How To Start Your Own Talent Agency

How To Start Your Own Talent Agency – Preparing your tax return can be a stressful job for many people, especially actors, artists and content creators, who often overlook the expenses they incurred in the previous year that could qualify as allowable business-related deductions. It’s important to always consult with a tax preparer to make sure the expenses you want to write off qualify as an allowable deduction. Brad discusses the benefits and rewards of getting it right in his latest Backstage column (February 2023).

Among the many “teachable moments” of playing for business during the pandemic is an important lesson in how to succeed with every selfie you take and every virtual live audition you’re invited to attend. Roles are won or lost based on the actor’s talent or willingness to play the part, but because the process of getting it technically right is neglected or not given enough attention. Don’t let that happen to you. Read Brad’s latest behind-the-scenes contribution he shared with acting coach Craig Wallace (March 2022).

How To Start Your Own Talent Agency

How To Start Your Own Talent Agency

One of the biggest lessons you can take away from the autograph landscape of the now-and-forever pandemic is that your acting isn’t about auditioning. Instead, the big teaching moment is about the value, importance, and critical nature of an element of your self-portrait that you probably haven’t put much effort into: your sheet. This is about to change. This is Brad’s most discussed recent column on Backstage (June 2021).

My Personal Brand

Great to see the epidemic melt away. But as we continue to evolve, some changes and challenges have brought us, we will be here for a while, such as the virtual storefront. How to get it right? Brad offers tips on how to nail your next showcase in his Backstage column (May 2021).

Have a suggestion to submit? Be sure to check with that agent or manager before signing on the dotted line (virtual or otherwise). If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Brad advises in his Backstage column (April 2021) to avoid being scammed by a so-called “talent agent”.

Want to own your own talent agency or management company? It’s about business first, and then it becomes about the acting business. Brad offers his approach plan for this entrepreneurial endeavor in his Backstage column (March 2021).

Brad writes frequently about the business of acting for actors and content creators. But what if you’re interested in a career as a talent agent? His new Backstage column explores some of the talent manager career requirements (January 2021).

Talent Acquisition: The Ultimate Guide

The impact of the Covid pandemic on existing businesses is seriously affecting an already threatened industry. Brad offers perspective on the landscape moving forward in CGTN America News’ current affairs coverage (January 2021).

This pandemic has left most people looking for a “Plan B” on how to continue personal and professional plans while staying safe and mentally prepared. Brad spoke with the renowned Boston-area psychiatrist, author and creator of the award-winning Drug Story Theater project for teen and adolescent addiction recovery on his popular Dr. Joe Show radio show and podcast (January 2021). . .

Ready to get back to work? Do you feel safe going on set during the pandemic? Do you understand your role in keeping well? In his Backstage column, Brad addresses the key questions every actor, every content creator, should ask themselves before saying yes, and those who represent them, to any opportunity to work, especially on a COVID-friendly set (Nov . 2020).

How To Start Your Own Talent Agency

It’s been a tough year to feel the pull of a career on your journey. But maybe it wasn’t a total loss? Maybe you have some “value added” opportunities (in person before Covid or during these months during the pandemic) that will promote your brand. It’s unlikely to define career dollars earned. This is the subject of Brad’s updated Backstage column (October 2020).

Podcasting Agent For Alex Cooper, Emily Ratajkowski Copes With Market Downturn

Brad spoke with the hosts of Chicago’s WGN-TV Morning News about his updated COVID-19 book app and the pandemic’s impact on the acting business (August 2020).

), Eric Rollins, Ron Weisberg and Chris Rennie exclusively on their perspectives and advice to fellow actors on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talent managers offer actors insights, guidance and path forward in Covid update playbook” – (August 2020).

The pandemic has brought drastic changes and challenges to the acting business, and while adjustments are underway, it’s not all bad. The new landscape creates enormous opportunities in the form of virtual, live auditions… but the opportunities can also come with risks, which Brad addresses in his Backstage column (August 2020).

How To Create A Successful Talent Management Strategy?

Talent Managers Offer Actors Insights, Guidance and Pathways to Progress in Covid Update Playbook” – LinkedIn (August 2020).

Agents get jobs; Managers focus on the global perspective and progression of the client’s career… and of course we want you to work as an actor. But getting a job doesn’t always mean securing a job. First you need to book a room. This is part of a larger conversation about this new landscape that Brady Backstage (July 2020) had with editor Benjamin Lindsay.

No mask, no work. Want a snack? Bring your own! Getting ready for the big shot comes with a whole new set of rules to keep you and your fellow artists safe in this COVID-19 landscape. Brad writes about changes and challenges now (June 2020).

How To Start Your Own Talent Agency

Brad was interviewed by CTGN America about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the network’s television pilot season (May 2020).

What Is A Business Model With Types And Examples

Brad’s April Backstage column offers strategies for using your downtime to prepare and prepare for a post-pandemic return to work. (April 2020).

Thinking of switching agents? Brad’s Behind the Scenes Columns provide perspective and strategy to think about before you pull that trigger (March 2020).

Brad’s September Backstage column looks at the landscape of the new pilot season. In short, it’s not really a “season” anymore. Now, it’s rehearsal season all the time… and that now requires a full year of preparation and preparation for the actors and those of us who represent them (September 2019).

Brad explained to actor Ashley Ward. “The truth is, everyone has to work a little harder these days… In her Soul blog post, Ashley reports on the state of the industry landscape in her lengthy interview with Brad and how to navigate a career. A journey that forces you to spend less time in places that will take you to who you really want to be and leave you in places where you might have to stop for a while but don’t want to. Brad also discusses how a strong perspective can open the door to great opportunities (September 2019).

I Was 17 Going On 18. I Had Started My Own Talent Management Company, Broke Even But Because It Was Tough, I Had To Let It Go…”

New Mexico-based actor and proud “Hollywood Line” Ron Weisberg spoke with Brad on episode 14 of the Soul Studio Podcast about some unexpected challenges for actors new to the acting business, including when and when not to talk about politics during an audition. , callback, set. Short answer: never (September 2019).

Actress Betty White has become an older actor in the new acting business. As a result, older actors have never been more in demand than they are now. Brad addresses the must-dos for new actors entering the industry later (and there are a lot of them) in his Backstage Experts column titled The Betty White Factor and the Must-Dos for Actors Starting Later in Life (August 2019).

In episode 103 of his popular podcast for actors, partners, entrepreneurs and the industry Hyphenate, Keith Allen West talks with Brad about creating visibility, creating awareness and a long list of other important topics on the agenda of any actively trending actor. age, at any stage of their career (August 2019).

How To Start Your Own Talent Agency

How did you spend your summer vacation? If “creating content” is your answer, then A+ is for you. A break from our often long, hot summers is a great time to build career potential that can work for you year-round. Brad addresses this in his Backstage Experts column titled “How to Create Content in the Summer to Profit in the Fall” (July 2019).

How To Start A Consulting Business In 9 Steps

The traditional gridiron trial season post is a great opportunity to assess your status each year. This is a significant time of year for talent agents looking to make some changes to their client list. Some clients are dropped, others are picked up. But for both represented and unrepresented talent, it’s a great time of year to make some changes of their own. Brad discusses this in his Backstage Experts column titled “What to Know About Post-Pilot Performance Season” (April 2019).


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