How To Write A Love Story Examples

How To Write A Love Story Examples – It’s been over a year now, but his name is still the same as the first time I heard it. My heart is still beating fast and I know I’m stuck. The bottom line is that he is the first person in my life who touched my soul. The first one made me feel different. Which I felt, something!

I changed my number when I got a new job. I was too busy thinking about him. I wandered around aimlessly just relaxing. I was so lost that I often sat alone in the park in the dark hours. I was crying out loud and hoping that someone would at least listen to me. I used to hide my tears in sheets and pillows.

How To Write A Love Story Examples

How To Write A Love Story Examples

At night I hit myself with my hand so that no one would see me. I was crying for him and it felt like my heart was ripped out of my body.

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I remember the times we used to spend time together in the park. Now there was only room. We fought each other using pillows. I am fighting with myself right now. There were days when we slept in each other’s arms and rested our heads on each other’s shoulders. But now there was only one pair of shoulders in the room. We went to the restaurant. He was taking a selfie and I felt so happy that I made him smile. Now when I reached the restaurant, there was no one with me. There was no joy in my life. Our relationship lasted for almost 4 years.

I was in tears. The bag was too wet to dry in the sun. I did not count how many sleepless nights I spent. After facing all the difficulties and struggling with depression, I decided to re-charge my life.

I went ahead and signed up for foreign language courses. I studied French. I invested my time profitably and got busy. Time is the best medicine for all sorrows.

But when I look at people, I know I’m trying to find Him in them. I know he is unique – one of a kind. I have never felt such love for him as I did.

Chris Vanjonack — Ghost Town Literary Magazine

It is said that “Time and money make you feel rich, but only love makes you feel worthy.”

I still have all the pictures we took together. I have all the things we shared. I still remember the wonderful moments I shared with him. All her innocent smiles are treasured in my treasure. I always opened it when I was alone or missed him a lot. I used to laugh at his humor. I still love him like before.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. You have to live with the guilt. Because I only lost the person I loved, but you, my dear, lost the girl you loved the most.

How To Write A Love Story Examples

But now I have become the girl that no one cares about. And today I have matured and the heartaches have washed away the unrealistic glow of such feelings. True love is just an illusion. It never really exists. I learned this later in life, but thanks to you, I learned it well. Sad love stories essay 2

My Love Story: By Fallon (calo) Lessler — He Speaks In The Silence

I met him in the city of love – Paris. Francine looked through the crowd, stone at her heels. Ice-cold hair brushed her lush, bouncy blond hair across her round face. The sun was shining in her smile and her chocolate brown eyes awakened butterflies in my stomach. She dressed comfortably, it seemed everywhere, which all French women wore; Tight denim jeans, woolen sweater and high heels, but something about her drew me closer. Despite it being our first date, we felt an instant connection. It seems like the healthiest thing in the world. I never knew my parents and spent years looking for them, but when I met Francine there was no need to look. She became my support, my friend and my family. She never left my mind; She was always there; Emotionally if not physically. Waking up to her beautiful face every morning and coming home to a delicious dinner felt like a complete dream. She was my only constant in a world full of chaos. She was my special girl.

Francine was always smart, she outdid everyone around her. She was the liveliest person in any room and loved by everyone. But things started to change after his mother’s death. She retreated and her figure sank into dark thoughts. Soon money started disappearing and valuables started disappearing from our house. His thin face became pale and his eyes looked like they had swallowed a bone skull. His round glasses shape becomes more like a stick, showing off his frail skeleton. Her once fashionable and beautiful clothes looked like they were thrown from second-hand clothes. Despite my constant efforts to pull her out of this never-ending black hole, Francine was never the same. Her whole life was drug addiction and she was locked in a prison of fear. He quit his job and the demand for money gradually increased, which increased the financial burden on me. Drugs tore him apart from me. They took possession of him, cut him up like a corpse ready to be placed in a coffin, and fled into the darkness.

One day when I came home from work, I found her on the floor full of syringes and cigarettes. His eyes were closed and his face was blue. Mouth covered her mouth. I pushed her but she didn’t move. My breathing was short and I felt like I was going to pass out. My heart was pounding in my ribs. The room was spinning and I knelt on the floor trying to slow things down but my mind and body weren’t cooperating. I picked up the phone with a trembling hand and dialed the emergency number. My face was frozen and tears were streaming down my face. My brain felt like it was bursting from the inside. I screamed at the top of my lungs and started to cry, only to find my breathing interrupted.

My whole life is broken. I lost the only person I cared about in my life. I had no desire to live without him.

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The thought of him still haunts me every day. I take out the last of her memories and zip up my bag, ready to leave the shelter that has helped me recover for the past nine months.

Although my love story didn’t end in “happily ever after,” I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet Francine and make countless memories with her, even if they were bittersweet. Works Cited:

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How To Write A Love Story Examples

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