How To Write A Good Blog Article

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How to Write a Good Blog Post Content Marketer shares his four-part formula for writing posts and creating more effective content.

How To Write A Good Blog Article

How To Write A Good Blog Article

No, it’s not an open mic night at a local coffee shop. It’s just on my mind every time I write a blog post intro (like this one). Getting someone involved from the start is essential if you want readers to see your hard-earned content all the way through.

Everything You Need To Know About Writing Effective Blog Posts

However, sometimes coming up with an interesting show is like fishing in a dry well. At times like these, it helps to have a few formulas or thought starters to start the process.

Knowing what the presentation is supposed to do helps you know if you’ve hit the mark (and you can call the document “done”). Every time I start a blog post, I have three goals:

However, keep this in mind: your blog post introduction should accomplish these goals quickly. After writing your introduction, read it again and see if you can remove any sentences, or even paragraphs, without losing any meaning or impact.

Every time you sit down to write a new blog post, you need to create something unique and compelling. There is no “hack” to effective writing, but there are guidelines that can help you as well.

How To Start A Successful Blog [free Guide + Checklist]

I have divided the process of writing an introduction into four components. Check out these best practices, try using the formula, and then adapt it to your writing style.

First: a line or two to get someone’s attention. If you’re having trouble coming up with a first sentence, wait until the project is ready. Then write something that works in the content.

Don’t state the obvious. The sentences “We’ve all seen…” or “X is an established tradition…” are redundant.

How To Write A Good Blog Article

Next, you need to tell your readers why they should care about what you have to say. Describe the issue, make a joke, add a quote from an expert, or provide information about how the problem occurred.

Tips For Writing A Blog Post In Under 60 Minutes

Don’t rely on old, weird, or outdated statistics to make the problem bigger than it is.

Now it’s time to consider why someone would read your blog post in the first place – the solution. Install the antidote to the problem and go ahead and start your first thread here.

Finally, I would like to add what is happening. Ideally, you can explain what the reader will be able to do once they read it. Readers want engaging content.

So far we have only talked about this. It’s time to see how the four-part blog post openings work in nature and put my writing under the microscope.

How To Write A Good Blog Post

ConvertKit helps developers build their business, so I always try to put myself in the reader’s shoes at trade shows.

What I wrote: “Your podcast downloads are getting higher and higher every week and you just landed a dream guest. It feels like your podcast is growing and that’s an amazing feeling.”

What I wrote: “Do you know what makes the difference? Can you show me what percentage converted because of your podcast? Do you know which ad channels bring you the most listeners?”

How To Write A Good Blog Article

What I wrote: “If not, you are not alone. Understanding how your podcast helps you grow your business is not easy for both podcasters and experienced people. You need to understand how your efforts will pay off. That way, you know , what to double – and what to cancel.

Use A Blog Post Worksheet To Save Time And Frustration

What I wrote:  “With a little strategy and organization, you’ll be on your way to tracking podcast success like the savvy creator you are.”

The short article in this blog post mentions that hiring customer research is a roadblock for organizations, so I aim to describe the “getting it.”

What I wrote: “Customer research can offer you my gold. You’ll gain new perspectives, validate opinion, and get feedback on events before you’re too far down the rabbit hole.”

My goal is to reveal the absolute truth they may have and reveal the monster that stands in the way of reading.

Four Tips On How To Write A Good Blog Post

What I learned: “It would be nice if customers wanted to be a part of your UX research out of the goodness of their hearts. Since this is not a universal process, we use customer research efforts to encourage participation.”

What I wrote: “Rather than blindly throwing money at a project, it helps to understand what kind of effort is best for your audience. That’s what you need to know.”

What I wrote: “The pressure is on. The spotlight is on, the microphone is on, and everyone waiting is looking at me. No, it’s not open mic night at the local coffee shop. It’s just in the brain. Me all the time. I’m writing a blog post intro (like this one). Linking is a must from the beginning , if you want readers to see your hard-earned content all the way through.”

How To Write A Good Blog Article

What I wrote: “Sometimes, though, coming up with a catchy sentence is like fishing in a dry well.”

How To Write An Awesome Blog Post In 7 Steps

What I wrote: “For cases like this, it helps to have some formulas or a starter in your bag to start the process.”

What I wrote: “Let’s explore ideas you can use the next time your creative brain has an OOO autoresponder.”

If you haven’t read your blog posts in the last couple of years and are a little excited, you’re not making enough progress with your writing. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a passionate content marketer, so all that’s left to do is get out there and write.

Steph Knapp Steph Knapp is a freelance B2B + SaaS content marketer who loves learning and empowering curious people. When you’re not out and about, you find yourself volunteering at an animal shelter and obsessing over a new hobby every week. You pull out a blank notebook, ready to write a blog post, but a white blank stares back. how did you start

How To Write A Blog Post: The Definitive Guide

We’ve all been there, staring at that big white space and wondering where to start. I also felt this subtle anxiety. However, with the right approach, this tedious task can turn into an exciting journey. With an established framework, writing becomes less space-filling and connects more deeply with your readers.

Check out the steps in this post and unlock the secrets to creating a blog post that really resonates and resonates with your audience.

When writing blog posts, you might be surprised how much time it takes to write a good one. Does it take you too long? Should you spend more time?

How To Write A Good Blog Article

Orbit Media Studios found that bloggers took an average of four hours and one minute to complete a blog post in a 2022 study. For reference, these people write an average of 1,416 words per blog post.

How To Write The Perfect Blog Post [infographic]

But think of this number as an estimate. Everyone will need a different amount of time to write a blog post depending on factors such as:

Also, Orbit Media Studios found that bloggers who spend more time on their blog posts get more success. 33 percent of respondents who spent six hours or more per blog post reported “strong results.” Compare that number to the 22% threshold.

You’ll find that the first steps in writing a blog post involve careful preparation. Start by choosing a topic to write about.

Be as specific as possible when choosing a topic. This really allows you to differentiate your content from blog posts on similar topics and helps you cover the topic in depth. Let’s say you want to write about cooking a steak – you can narrow it down to how to grill a T-bone steak.

How To Write A Blog Post Outline [steps + Examples + Templates + Tools]

After deciding on a theme, determine what angle you want. Going back to our example of how to grill a T-bone steak, you can get down to science. For your blog post, you can ask an expert about why certain recipes are the best for steak.

Now you know what it is

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