I Need Help Writing A Rap Song

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Last month I went to the very famous Gully Boy. Director Zoya Akhtar along with writer Reema Kagti has created an entertaining story based on the lives of rap stars Naezy and Divine. After a while of the film, the star of the film ‘Rap-music’ is presented to the audience. The catchy, sweet lyrics, along with the catchy beat and rhythm, made me wonder. It was all anyone could talk about when they left the theater. This film put ‘rap music’ on the big block, gave starlight to Indian street rap and focused on the idea that anyone can rap. If you’re wondering how to write a rap song, here’s your answer!

I Need Help Writing A Rap Song

I Need Help Writing A Rap Song

After the movie came out, I realized that a lot of people tried rapping or started writing original rap songs. That’s why I’ve put together a guide that can help you and your child start their rap journey.

Rap Music: Structure, Techniques & Tips

Rap is part of the Hip-Hop genre. It consists of two parts; words/words written in poetry and rhythm. Hip-Hop music was born in the streets some time ago. It’s about being sensitive and honest! The songwriting process of this form is mainly about writing something that is close to you and that is self-expressive, but in your own language.

Listen to a lot of rap music before putting pen to paper. Pay attention to the poems. Try rapping with them. Pick 2 things you like about the same song and 2 things you would do differently. Take a critical look at your rap and ask yourself why something works and why something doesn’t. Repeat this exercise with different types of rap artists and don’t let language be a barrier. You will find that there are enough tools on the Internet to help us get beyond this wall.

While it’s true that almost all nursery rhymes today use unusual language, there are a few nursery rhymes that parents and children can listen to together. These raps are kid-friendly and use clean lyrics. Lecrae’s — “I’ll Find You” featuring Tori Kelly and Lecrae — All I Need Is You is a safe bet because the rapper always keeps his lyrics clean. Gym Class Heroes – Adam Levine, “Stereo Hearts” with Flo Rida – “Feeling Good” with B.o.B. — “Magic” featuring Rivers Cuomo is one of the funniest rap numbers parents can enjoy because they don’t have to worry about kids stumbling across any inappropriate words. Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling’ has been a favorite since its release in 2012, especially for lifting people’s spirits and ‘good feelings’ on bad days!

Now we got you excited about rap music and writing a rap song for the first time. It’s time to start writing your own rap. Here is the step-by-step process:

Popular Rap Words Explained With Examples

Ask yourself, what do you want to say about the mentioned topic? When you’re starting out, stick to a single subject or theme.

Start writing short words and sentences without worrying about being right or wrong! Try to stay on topic and don’t worry about how long the songwriting process will take. Organize sentences and move lines around to achieve logical flow.

The beauty of rap is in its rhyme scheme. The design below should help you better understand what this means. Use these creative ideas to help you create your own unique rhyme scheme. Solve the rhymes and rewrite the lines trying to find rhyming words that complete the lines and convey the same meaning.

I Need Help Writing A Rap Song

Syllables are an important part of any kind of poem. They give rhythm and tempo to the lines. A syllable is the number of sounds in a word. Each line should have the same number of syllables. For example: Value – 4 syllables – Program – re – ci-ate, Generosity – 5 syllables – Ge-ne-ro-si-ty. This step ensures that your words fall into a rhythm and helps you achieve a successful rhyming scheme.

The 50 Greatest Rap Songs By Women

The song structure you should keep in mind while writing the lyrics is similar to the creation above. Write, edit and rewrite your poem/rap several times until you are completely satisfied. At the end of the block, you’ll find an example of how to write a hook, verse, and chorus.

If you’re still having trouble finding the tempo and rhythm, use an existing piece of music as a guide. You can also find EDM beats online! Record yourself rapping a few times, listen carefully to the recording and make the necessary changes until you are completely satisfied and proud of what you have written.

You can’t even rap if you haven’t memorized the words, so work on that before trying to rap yourself. Writing it down often or reading it out loud from a piece of paper helps memorize and you can remember your rap better.

Don’t get bogged down with extra notes on the 16 bars and pre-chorus. Let’s keep it simple first. I tried it myself. You can find my latest creation in the creative above for inspiration. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback; we love to hear from you. And if you use this post to rap or write a song, please tag us and share your work with us. You know what they say, art is best when shared.

Best Ai Lyrics Generator Tools (2023)

Need some inspiration for your rap piece? Why not check out our library of wonderful Indian children’s books. Epic characters and interesting stories can be a great place to start your journey of rap success! Sign up and get access to the best Hindi children’s books today!

Abhijeet kini author interview storybook bedtime books christmas creative writing program Diwali for kids english poetry for kids expert interview! GSEC Student Editorial Staff GSEC illustrator spotlight illustrator spotlight improve reading improve writing improve reading Hindi Children’s Book Illustrator Hindi Children’s Books indoor games for kids letter writing Librarian must read new year goals. in class, I set the parameters for a rap song writing task, share a few examples of rap songs, then divide the students into groups and start writing.

In a previous lesson, I shared a song from Run-DMC so students could see how the two rappers in the group took turns saying the lyrics and lines to their songs.

I Need Help Writing A Rap Song

Ahead, I outline five factors I will consider when recording students’ speeches. I want them to speak clearly, have creative rhymes, follow a four-bar rap pattern, stay on top of their vocal delivery, and be a good audience member for the entire show.

Don’t Call Post Malone A Rapper

Audience etiquette is something we need to teach and reinforce in the classroom. Being part of the account highlights its importance.

This slide was part of the last lesson, but I’ve included it again here to help students remember to be in rhythm.

To show them a good way to get and keep a beat, ask them to tap their thighs with both hands on the 1st beat, clap on the 2nd, and then repeat these two steps for the 3rd and 4th beats.

I used to go by the name DJ Unconventional and shortened it to Uncon. I was the main rapper of the group.

Rap Song Assignment

Rime-On is my little brother and he and I go back and forth on the rhymes on this song. My words are red and his are blue.

As the students listen to the song, I point out the rhymes of the first verse. Then I stop the MP3 and explain the meaning of the words.

When I say “kill the noise” I’m really telling people to stop all the bad talking and just listen to the music.

I Need Help Writing A Rap Song

Then we see that the 5 in the name of our group does not belong to the number of group members. It shows that we tried our best to get 5 stars in the magazines.

Best Hip Hop And Rap Songs Of All Time

Rime-On “You see me, ‘Uh-oh!’ you say”, it means that it is difficult to compete with us.

Then we compare ourselves to the Wright Brothers. That line is more beautiful because we are brothers.

Our songs are so explosive that you get hit with garbage. This is a good image because we can shorten our deejay’s name to A-bomb, so we’re talking about the bomb or the atomic bomb.

As you can see, we did a lot in that short song.

Flame On Writing A Book

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