How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

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If you’re planning to start a successful travel blog, you may feel overwhelmed by all the steps you need to take. However, starting your own blog is actually quite easy! If you follow this step-by-step guide, you’ll have your travel blog up and running in no time. so let’s start!

How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

The first thing you need to do before starting your travel blog is to find a name for it. Let me give you some things to consider when choosing it.

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, you should consider having some words related to travel in your name such as wanderlust, discovery, trip, wandering, adventure, escape, world, nomad, trip, etc … However, remember that your blog must be unique (like you !) so maybe Try to use something that will make you stand out and that represents you instead of generic

. One related to travel and one about who I am! You want to make sure your blog name is something easy to remember and simple, so don’t add random numbers, hyphens, or symbols.

Checking domain availability is very important because you don’t want to mess with an existing blog! You can check this by doing “” and a quick google search.

If you want to market your new blog, you need to have a consistent name across all social media. You can check, to see if the desired name is available in all social networks. If not, choose a new one!

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Always Google what comes up when you type in your new blog name. You don’t want the name you choose to start your travel blog to have double meaning and blame you.

If you want to run your travel blog more than a hobby, using a real hosting company is the best option. Hosting is the space you rent on the internet for your website. It stores all the data, documents and images for your blog and displays them when someone types in your domain name. I personally use Bluehost and recommend it because it is a well-known hosting company that is cheap and built for WordPress with a one-click install. They also offer 24/7 customer support and give you a free domain name! WordPress itself offers cheap domain hosting but customization is quite limited as are publishing options.

1/ You can sign up with Bluehost through my personal link where you get your hosting for €3.61 per month instead of €7.30 because of the Bluehost discount.

How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

And choose your plan. If you are starting out with a new travel blog, I recommend the basics. You can always upgrade as you grow your audience and hosting needs.

How To Start A Travel Blog In 5 Easy Steps

(Only use the correct box if you have already registered the domain). You also need to choose a domain extension. Standard .com is always a good idea 🙂

4/ You will then need to fill in your contact information and select your account plan. I recommend choosing the 36 month package not only because you get the lowest monthly rate but because it will motivate you to work on your blog for more than a year!

WordPress is the world’s largest publishing platform where you will do all your blogging. As I mentioned before, it is better to get a self-hosted WordPress site than to use WordPress itself (more professional + you can use Google Analytics tracking and publishing).

From Bluehost, the option to install WordPress is available directly from the control panel as soon as you connect. On the main screen of Bluehost, you can directly click on the icon

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Once installed and logged in, you can access your WordPress dashboard where you will do all of your blogging. Now you’re ready to choose a theme and install some plugins!

Once you have set up Bluehost and WordPress, you should think about a professional looking blog. The first thing is to choose your topic.

A custom theme will make you stand out from all the thousands of other travel blogs and make you look very professional to brands that want to potentially work with you.

How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

There are many free themes available, but I personally go to Pipdig, a professional blog theme creator. They have many elegant and beautiful blog themes, and their technical support team is very good.

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But I would advise you to go for the free one at first because your style can change and it’s better to give yourself a few months to confirm the look of your blog before you spend on a theme that you have to pay for (I started with a free theme before going to Pipdig).

The most important thing to remember when choosing a theme: it must be responsive. This means that it will automatically adjust to the device that the reader uses (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) You also have to think about the content of your blog (will you post more pictures? or write a lot?) Accordingly, you must choose your theme accordingly because it must match the style of your blog and improve the features of your blog. Also make sure your theme doesn’t affect the loading speed of your site. It still needs to load fast enough or Google may flag your site for it.

If you are serious about starting a travel blog, you need to think about your brand. This means having a visual identity not just for your blog but on all social media.

Graphic conventions determine your visual identity and online style. That includes your logo, the fonts you use on your blog and your color palette. You should think about creating a professional logo that represents you and stick to the same color palette throughout your blog and social media. This will make your brand recognizable!

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Thinking about the structure of your blog is something that is often overlooked. You must have a blog that is easy to navigate (so not many sub-tabs and categories) and that shows your uniqueness. For example, do you want to write a lot of travel guides? Would you like to receive a photo log? Travel tips? Think about what you want to put in your menu and how you want your blog to look.

There are many useful WordPress plugins (such as additional features that you install on your website) and you can find below some plugins (free and paid) that are useful to add to your blog:

Once you have everything set up, you need to create content! The first thing you should write is the “About Me” page. This is the page that all your readers will be interested in if they like your posts. You need to let your readers know who you are, what makes this blog special and why they should keep reading your posts! It’s important to connect with your audience so don’t ignore this page and take the time to write your story.

How To Start Your Own Travel Blog

You also need to think about how to write decent enough that your readers will want to come back. Misspellings or bad grammar won’t make you look professional, especially if your blog is full of them. I have a bad habit of not reading my writing enough after I finish and having grammar software is a lifesaver for me! I have Grammarly which is an extension that you can add directly to your website and it will check for grammar and spelling errors.

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Before you start your travel blog, I would recommend that you write at least 3 blog posts (more or less) so that you have enough content to keep each reader engaged. Create useful and curated articles that reflect the personality of your writing and that you think would be useful to read in the travel community. You can write travel guides, photography tips and tricks, travel itineraries, 10 things to do in a specific country and more.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the practice of persuading search engines (like Google) to recommend your content organically to their users in order to bring quantity (and quality) of traffic to your site. To make it a little clearer, organic search traffic is unpaid traffic that comes from SERPs (SERPs are pages displayed by search engines in response to a request).

The process of getting traffic from organic search results in search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example, if you have your blog post on

On the first page of Google results for “travel + France + budget” search, this will definitely increase the visibility of your blog and readership. How you get to the first page is determined by how you improve your SEO.

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To use them effectively in your SEO, the first thing you need to understand is what they are

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