How To Start Writing My Life Story

How To Start Writing My Life Story – Welcome! You’ve decided that writing your life story is the way to go, but you might be wondering, ‘Where do I start?’

If you​​​​are not sure what that is, read my post called What Is A Ghostwriter? first. But when you’re ready, then…

How To Start Writing My Life Story

How To Start Writing My Life Story

It will be easier to get started if you have all, or most, of the information you need beforehand.

How To Write Your Life Story: 7 Tips To Start

One of the most fun and effective ways to do this is brainstorming. Write down all the events in your life, big and small, as they happened.

Don’t just write down events – also record your thoughts, feelings and sensory information such as smell, sound and touch.

These impressions help bring your story to life so that when you write a life story, it has more impact.

Be patient – allow yourself a few weeks for this. Aim to have at least 500 memories on your list before you start writing.

Story Of My Life Essay That Meets All Requirements

You’ll find that once you start writing, memories will continue to surface throughout the process—and even after you’re done!

This is exactly what happened to me when I wrote my memoir about my experience with breast cancer.

After you have exhausted the brainstorming process, it is now time to put all the information in chronological order.

How To Start Writing My Life Story

You can do it with pen and paper and assign a page/page for each year, or you can do it on the computer and have a folder for each year.

Tips To Write A Biography Essay And Score An A+

Another option is to use an online organization tool like Trello. There are many “exit” tools similar to this.

You probably don’t need to write your story in chronological order, but it’s helpful to organize your information this way.

But if you are a beginner, creating an outline will definitely come in handy, even if you decide to diversify later.

You can be as general or specific as you want and you can divide the book into broad sections.

Hand Writing Sign My Story…. Word Written On Telling Someone Or Readers About How You Lived Your Life Colorful Pegs Stock Illustration

For example, childhood, work, marriage, family, travel, retirement, and put all the events in the appropriate part of the line.

This will be harder to do until you start writing your life story, so my advice is to wait until then.

As you write, you will find it easier to see where one chapter ends and another begins.

How To Start Writing My Life Story

You can do it the conventional way – start at birth and write all the stories in chronological order.

The Story Of My Life

However, it is often more interesting for the reader if you start with a certain event that becomes a highlight, which changes the course of your life.

In successive chapters, you can go back to the beginning and show how events in your life lead to this climax, and its consequences.

There are other ways to start – for example, you could enter a mystery or puzzle that caught your attention, and then reveal the answer in the next chapter.

Or start in the present with a flashback to an important event, then describe the events leading up to it.

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Here’s the fun. Put pen to paper, or hand to keyboard, and let your creativity flow.

If you haven’t written anything since your last school assignment, you may be slow at first.

The most important thing to remember is that this is just your first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

How To Start Writing My Life Story

No one else needs to read it except you. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation or grammar, you can fix those mistakes later.

I Will Remember That My Life Is A Story God Is Writing For Others To See Him.

If you get to a part where you know you don’t have enough information or you need to do more research, just put a placeholder, like RESEARCH LATER, so you can come back to it when you’re done.

If you stop too often to research while writing, the process will slow down. This can cause you to lose motivation because it can seem like you’re not making any progress.

Once writing becomes part of your routine, it’s easier to keep up the momentum and finish your story.

It will also help to have a designated area to write, preferably a quiet area where you will not be interrupted.

I Write My Own Story

And if you don’t know why you write, read this post to remind you of the reason you started writing.

But now that you have completed the first draft, you will find, when you read it, that there are parts that need to be deleted, changed or rewritten.

First, save your manuscript for a few weeks, a few months if you can, before reading it again.

How To Start Writing My Life Story

You have spent so much time writing about it that you cannot be objective about its shortcomings.

Avijeet Das Quote: “i Will Go On Writing. My Life Story Penned By Me.”

And there will be flaws. No one, not even Lee Child or Stephen King, writes a perfect first draft.

Furthermore, when you re-read your story, the time away from it will give you a clearer perspective and you will be able to see the flaws more clearly.

And by mistakes, I’m not just talking about spelling and grammar, I’m talking about the bigger picture, like:

The plot of the story, how it is collected, whether it can maintain interest, the emotions it evokes in the reader.

About Tom Gilbert, Personal Historian Of Your Life Your Story

It goes without saying that he must be an avid reader and have a good command of English.

Provide a list of questions to answer, such as ‘What initially piqued your interest and made you want to read?

Is there something you don’t understand, or should I add or leave out? Do you like the ending?’

How To Start Writing My Life Story

Based on your own thoughts and those of your fellow critics (who don’t have to offer advice if you disagree), you can now make changes, rewrite if necessary, and polish your prose until it shines.

You Own It All: Writing The Memoir

Now that you’ve covered the major aspects of your story, it’s time to attack spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

After you’ve gone through and fixed your mistakes as much as possible, you need another pair of eyes.

No matter how good your English is, there will always be things you miss because you can’t see your own mistakes.

If not, write the words among friends and acquaintances and find someone who knows the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation and is willing to proofread the manuscript for you.

Review: In ‘you,’ Award Winning Author Ruta Sepetys Offers A Guide To The Craft Of Writing

To make your story compelling, there is one last step I recommend.

Many professional writers do this; it’s the best way to find sentences that sound clunky, or don’t make sense, or words that aren’t quite right.

If you have written your stories only for family and friends, you can create the book yourself with an online publishing program, or you can use a publisher to do it for you.

How To Start Writing My Life Story

But it is best to find one in your area if you can, as it will reduce the cost of shipping the published book to you.

It’s The Story Of My Life

Read the publisher’s terms and conditions carefully to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for, and what’s not included.

Many publishers will also offer the option of publishing your book to be available in bookstores for the general public to buy, if that is your goal, although the marketing of the book will be up to you.

Some publishers offer marketing packages and publishing packages, but again, study these terms carefully.

No matter how skilled a marketer is, it is impossible to know or predict how many copies a book will sell.

The Best Life Stories Are Written By Real People

You may find yourself paying thousands of dollars for a marketing package that may not translate into sales and will leave you out of pocket.

Choose the best photo – to publish your photo must be at least 300 dpi.

Remember that the more photos you have, the more expensive it will be to publish, and color will cost more than black and white.

How To Start Writing My Life Story

Click the button below to find out more about creating a ghost story and make an appointment with me.

How To Write My Life Story

If writing your own life story is daunting, and you decide you want someone else to do all the work, I’m here to help.

I will write the story of your life for you, from start to finish, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Read more about how I can help here and feel free to contact me for a no-obligation consultation about your needs.

Robin Storey is an Australian Ghostwriter and author from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She has written 7 books of her own fiction and written numerous life stories and memoirs, including her own breast cancer memoir, Making The Breast Of It.

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