Inducing Labor At 35 Weeks

Inducing Labor At 35 Weeks – My husband and I dated for 9 years and were married for 3 years before deciding we were ready to start a family. 2 months after taking the pill we had our 1st child.

The first 28 weeks of pregnancy were easy, I loved being pregnant and feeling my baby move.

Inducing Labor At 35 Weeks

Inducing Labor At 35 Weeks

At about 30 weeks, my blood pressure (over 140/90) became high according to the doctors, so I was closely monitored and referred to an obstetrician. I was told to reduce my working hours (working 40 hours a week) and get more rest. I cut back on my work hours, but when I got better, I filled my time preparing for the baby. I had a lot of protein in my urine, but my blood test was positive (check pre-eclampsia).

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When I did a growth check at 32 weeks, they found that there was less amniotic fluid around the baby than it should be, and growth was slowing. I was sent straight to the hospital and had a CTG (they sometimes check the baby’s heart) blood test and a consultation with the nurse. I had to spend the night in the hospital and have to have a 24 hour urine collection (to check for protein) and blood tests every hour. The next day, everything was normal and the child was not in any pain, so he was allowed to go home.

Over the next week my blood pressure went up and down to around 156/110. I was sent back to the hospital where I was admitted until my son was born.

So at 34 weeks I am facing my first birth. The obstetrics team decided that because of the low amniotic fluid and IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction), our baby would be better off in the womb. If I had the early signs of preeclampsia, I would have been better before it got worse.

The registrar made a point and a broom, but made several jokes throughout. Admitted to antenatal ward to start induction. I had 2 shots of steroids, one day before the implant and one on the day of the implant. So they started using a kind of prostaglandin gel there.

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I had a very minor cut but nothing more than moderate pain. It is not normal and fades after a few hours and has little effect after internal inspection. The next day they tried again with the gel. This time the contractions were more painful, but not normal, but they eased my stomach. Although they stopped after a few hours. All the while I was connected to the CTG machine to make sure the baby was okay, but she seemed to be taking care of everything (the problem with the induction this morning was that the baby was very small and fragile, so they could be in a difficult labor situation so check them carefully). They put me up for the night and made plans for the next day.

The team decided to induce labor with IV Syntocinon (a synthetic form of oxytocin). I was told that not following the baby’s incision could result in multiple surgeries.

C-section was at the top of my anxiety list, so it scared me. They also said they wanted to get sick again because it was hard work. Also having an epidural helps reduce bleeding, it scared me, it’s number 2 on my anxiety list, I don’t want an epidural. I wanted a natural, drug-free birth and was a little disappointed that it didn’t happen. But I know that everything they do is for the good of the child and me.

Inducing Labor At 35 Weeks

At 35 weeks gestation, I was admitted to the labor ward (very close to the theater during a caesarean section). At 11:15 the water broke for the birth. Around noon I had very mild contractions and soon after I started the syntocinon infusion.

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After half an hour, it will be easier to cut. At this time, the infusion is gradually increased. It was a bit crazy from 1pm and I read my birth certificate to remember what happened then!!. At 1:30pm I don’t really remember having contractions every 2 minutes or so, but I do remember being in a lot of pain (which might be a good thing!!). I remember the midwife asking me if I wanted to get out of bed, so they took the CTG and attached a scalpel clip to the baby’s head (I was about 3cm dilated at this stage). I tried to get up, but every time I tried, the contractions started again and I had to lie down to cope.

Reduce and then stop intravenous infusion. In my notes, the midwife said “Sarah is ++ in distress”. It’s 2:30 p.m.

I tried eninox gas but hated the taste and found that I couldn’t imagine inhaling and exhaling the gas at the same time. I was given pethidine to calm me down as the baby started showing signs of depression (heart rate drops during contractions). I don’t remember doing it? but I don’t remember much.

At the age of 3, my size was 4 cm, the child (like me) was very worried because the contract was on top of each other. I was getting ready for emergency surgery, and I didn’t really care at the time, I just wanted it to be over. I remember saying that I didn’t want to do that again, and my midwife politely replied that it was too late.

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My husband said he was a little concerned, then the nurse came slowly, I decided to do an induction before going to theater and I was 9cm dilated (so I was 4cm at 2:50pm and 9cm at 3) :20. We were told we would have a natural baby. By 3:30 I was completely exhausted and ready to push.

Jonty was born at 15:40 weighing 2020 grams. He is small but healthy and has a good apgar score. I held him for a while, but he was taken to a special care facility to be put in an incubator to keep him warm. It’s a little torn, and because she was born early, she probably had a few stitches.

Other than that, I felt great. Woke up enough to take a shower at 5. All I wanted to do was go to SCN and see Jonty.

Inducing Labor At 35 Weeks

I was closely monitored for the next 3 days due to possible pre-eclampsia after birth, but everything was normal. It was too high so I was injected with BP tablets to try to bring it down. He was released from the hospital four days after birth, but Jonty was still in intensive care, so he didn’t want to leave.

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Luckily for us, SCN was not that busy so we agreed to stay in one of the rooms there. After 10 days Jonty was allowed to come home!!

I am very lucky that everything worked out for us. I was glad I didn’t have to have surgery or an epidural. Really energetic, but satisfied with about 4 hours of work.

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I am concerned about the next few weeks as this pregnancy is considered high risk.

Hope all goes well, I’m rewriting the birth plan to make it better. I’m hoping to be born drug free, but I’m keeping an open mind as I learn more about what I have now. 37 weeks. It was Wednesday and my high school doctor confirmed the preeclampsia diagnosis we had suspected for weeks.

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But I wasn’t completely ready – I was too scared and rushed – when he said that he would have 4 days to fix everything before putting me in the hospital (on bed rest).

Have you ever induced labor at 37 weeks pregnant? If so, I am here to share my story and ease your nerves. I did a lot of research, as I do, don’t worry, mom-pop goes

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