Ike And Tina Turner Dynamite

Ike And Tina Turner Dynamite – Dynamite! is the second studio album by Ike and Tina Turner, released on Sue Records in May 1962, when the two musicians were married in Tijuana, Mexico. This marriage did not last: Tina filed for divorce in 1976. In her 1986 autobiography, I, Tina, she revealed that Ike was abusive throughout their marriage and that he attempted suicide in 1968.

In November 1962, Ike and Tina Sue Records, along with Saturn Music and Juggy Murray, filed a $330,000 lawsuit against Placid Music Corporation for “failure and refusal to account for and pay certain royalties”. They also alleged that Sue “concealed and hid” more than $100,000 in earnings from them.

Ike And Tina Turner Dynamite

Ike And Tina Turner Dynamite

For something more pleasant, let’s take a look at typography. The uncredited designer put together five different sans serifs; Two belong to the classic American Gothic arm, and three to the modern geometric style. Actor names are set in an alternate gothic style. In a self-referential way, the title is broken up by aligning the condensed flaps of Franklin Gothic on a quivering baseline and cutting lines across the letterform. The explosion itself is represented by a starburst, the six titles of the song are played from different angles, and this is Metroid No. It is similar to 2.

Ike & Tina Turner: River Deep Mountain High (180g) (lp)

The back cover seems to combine two more American Futura followers: on the top there are big hats of the tempo – distinguished by a wide K, a lower bar A and a narrow R – the track list and liner notes are laid out in Spartan language. , two-story A.

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Incendiary Live Tina Turner Performances

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