Introduction Paragraph For Argumentative Essay

Introduction Paragraph For Argumentative Essay – Essay writing is an important skill that high school students need to acquire to succeed in college. The ACT writing essay is just one of many essays that students write in high school, and it is a pretty important one. The ACT essay is always an argumentative essay that requires students to argue their point. Here are some things to consider when writing a strong argumentative essay.

An argumentative essay requires students to state their opinion on a specific topic, focusing on arguing for a particular point of view. Essentially, an argumentative essay presents an argument and tries to persuade readers to agree using supporting facts and information.

Introduction Paragraph For Argumentative Essay

Introduction Paragraph For Argumentative Essay

The introduction to an essay is very important for one reason: it is your first impression. Your teachers have probably already told you that including a catchy hook in your introduction is definitely a good idea. You want to grab the reader’s attention and make them read more and pay attention. Your introduction should always end with a thesis statement.

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics: How To Pick Out One

A thesis statement is a summary of the main point you will make throughout the essay, usually in one sentence. If in your essay you state that cats make better pets than dogs, then this is the general information you want to include in your dissertation. Make sure the reader knows exactly what the overall topic of the essay will be.

This is where you try to convince the reader to believe your point of view. A rule of thumb when writing an essay is that you should try to have three supporting paragraphs. These paragraphs should use quick facts and supporting information – the more specific the better! If you argue that cats make better pets than dogs, you could have a supporting paragraph that focuses on cats’ levels of independence, another that discusses cats’ high intelligence, and a third that examines cats’ lifespans. (These are just random examples – there could be many more reasons why cats are better than dogs or why dogs are better than cats! Unfortunately, you won’t see an essay that looks as casual as this one day of testing…)

A good argumentative essay demonstrates understanding and respect for points of view different from your own. At ACT, this is extremely important: they want to see that you have a point of view, but they also want to see that you understand why someone might believe something different than you do. A good place for this paragraph is just after the supporting paragraphs and before the conclusion. In my essay on cats and dogs, I would like to write a short paragraph here describing why some people prefer dogs over cats. Then I would gently refute this point of view and lead to my conclusion.

In your conclusion, you want to provide a comprehensive summary of your point of view. Restate your thesis statement in a different way and end the essay well by stating your entire point of view.

Argumentative Essay Unit

For the ACT Writing section, ACT chooses the topic for you. There aren’t multiple themes to choose from or anything like that – you get what you’re given. ACT tries to select topics that are somewhat relevant to modern society. They recently covered the topics of personal communication, childhood celebrities, school admissions, and school physical education requirements. There will be a short paragraph with some general information on the topic, followed by three perspectives on the topic. Here’s what you can expect the essay prompt to look like on test day:

The ACT Writing section’s scoring is a key difference from the other four sections of the exam. While all other sections are scored on a 36-point scale, the ACT Writing section is scored on a scale of 2 to 12. Because it is the only section of the test that cannot be scored by computer, the ACT has two separate scorers who read each student’s essay and give it a score on a scale of 1 to 6. The two scores are then added together to give the student a total score of 12.

The fact that a person scores on the ACT writing portion can be both a positive and a negative. One disadvantage is related to the speed of the point. Although a computer can quickly produce Scantron test results, people take much longer to process and grade written essays. For this reason, ACT written test results take approximately two weeks longer to return than results for the same multiple-choice exam. The positive side is that a person has emotions and reactions and can be influenced by the essay that the student writes. It may be helpful to keep this in mind when working on your essay. For example, data has shown that students who write more tend to achieve better results.

Introduction Paragraph For Argumentative Essay

So what do reviewers look for when evaluating an essay? Below are the four areas on which the essays will be graded. Here is the ACT definition of each of these categories. According to, these areas are:

How To Write An Argumentative Essay For Students With Examples

Ideas and analysis. Scores in this area reflect the ability to generate productive ideas and critically consider different perspectives on a given topic. Competent writers understand the topic they are trying to address, the purpose of writing, and the audience. They generate ideas that are appropriate to the situation.

Development and support. Performance in this area reflects the ability to discuss ideas, justify and support arguments. Competent authors explain and explore their ideas, discuss implications, and illustrate them with examples. They help the reader understand his thoughts on a topic.

Organization. Performance in this area reflects the ability to organize ideas clearly and purposefully. Organizational decisions are essential to effective writing. Competent writers structure their essays to clarify the relationships between ideas and guide the reader through the discussion.

Use of language and conventions. Performance in this area reflects the ability to use written language to convey arguments clearly. Competent writers use rules of grammar, syntax, usage, and mechanics. They also know their audience and tailor the style and tone of their writing to communicate effectively.

Argumentative Essay Example

Let’s start by understanding what a “good grade” actually means. The ACT Writing section is scored on a scale of 1 to 12 based on the sum of scores provided by two raters. That is, if each rater gives the essay a score of 3 out of 6, the student’s score will be 6 (3+3), giving the student an essay that does about half of what an ideal essay does. According to, a perfect score of 6 out of 6 in each of the four areas is assessed as follows:

The author puts forward an argument that critically takes into account different points of view on the topic. The thesis of an argument reflects nuance and precision of thought and purpose. An argument establishes and uses deep context to analyze an issue and its prospects. The analysis examines implications, complexities and contradictions, and/or underlying values ​​and assumptions.

Developing ideas and justifying statements deepens understanding and expands context. An integrated series of skillful arguments and illustrations effectively conveys the meaning of the argument. Qualifications and complexities enrich and strengthen ideas and analysis.

Introduction Paragraph For Argumentative Essay

The answer shows a smart organizational strategy. The answer is unified by a dominant idea or intention, and the logical sequence of ideas enhances the effectiveness of the author’s argument. Transitions between and within paragraphs strengthen connections between ideas.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay

The use of language strengthens the argument. The choice of words is smart and precise. Sentence structures are consistently varied and clear. The choice of style and register, including voice and tone, is strategic and effective. Although some minor errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics may be present, they do not affect comprehension.

However, achieving such a perfect score is difficult because both raters will have to give the essay a score of 6 out of 6. But don’t worry—you don’t need a perfect score! (Remember that this section is optional and does not count toward your overall score!) So what exactly is a GOOD essay score? Well, the average writing score is just under 7 out of 12. For students who want to get into more competitive colleges and universities, it’s a good idea to aim for at least an 8 on the ACT writing section—that’s somewhere between the 80+ percentile. . Students who score above an 8 on writing are placed in the 95+ percentile for that part of the exam, meaning anything above an 8 is a really good score.

Please note that organization is one of four areas on which your essay will be assessed. For this reason, it is very important to plan your essay before you start writing it. Use this outline to help you figure out how to organize your essay so that it flows smoothly. Remember

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