How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel – Fantasy writing is loved by writers and readers of all ages. It offers the aspiration and wonder of portals, potions, and magical images. Dragons, Game of Thrones and magical artifacts. She breaks the rules or makes her own so readers can explore others, fantasy worlds, and what-ifs. Now use the links above to go to the subheading How to write a fantasy that interests you.

Read the definitions of fantasy in this section. Why it falls under the genre umbrella of “speculative fiction” (but distinct from science fiction). Why fantasy is fun to write, world building, creating magical systems, and more. keep reading to find out.

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

What is a fictional story? How does the genre relate to other genres of fiction? Fantasy is a genre that falls under the term “speculative” fiction and is often grouped together with science fiction under the abbreviation “SFF”.

Contemporary Fantasy Vs Urban Fantasy: What Is The Difference?

Speculative fiction is fiction that evaluates, predicts, or predicts another hypothesis. It creates other worlds, technologies, human or non-human abilities and powers, and reality.

Speculative fiction “includes extraterrestrial, supernatural, futuristic, or other fictional works.”

It shouldn’t be like that. It’s a fantasy. He does not say that “nothing will happen” – this is irresponsibility, a story that two and one do not add up to five, or forty-seven, or Vuddevva, as we say. Illusion does not mean “nothing” – it is nihilism. And he does not say “it should be like this” – this is utopianism, another organization. Ursula K. Le Guin, “It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way,” Savings in Double Time (2019), p. 81.

The definition of “speculative” reflects the close relationship between speculative fiction and myth. It means “to form a theory or hypothesis about something without strong evidence.”

Urban Fantasy Vs Paranormal Romance: What’s The Difference?

Many myths arise from human society’s desire for explanation and understanding. For example, the Greek myth of Persephone explains why we have seasons (Demeter neglects the crops and her daughter Persephone is trapped in the underworld).

The same interest goes into speculative fiction stories that feature other worlds or other discoveries. In fantasy, symbolism is used to explore and imagine cause and effect, human nature, and other “real worlds” through the language and imagery of dreams.

Science fiction explores what is possible or possible (for example, technological change or how much we really know about the universe is “truth out there”). Fantasy, on the other hand, explores what is possible in the realm of imagination or a created second world.

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

It has been said that science fiction and fantasy are two different things: science fiction, impossible; Imagination, making the impossible possible. Rod Serling, Story from The Twilight Zone via IMDB.

Settings For A Story: Fantasy Novel Basics And Examples

Horror explores terrifying, paranormal, or supernatural forces of destruction (or the manifestation of dark events in the ordinary world, such as an attack by a crime victim).

Fantasy doesn’t tend to dwell on the macabre as much as horror (here’s some shape-shifting and haunting TV). The work of George RR Martin and many other fantasy authors (especially in the subgenres of grimdark and dark fantasy) contains a great deal of the macabre.

Fantasy subgenres are often confusing because many authors and readers use many terms interchangeably (e.g., epic and high fantasy).

Here’s a helpful flowchart created by user Lyrrael on the fantasy subreddit, which covers subgenres such as grimdark, fairy tale, and weird fantasy.

How To Write A Fantasy Series

Knowledge: Collection of knowledge and traditions. A particular fictional universe may have its own “lore” attached to later books of a regular or series, thus becoming “canon” (see below). Fan authors often use elements of the author’s existing mythology to create their own spin-off characters or storylines (for example, setting new events in Pratchett’s Discworld universe).

World-building: Creating the physical, geographic, and other characteristics of a fictional environment. Examples include maps, biomes with individual animals, flora, social and political history, beliefs and traditions (more on this in the Virtual World Building section).

Subworld: Tolkien’s use of the term to refer to a place other than the main “reality” that has its own life (such as important in the portal fantasy).

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

Canon: A ‘canon’ is generally a set of ‘principles, rules, standards or regulations’. In the context of the fantasy genre, they are considered “official” works of art and established world-building (especially since the necessary internal rules must be somewhat consistent – although not all of them are Tolkien’s, in fantasy series).

Romantasy Vs A Fantasy With Romance

Below, find a discussion of general fantasy character types under Fantasy Characters and questions for creating magical systems under Fantasy.

The world of fairy tales is wide and deep and high and full of many things: there are all kinds of beasts and birds; Countless beaches and stars; Magical beauty and always danger; Joy and sorrow are as sharp as swords. J.R.R. Tolkien

If you look at fantasy web communities like /r/fantasy on Reddit, Facebook groups, and genre forums, the shared feelings about the genre are evident.

Who doesn’t want to go to a magical academy, fly, cast spells, or become invisible? Or go to a portal where children have too much power and talk (as a young reader)?

How To Market A Fantasy Novel

“Why do you love fantasy?” many answers to the question.

Fantasy is not a low drama genre. Succession wars? They said. Fire breathing dragons? Check. Swords, Sorcery, Mythical Beasts and Where to Find Them? There are all kinds of great things to boot with great stakes.

A brilliant reflection of reality One of the joys of imagination is that the cracked glass of creativity allows us to see our world from a wonderful “elsewhere.” Tweet this

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

Like Alice through the looking glass, we see more than just reflected gray every day. Instead, we get insight when the impossible turns out to be reasonable.

Low Fantasy Vs Urban Fantasy: What’s The Difference? [2023 Edition]

Magic is fun. Past weather balloons, witches or broomsticks. There’s something unexpected when you say “abracadabra.” There is surprising and natural skepticism.

Many fantasy stories feature ordinary people who must rise to heroic endeavours, either all or nothing. Newcomer David must face Goliath, a master of magic. Fiction is full of depravities (as well as their underlying skepticism and optimism).

Desire, Awe, and Wonder The fantasy genre is full of desire, wonder, and wonder. If you say, “I wish I could fly” or “What if spark witches turned children into mice,” imagination has images and answers. Tweet timeless, dramatic topics

Fantasy deals with the war between good and evil, the power of the individual to overcome tyranny, the value of friendship and loyalty, and more. full of topics. These are timeless themes that remain relevant to modern life.

Fantasy Writing Prompts & Plot Ideas

The above provides valuable insights into how fiction can attract fans of the genre.

🗣️ What do you like about fiction? Let us know in the comments and get tips on writing a fantasy novel, creating a fantasy world and chronological template documents, types of fantasy magic, and more. Continue reading for tips on how to get it.

The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. As alive as these dreams are, they are more real than reality…at least for a moment…the long magical time before we wake up. George RR Martin

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

World building is usually important in storytelling. Even if you’re writing a “realistic” novel (set in present-day Chicago), you still need to create a sense of place. Landmarks, culture and other elements.

Urban Fantasy Author Hazel Butler Talks Books & Nerd Culture

This is the general title given to all of Tolkien’s works in his second novel Arda.

Tolkien began world building for this world in 1914, writing poems and story sketches, drawing maps, and creating motifs to create a rich fantasy world.

The Guardian described Hobb’s fantasy world-building as “irreversible” and he was awarded the 2021 World Fiction Award for Lifetime Achievement. Testimony for George RR Martin’s novel.

(First in the Farcer Trilogy, 1995), he says: “In today’s crowded fantasy market, Robin Hobb’s books are like diamonds in a sea of ​​zircon.”

My Love Affair With The Urban Fantasy Heroine By Sarah Sproston — Dr. Maria Deblassie

While some readers were frustrated by Hobb’s pacing, others noted that it “provides excellent description and makes the fantasy world seem realistic.”

On the lighter side of fantasy, Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is beloved by many for its stunning art and fun take on fantasy and world-building conventions. After all, Discworld is a flat world perched on the backs of four elephants, who stand atop a giant turtle traveling through space.

In the tradition of humorous speculative fiction writers like Douglas Adams, it’s world-building that doesn’t take itself too seriously with a funny bone.

How To Write An Urban Fantasy Novel

C.S. Lewis’ favorite Narnia series is the magical lion, the doomed wizard, and more. a portal fantasy featuring inhabited worlds.

How To Write A Fantasy Novel: Tips From Professional Fantasy Editors

Narnia is an example of a second fantasy world of its own.

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