How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account – My advice to anyone starting their Etsy shop journey is to “just get started”. If you wait until you think you have it all figured out or you’ve perfected ______ (branding, photos, listing descriptions, WHATEVER), you’ll never make the leap. Before you can really learn and grow, you need to log in and open your shop!

After I’ve shouted from the rooftops JUST GO FOR IT, I’ll tell you what to keep in mind before you light the (metaphorical) open sign – but, I promise, they’re easy!

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

Opening a new bank account specifically for your new business is the first thing I recommend when people ask about how to get started. It doesn’t have to be a “business account” (because banks sometimes charge extra for them), but simply an account that deposits its income into a card used for business expenses.

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Combining your personal finances with your business finances can quickly become confusing. You want to see how much money you spend and how much money you make – this can be done in an instant if you have a designated place for trading funds. Read more about why your Etsy shop needs a separate bank account here.

I’ll tell you all day that perfection is rare and if you wait to get it, you’ll never get started. However, when it comes to the product you are selling – it should be as close to perfect as possible. Some of the “business stuff” should fall into place, but the stuff you create needs to be top notch. After all, this is your specialty!

Want help improving your product? We can take you through the steps of our mini course here!

You need to feel comfortable creating a high-quality product and acknowledging all the challenges that come with it. Every product is different, but make sure you have backup plans for different situations – your retailer runs out of supplies, items break in transit, etc. These challenges will be unique to what you sell, but should be considered before opening a store – just in case!

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If you’ve been around me long enough, you’ll know how I feel about photos. Photos. are Everything! You want to be professional and stand out in the sea of ​​items in the search. Clear, high-quality photography is the key to converting browsers into buyers.

You can only take photos using your iPhone. Although I prefer to use a professional photographer, I am not always able to. I think part of being an Etsy shop owner is learning to take basic photos of your products. Check out this article for photography tips for beginners.

Stock photos work well if you’re selling digital products or items that can be digitally mocked up, such as coffee mugs or t-shirts. I’ve had good luck finding stock photos on Etsy and Creative Market.

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

Of course, it’s always a good idea to have your products professionally shot. It’s not always the easiest (finding someone with a similar style) or the most cost-effective (good photographers charge money, as they should). If you have to ship your product and wait for the photos to be edited, there may also be a delay in processing time. However, professional photos really enhance your items and can help you increase your sales. Definitely worth investing in if you can change it!

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Spend some time on Etsy looking for shops that sell products similar to yours. Take a look at a few and note if you notice any trends – whether it’s photo style, listing descriptions, policies or processing times.

See what’s being sold, how and at what price. It’s important to have an idea of ​​what’s out there, but at the end of the day, you can’t compare apples to oranges. YOU are different and have something different to offer, so don’t get too hung up on fitting in or pricing a certain way. You must show or say what is different about your proposal.

The name of your store is a big decision. Once registered, you are only allowed to change your shop name once – so take your time to decide.

Think and be inspired by things that relate not only to your product, but to you and your mission. Do what you need to and let your creative juices flow: flip through your favorite magazines, listen to music, or open a bottle of wine (my personal favorite!)

How To Start An Etsy Shop?

Consider the future when choosing a name for your Etsy shop. Learn about where your business can grow in the coming years. Keep the name simple, relevant and memorable. This post has more ideas on how to name your Etsy shop!

Check for a presence not only on Etsy, but also for your website and social media handles. Even if you’re not ready to set up a platform outside of Etsy yet, you’ll want to choose if the time comes.

Hope you’re feeling fired up and ready to go! Opening an Etsy shop is a fun journey and the learning never stops. For more tips, download my free guide to setting up an Etsy shop.

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

I’m Steph, your personal cheerleader as you start your business. I started from scratch over seven years ago and grew my Etsy hobby shop into a full-fledged business. Now, I want to share everything I know to help you follow your passion, live a free life, and love Mondays a little more! 5-day hands-on course to create Etsy digital products from scratch + Canva white label templates that you can copy.

Etsy Shop Ideas For Makers And Creatives (2023)

Growing your craft is supported by Etsy sellers. When you buy/subscribe through the affiliate links in this guide, I get some coffee at no extra cost.

Starting an Etsy shop is fun. This difficult life of working for yourself and doing what you love can be successful with an online store.

I’ve had my share of struggles over the years: listings not showing up in Etsy search, buyers not buying, not knowing how to respond to a negative customer message, etc.

I’ve collected over 20 of the best tips I’ve learned along the way to get you started on the right path so you can focus on creating your craft. If you want to jump ahead of your competition on Etsy, you’ll love this guide.

Top 20+ Tips And Tricks To Kick Start Your Etsy Shop

To find the Etsy market, you need to know Etsy SEO (search engine optimization) and how Etsy’s search algorithm works. For most sellers, organic Etsy search traffic will be the primary source of traffic for their shop. Successful stores are successful with search traffic alone without external sources such as social networks and blogs.

A key ranking step in Etsy search is to match what buyers have typed into the search bar with the title and tags of your product listing.

Think about what customers are looking for. They usually think of keywords that are descriptive. For example, when they want to buy a ring, they can add words like “stone”, “silver”, and “for a girl”. Try to think like your customers and think of keywords that you can use to optimize your product listing.

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

Many people think that a brand only refers to a store logo, but a brand is much more than that.

How To Start An Etsy Shop Step By Step In 2023

According to Hubspot, “Branding is the process of researching, developing, and implementing a feature or set of features in your organization so that consumers can associate your brand with your products or services.”

In other words, branding is about every part of your store that customers see and interact with, including your brand color, packaging, product design, customer service, and even the tone of your social media posts.

Think about how you want your customer to feel when they buy from you. Whether it’s luxurious, carefree or eco-friendly, think about how you can convey that feeling in all aspects of your shop.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build long-term relationships with customers. This is a targeted way to communicate with them and gain their trust.

How To Start An Etsy Business: A Step By Step Guide

But be careful not to violate Etsy’s terms of service by adding customer emails directly to your mailing list. Instead, you can ask them to join your email list to entice them with some perks like a coupon code or helpful information.

The purpose of email marketing is to build strong and trusting relationships with customers. You can do this by sending relevant news and information.

Although it is always nice to send emails promoting your products, remember not to spam too often with promotional emails. Customers can quickly lose patience and unsubscribe. Promotional messages space between informational messages. A ratio of 3 to 1 is recommended.

How To Start Your Own Etsy Account

Pay close attention to successful Etsy shops in your product category. They are sellers with thousands and thousands of sales.

How To Choose The Best Etsy Shop Name (+9 Inspiring Examples)

They have proven that they have products that customers buy and love. Check out their store offerings and pay special attention to their “bestsellers”. You can find them by searching the lot “bestseller” or when

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