How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business – Whether you have been in the window cleaning business for many years or are just starting out, it is never too late to check your prices. Maybe you are not sure how much to charge for window cleaning or you want to make sure that your current window cleaning price is reasonable for your customers.

We have put together a window cleaning price guide that shows you some of the average prices for window cleaning services. We also help you figure out how much to charge for window cleaning based on the size and type of window you are working with.

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

Window cleaners use different methods to determine how much to charge for window cleaning, especially for residential window cleaning. Large buildings and offices are usually based on squares. For most window cleaners, time is not wasted using the pan or the number of windows for large buildings.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Smaller houses are usually reduced in flat rate for each window because there are usually not enough windows for each panel cut. If the house is medium in size, many cleaners charge $ 2 to $ 7 for each window, or more for larger windows.

In large houses where panel counting is too time consuming or inconvenient, it is not uncommon to charge per hour. On average, the cost of window cleaning per hour is between $ 40- $ 75.

Not sure how much to charge for window cleaning? No matter how much you look at the window cleaning price guide, there are a number of factors that will affect your window cleaning fee.

When you create your window cleaning price list, take your time and find out why the supply is the best and what you use most often. If you are in the early stages of starting a window cleaning business often, you are better off investing in high-quality, more expensive equipment than the supplies and equipment you need to install, often.

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Investing in reliable and high-quality equipment means you are less likely to give up work due to broken equipment or waiting for replacement.

The most important equipment is your washing machine, which can range from a pressure washer to a normal water tank and a squeezing technique. Both jobs will be accomplished, but the best approach for you depends on the work you plan to do and the number of people you may be working with at the same time.

The frequency of how often your customers need to clean their windows depends on their location. If they live or work in a city where dirt and debris accumulate on windows faster than in rural areas, you may want to schedule a window cleaning schedule at least once a month.

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

For your clients who live in the suburbs, recommend a regular cleaning schedule at least once every two months. Although your clients may want to wash their windows between their appointments, do not encourage them to do so.

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Chemicals used for cleaning can damage the glass if used too often. Broken and broken windows are not washable windows, which means you pay less.

You can classify windows on commercial buildings or houses according to their design: simple and complex. Window types can help you determine your window cleaning price list. Intricately designed windows will be harder to clean and will take longer, while regular windows are less labor intensive.

Large windows with a few panels are what you see on most commercial buildings and some homes. Due to their design, these types of windows are usually easier and cheaper to clean.

Since commercial buildings have many simple windows and few panels, you should avoid paper panels. Otherwise you will be charged under your service fee.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost? (2023)

Single or panelless windows are also common in residential homes, especially rental homes, as they are the most efficient and easy to maintain, but double or triple-glazed windows are the norm for residential use.

With that in mind, you can also develop apartment values ​​for each window. Instead of charging $ 14 per panel, you can collect up to $ 15 for two windows and $ 30 for four panels.

The price increase may not be much, which is good for customers, but it adds up. In addition, aggregating your prices makes calculating your profits a little easier.

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

Intricately designed windows are common in residential areas or on historic buildings. Due to their design, these types of windows are more difficult to clean. Examples of windows with complex designs include:

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Windows with different architectural shapes may vary in size, but many panels are shaped or unusual.

While the price per window on these windows seems to be the most lucrative option, if you choose the price per window, you can run your customers for about $ 350 per window. It is profitable for you, but you can lose valuable customer base. If you choose to charge per tab, you may want to consider your discount per tab.

An easier way is to charge for windows with architectural shades or even stained glass at flat rates. Try not to exceed $ 150 per window, as most residential window cleaning for the standard window standard is no more than $ 150 for the entire house.

While the location of the building type, the style of the windows and the number of panels play an important role in determining your price, there are other factors such as overpricing that some window cleaning services do not always cover. Consider on arrival with their prices. Price list. Some include:

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With functions like scheduling, shipping, reporting, invoicing and more, window cleaning software can help you run your business more efficiently.

Commercial window cleaning costs vary from one cleaning service to the next, but prices are usually comparable.

Big jobs like apartment buildings and office buildings can run you anywhere from $ 150 to $ 500. The cost increases with the frequency of window washing. For such work, you can usually calculate the cost per square foot rather than the pan.

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

Housing prices are generally lower than the average of about $ 150 per house. That’s because homes are generally easier to clean. You will usually not need a large ladder or a large load of crew and laundry equipment to get the job done.

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Although many cleaners charge per square foot of window, there are many other ways you can do this. Instead of charging per square foot, you can come up with an apartment price for each window.

You will want to consider the size of each window and the number of them to calculate your rate. You should also estimate how long it will take you to clean these windows so that the amount you are doing comes out at a reasonable hourly rate.

The cost of a commercial window cleaning company will be a bit more expensive than a house cleaning job, even if you choose to charge a square fee.

Unless you are charging at a very high rate, you will find yourself at a low level of $ 40- $ 75 per hour. That is why veteran window cleaners do not recommend hourly charges for commercial work. You will lose money.

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When it comes to cleaning residential windows, you have more options for price. You can charge by pan, window or hourly if that is the most lucrative option for you. Another option is to create a mix of options; Some windows are difficult to clean, while others are less labor intensive. You can create values ​​based on the number of simple and complex windows.

Regardless of what you choose for the price, you can expect to be more profitable than cleaning commercial windows. You do not need a large team and a lot of business equipment to work at home. Usually one or two people will do.

It is very easy to clean the windows in spring and summer. There is no snow or leaves on the ground to get in your way. Depending on which part of the country you live in, autumn and winter can be a work hazard for some window cleaners.

How To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business

No matter what the weather, it is still important to keep a schedule with your clients. If you need to clean the windows when the weather is colder and there is snow and ice on the ground, it makes sense to pay extra for the “seasonal price”.

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Most window cleaners understand and may expect a temporary increase in winter. To offset the high costs during the fall and winter, you may want to consider seasonal deals or discounts when the weather warms up. You might even consider offering an indoor window cleaning deal.

As business grows, it is not uncommon for prices to rise and you may not be an exception. You may have to raise your price to pay for new equipment or because you plan to hire more staff. Slight price increases do not negatively affect most consumers. If they have

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