How To Start Writing Your Novel

How To Start Writing Your Novel – And in this week’s Digital Writing Compass, we’ll share exactly how you can put your imagination to paper and start writing your first novel to finally bring your story to life. .

So don’t change your mind. Your first novel is more about learning how to “write your first novel” than writing a bestseller.

How To Start Writing Your Novel

How To Start Writing Your Novel

Do you remember kindergarten when you learned to write? What does the teacher make you do? Circle each letter. Then you have to write the letter yourself. Next, you put the letters together to form a word (next tracing paper). Then, finally, you wrote a whole word yourself and left.

Thought Provoking Methods To Use When Planning Your Novel — Derbyshire Writing School

Writing is a powerful tool for personal growth for any type of writing: fiction, nonfiction, essays, tweets, etc.

It is an act of self-reflection and self-expression that allows you to clarify your thinking, build confidence in your ideas, and take responsibility for your beliefs.

And writing fiction can help you better understand the world around you. It allows you to explore new perspectives and ideas, and gives you a deeper understanding of human nature and the human experience.

He hid in his apartment. He doesn’t share it with anyone. He rewrote the first chapter alone more than 100 times, not to mention reading it hundreds of times to check for commas and correct sentences. He rewrote everything four times and told himself that he was “not ready yet”. And every time I write it, I like it one day, and then the next day I think it’s not right.

Fiction University: Plotting Your Novel: Ideas And Structure

He understands how much effort it takes to really understand what you want to say. He stopped hiding his drafts and instead started practicing online, gathering feedback from others. He expands on what works well and stops thinking so much about every detail.

Knowing what type of story you’re telling will help you decide what characters and plot points you need.

Many people start with an idea of ​​what their story is about, but the mistake they make is not determining what genre (or genres) the story belongs to. This is important because every genre has expectations. The expectation that readers have from years of reading and watching stories written by others. You wouldn’t pick up a horror book if you wanted to read about two people living happily ever after. These are patterns that you, as a writer, need to know.

How To Start Writing Your Novel

Knowing genre expectations will improve your story writing and help you determine who your story is for.

Why You Don’t Need Hours Of Free Time To Write A Novel — Amita Parikh

In his master’s thesis at the University of Chicago, legendary writer and thinker Kurt Vonnegut identified eight popular story forms. It depicts happy and sad events at the beginning and end of the character’s journey.

Find the story model that best represents your story idea and write down the inflection points. These inflection points are the meat of your book.

Once you know your genre and the pattern your story will follow. It’s time to answer the six questions every story should answer.

Every time you ask a question and get a specific answer, you get closer to writing your book.

Guide To Writing Your Novel, A By Lee Roddy

For example, two people fall in love on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and manage to survive when the ship sinks into the ocean. Or three brides and grooms lose their soon-to-be friend during a drunken Las Vegas adventure and have to go back on track to find him.

You have a character trying to achieve a goal: to win the girl, defeat an enemy, or find a fiance. There’s something about the character’s image. And what they do when faced with obstacles creates the story.

Before you rush to write an entire novel, share your one-sentence description in a tweet, share it with your neighbors, even your dog (reading out loud what you’ve written will helps a lot).

How To Start Writing Your Novel

These are all little signals that will let you know whether you’re on the right track or not.

Writing Your Novel (just Not From The Beginning)

Many aspiring novelists think they need to start with a massive, multi-faceted story, but in reality, this can overwhelm and hinder the writer. Instead, start with a small, focused idea that you can build on over time. This allows you to gain motivation and confidence.

Continue adding and expanding. Expand a sentence into a paragraph. Then two. Then there are two pages. Continue developing each major chapter in your story. Tell stories within stories. Continue to receive feedback. Keep what works, get rid of what doesn’t. Escape the shackles of the real world and dive right into fantasy stories. Fantasy novels expand the boundaries of your imagination – discover new worlds, creatures and magic. In this guide, we’ll show you how to write a fantasy novel in 12 steps.

As a writer, the fantasy genre can be very exciting. It gives writers the ability to create their own rules, explore new worlds, and discover all kinds of magic. The only limit is your own imagination! However, the job of a science fiction writer is not always easy. In fact, fantasy novels can be more difficult to write than non-fiction or non-fiction books. The simple reason is that fantasy stories require more planning and research to make the reader “believe.” We put the word believable in quotes because most readers know that magical elements like dragons do not exist in the real world. But your job as a fantasy writer is to make them believe in magic and things beyond logic.

Fantasy genre has elements of magic or fantasy. Think witches, wizards, magic cabinets, dragons and far away kingdoms. Fantasy novels contain fictional elements as opposed to factual elements. The most famous fantasy series of all time is Harry Potter. Other examples include The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Mortal Instruments. The fantasy genre can be divided into several subgenres, including:

Faq: I’m A New Writer: Which Book Should I Read First?

Before you start planning your fantasy novel, here are 10 tips for writing a fantasy novel:

Before diving into the world of fantasy, take some time to read famous fantasy books and stories. Don’t just read them, understand them. Think about all the elements that make the story great as well as the elements that aren’t. Better yet, write your own review for each fantasy novel you read. Take notes about what you find interesting. You can even use stickers to create bookmarks for pages you want to view later. When reviewing a book, pay attention to how the author introduces the characters, describes the world, and resolves the main conflict.

Our advice is to read as many fantasy novels as possible before writing your own. Not only will this help you come up with good story ideas, but it will also help you become a great writer.

How To Start Writing Your Novel

Who are you writing for? Knowing who your audience is is extremely important. Knowing your target audience will determine your writing style, idea generation, choice of language, and even your choice of characters and setting. Think about the age of your target audience – children, teenagers or adults? Younger audiences can grasp simpler story ideas and young main characters. Meanwhile, mature audiences will expect plot twists, dramatically increased conflict and an older protagonist involved.

Signs You Are Ready To Write A Novel

Another aspect of knowing your audience is to think about the type of fantasy you want to write. Which subgenre will be most popular with your target audience? At this point, you will need to think about the interests of your potential readers. If your readers like scary things, dark fantasy is a good sub-genre. Meanwhile, a romantic fantasy story suitable for teenagers or adults interested in love and romance.

Fantasy can get crazy, especially when you think about fantasy worlds. Make sure you stick to your original story idea throughout the novel. It’s easy to lose focus from side characters or small conflicts you develop. But your attention should always be focused on the main character and his role in the story. While supporting characters may have their own issues, their main role should always be tied to your initial story idea.

Explore your fantasy world inside and out. Regardless of whether your entire world is fictional or you are simply adding magical elements to Earth, a detailed description of the world is required. If your story is set on modern Earth, think about how magic has changed the world (see our guide on writing a magic system). And if the story is about a fictional world, describe it in detail, from climate to currency, language and even lifestyle. You may not need to include all of this information directly in the story, but it will certainly help you create a believable world during the planning stages.

An additional tip is to use the five senses technique to describe this world

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