to fit him. It is better to start big than to start small.

My dad also bought a $2 red bandana (check Joan’s again for the discount codes!). For the rest of his woody outfit, we have everything. Yellow shirt and jeans and belt. My dad wore Jeff’s shoes and borrowed my felt hat lol. I also cut a yellow badge with my Cricut.

My mom is Bo Peep and she is so cute! His clothes were the easiest to make. I already had this chambray dress and it reminded me of Bo Peep’s Toy Story 4 dress. I’m not sure if his clothes will be right. But as soon as my mother wore a white shirt under her dress and I tied a pink ribbon around her waist, I knew it would be together! For the final touch I put one of Olivia’s big pink bows in her hair and put on the black bow tie. This is it! Grandma rocks it!

Jeff and I are Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads. I wanted to be Mrs. Potato Head because I thought my pregnant belly would look funny. I got three layers of presentation boards from Joan’s, which we cut into potato shapes with an Exacto knife. Jeff also cut a hole for my stomach. I used my Cricut to cut out basic shapes like ovals and circles to make the eyes and ears. Then I found an image on Cricut Design Space for the mouth, hat and eyebrows. I already had most of the cardboard colors on hand and just bought red paper for the mouth. Once I cut out all the pieces with my Cricut, I glued everything to the cardboard. We put a thread on the clothes and tied them around. Such a cute outfit and would be a cute outfit idea too!

Mr Potato Head Toy Story Dog & Cat Costume

After playing with mr. and mrs. Potato head that I am, I figured I might as well mock up Buzz Lightyear’s wings on my Cricut. I used green, purple, white and red neon cardboard paper and glued the pieces to a small piece of cardboard (part of the Amazon box). Jeff then used an Exacto knife to cut out the shape. We attached the pipe cleaners to the wings and attached them to the tails. He was also wearing a little Buzz Lightyear pajama shirt, which my cousin took. It suits him perfectly!

I have to admit this is the worst outfit I’ve ever worn lol. For the slinky, I bought silver pipe cleaners for 2 dollars and wrapped them around Baba’s body and cut off a green collar. It is literal. It’s a little small, but hey, Boba is half yorkie half dachshund, and he’s really tall so I think he passes!

The total cost of the DIY Toy Story costumes? $44!! My family and I had so much fun dressing up and I will cherish the photos forever! Happy Halloween from my family to you! Hope your day is full of good things and no cheating 🙂

Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume

Jessie Costume | Baby Jessie Hat | Amazon Jessie Costume (I like this version better!) | Baby shoes cow print fabric | Red Bandana | felt hat | Heat and bond tape | smock dress | pink ribbon | pink or red bow | Black bow flat | Trifold Presentation Board | Cricut Maker 3 | Exact knife | Red Cardstock | Silver Pipe Cleaners, Halloween season is here and we’ve already started taking advantage of the local opportunities for candy and fun. Friday night we participated in a community street festival where children were encouraged to wear their costumes and collect candy from various vendors. We wore Toy Story family costumes this year for our theme and the children’s costumes were amazing! Now let’s see how popular Toy Story Halloween costumes for adults have become.

Disney And Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Adult Costume

Read on to find out where to buy Toy’s costume and how I made my Bo Peep costume and Hub’s Woody costume with often borrowed items. Note that I wrote this year before Toy Story 4 came out and have updated parts of this post to give you more options!

On Halloween night we included a friend’s dachshund in the group photo so you can tell we even have a slinky dog, right?

* Update on Jessie Sweet T’s costume. Even though she loves it and it’s really cute, it didn’t make it past two months of Halloween before she got a scar on her side. It is difficult to prevent play, so expensive, over-the-counter costumes can be expected, but if your child really loves Jessie and will be playing in her dress up long after Halloween, you can choose handmade. Choose from Etsy or DIY your own Jessie dress. The hat lasted almost 5 years but I will say it!

Sweet T will have many opportunities to wear her Jessie costume between high school, community events and Halloween itself. Luckily, he loves you. I have to put it out of his reach when he’s not wearing it so it’s clean and full by October 31st.

Disney Toy Story Jessie Costume Choose Size Disney Store Youth

Last Friday night, and smiles and lights up when someone says, “Hey, Jesse!” Jessie’s dress is also adjustable so she can dance in the street. 😉

Gus is a little guy and is only 12-18 months old even though he is only 2 years old. The Buzz Lightyear costume shoes only stayed on for the photo and we had to change them to tennis shoes because his feet were a little bigger than 18. – Moon even if not his body. 😉 I love that this outfit is simple and flattering for a twirling 2 year old who won’t tolerate anything more complicated.

My clothes are a little complicated and not quite yet. If only Sweet T was ready to be Bo Peep! You see, they make a Toy Story Bo Peep outfit for a little girl that would be perfect, but Sweet T will be Jessie or whatever…

Jessie Toy Story Dog Costume

Mama needs to know how to make a Bo Peep costume for adults. Most of what’s out there is either a $100+ cosplay creation or a sexy bo peep that just isn’t for me.

Toy Story Halloween Costumes

Since the release of Toy Story 4, Bo Peeps look has changed a bit and there are more Bo Peeps Halloween costume options for adults. You may just want to buy this and be done!

Hobbs is so good as Sheriff Woody that I may have to find someone else to watch the sheep tonight! 😉

Also check out this easy DIY Kristoff costume or my super easy costume if you’re doing a Moana theme.

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