How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa – My name is Adam Bolton, and until recently I worked in a recruitment agency – I’ve been there for almost 8 years, but I want more. I wanted to be able to provide more for my children (both financially and father time!) and decided the best way for me to do that was to start on my own.

I have decided to write a series of blogs that will (hopefully) take me through the first year of ABrecruit. Here, the first stage I want to share with you how I set up the business, and what you can expect from the first season.

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

So, you want to start your own recruitment agency – great. Hopefully you will have some experience in the domain (in my case it was .Net development) and you can take your business knowledge and use it in your new business.

How To Build A Recruitment Process

I’ve been working in the same company for almost 8 years, so it’s hard to leave comfort (and colleagues). I have the 2nd

Jan, saw my 1 week notice period at home (taking care of my kids and pressing XBOX time!).

I’ve never worked so hard since the business started – and I’ve loved every minute of it.

My ethos for ABrecruit is a bit cliché, but ABC used to be ‘Always Be Closing’ in sales/recruitment – well, I see it more as ‘Always Be Connecting’ now. I met with more decision makers and developers than ever before. I’m open and honest with my candidates (who love my working hours, see below!), and my clients and people seem to respond well to it anyway.

Signs You’re Ready To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

I now work constantly from 8.00 – 21.00 on weekdays, and work all day on Saturdays with a break for my hobby – soccer!

I mention the working hours because you really start to live and breathe – I’m sitting watching a movie with my daughter and I can’t stop checking my emails! Also proud to hear your son say on Skype (yes, my 5 year old knows how to use Skype, he has his own account) that “my dad has his own business”.

The candidates also like the hours – many of them call me between 6-9pm because they don’t have to take time off to talk to me, they can take a break and tell me what they really want. Clients tell me how amazing they get CVs at 9pm, and I tell them that’s just what they get with ABrecruit!

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

I’m only 6 weeks into the business and it’s early days, but stay tuned for the next installment of “Adam Bolton – from Recruiter to Rich”.

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Adam Bolton is a Technical Recruiter for ABrecruit Ltd specializing in recruitment for .Net developers. If you’d like to get in touch with Adam, you can leave a comment below and/or tweet him at @ABREcruitLtd. He also runs IDinLondon. There are few things more exciting than starting your own recruitment business. But where to start? This guide will walk you through practical steps you can take today.

The recruiting industry is one of the industries that has seen the most growth in recent years. When Covid hit, hiring was hit the hardest. As we recovered, hiring picked up. The current economic turmoil makes things even more exciting.

This guide will take you through all the necessary steps to set up your recruitment agency.

Each country has its own legal structure, options for starting a business and rules, so you need to know what those are in your country.

Quirky Reasons To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

Not the most exciting part of starting a business, but in order for you to receive money from customers and operate legally, you need to register your business.

Note that if you want to do business in another country (cross-border) you may need a different legal setup than if you do business locally.

It’s best to include an accountant or financial advisor with the experience necessary for your particular setup. If you don’t have money to spend yet, start with a simple structure. You can usually change your legal entity later, although this requires some work.

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

Find out which entity you can hire in the country where you want to register your agency. Will it be your own country? Then you are already familiar with some of the rules and options for registering your business unit.

The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Own Recruitment Business

Google the regulations in your area, the government organizations that process business registration and ask for advice from people you know who have previously set up a business in your area.

Submit your request to register your business. Depending on the efficiency of the country in establishing companies, this can take anywhere between a few days and a few months.

This doesn’t mean you can’t start building your business. You can already do a lot without being registered (build a website, build your recruitment process, start networking etc.).

Keep all the legal documentation you have developed in one place in a safe and organized place. Bad administration can cost a lot of money and cause problems down the road. Take time to work in a disciplined way and keep your administrative hygiene in order. Use software that can manage your finances like Freshbooks and file storage like Google Drive.

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A niche is a specific part of the industry that you focus on. An example of a recruitment business niche could be ‘Permanent Tech Talent for Startups’.

It is important to choose a niche, because if you focus on a specific market segment, it is easier to build knowledge and network quickly instead of pursuing all kinds of different recruitment projects.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to focus on initially, because building your specialty and brand around a niche is an iterative process and takes time. Also, you can always expand your services to market segments later.

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

However, it helps to quickly gain experience and a name in a segment where customers do not have such a focus on a specific candidate market. This will be part of your added value as a recruitment agency.

Recruitment Agencies: What They Are And How They Work

Will you focus on just finding tech talent or will it be financial professionals to help find clients? The candidate market you focus on can bring great value to the client because you have the knowledge of how to get those candidates as well as a network of candidates in that niche.

Do you focus on the corporate market or on startups? A startup company will have different talent requirements than corporations. So you may want to establish your recruitment agency as one that can help with the specific needs of certain stages of a company’s growth. Also the industry angle can be relevant in choosing your niche, will it be healthcare organizations, financial institutions, governments or software companies that you help?

Do you focus on the procurement side of recruitment or are you a full-cycle recruitment agency? Based on the companies you want to help yourself with, there is likely to be a specific focus on the process as well. Larger companies may need your help specifically for the recruiting part (talent sourcing and outreach) and smaller companies may be looking for a full cycle approach as they don’t have the resources and experience to recruit themselves.

Will you focus on permanent or contract jobs? Recruiting for contract roles meets a different need than permanent roles and requires different expertise and relies more on the network you build yourself. Whereas recruiting for permanent positions focuses more on long-term commitment and the right fit into the company culture.

How To Scale A Recruitment Business From Startup To Over 100 Recruiters

You are not the only recruitment agency. Competition in the recruitment industry is very real and you need to differentiate yourself from others to win deals. The good news is that most recruitment agencies do not invest heavily in building a brand.

Most of the agencies, especially the small ones, have unfinished and very basic websites, ugly logos and no content.

This is an opportunity for you to come up with a great brand that clearly communicates your focus (niche) and possibly also educates potential clients on where to find great recruiting services (that’s you!).

How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency In South Africa

A good website allows you to stand out and get a customer’s attention. It is also the gateway to information about your recruitment services for potential clients. Your website should make it clear what services you offer, what your delivery fits and what your strategy is.

How To Start A Recruitment Agency

Your website can also be the place where you create and share content such as videos and blogs. If you do it right, potential customers will even find you on search engines like Google, so you can generate a steady stream of organic traffic and ultimately leads for your business.


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