How To Start My Own Publishing Company

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Self-publishing on Amazon is an easy option if you’re an indie author looking to publish an e-book or paperback (via Amazon’s print-on-demand service) with less of the hassles typically encountered in the publishing industry. Although Amazon deducts the cost of publishing your book from your royalties if you sell paper copies, it costs you nothing to publish directly to KDP.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

But if you blindly follow the technical steps to publish your book on Amazon without taking the time to do it right, you’ll end up with a book you’re not proud of.

Solomon Burke Quote: “i Didn’t Need To Borrow Money From The Record Company, Because If I Had My Own Publishing Company, And I Had My Own Writ…”

They promise that some articles can be published by the end of the day if you follow their steps. I guess it’s true. But running through it usually makes your book and therefore you look bad.

Note: Amazon offers two types of printing options. These steps are specific to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), not traditional Amazon publishing (Amazon Publishing).

It may take a few more hours to get each step right. In some cases, it may take a few more days. But it’s worth it to end up with a book to be proud of and a book to sell.

If you follow this guide, you’ll have an impressive Amazon listing, a solid marketing plan, and a book you’ll be proud to call your own.

Parents In Business: Cassandra Of Cahill Davis Publishing

How to publish a book on Amazon KDP (Amazon Self Publishing) Step 1. Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account

If you already have an Amazon account, use it to sign in to the KDP system. If not, create a new KDP account.

Since this is your first book on Amazon, you won’t have any titles listed yet. Click the “+ Kindle eBook” box to add a new Kindle book.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

If you want to stop in the middle when you start entering information, select “Save as draft” at the bottom of the page.

Meet Imani Lewis

Select the primary language of your e-book (the language in which the book is written). Learn more about languages ​​supported by Kindle.

Readers start judging your book the moment they see the cover, and the title is the first thing they read.

So before you choose your book title, read my article on how to do this and check out Part 4 of my free publishing course where I walk you through the process.

For Author Name, enter the name you want to print under—the name you’ll use on the book cover.

Meet Sarah Caton

Amazon allows you to enter up to 4,000 characters for your book description. This is the description that will appear on your book listing page.

This is a key part of your book’s marketing materials. Write carefully. For guidance, read my step-by-step guide to writing a great book description.

For more control over your book listing page, join the author after your book is listed on Amazon.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

If you are the author of the book, select the “I own the copyright and have the necessary publishing rights” radio button.

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Under US copyright law, you own the rights to your work the moment you first write it in any form.

They should be directly related to a reader’s pain that your book can solve (hint: re-read your book introduction).

Use the Categories pop-up box to select two categories for your book. Use the “+” keys to delete as much as possible.

This is another critical marketing decision. It determines where readers will find your book, what books it will be compared to, and even how hard it will be to get a bestseller flag.

How Can I Get Published?

To add more categories to your book list, contact Amazon through Author Central after your book is published.

Do not do anything with this box unless your book is for teenagers or young readers. If so, select each applicable minimum and maximum.

Unless you have thousands of people lining up to buy your book, you need a marketing plan before you’re ready to publish. Especially for a non-fiction book.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

Book sales are driven by media coverage, book ads, advance reviews, email lists, and more. This kind of buzz is very easy to generate for a new book, so this is very important:

Molly’s Publishing Home! Molly Is The First Villager I Brought From My Own Island And I’m Obsessed With How Her Happy Home Came Out!

For now, you can enter your book information by selecting “Save and Continue” regardless of what you have selected for the publication date. Just remember to come back to it and set your perfect date before publishing your book.

KDP pre-order dates used to be capped, but now they can be up to a year.

Even with DRM turned on, people can still borrow the book from friends for short periods of time through the Kindle loan system. You can’t steal it.

Although there are options available (such as pdf or doc files), convert your ebook to a well-formatted epub file before uploading.

Online Self Publishing Book & Ebook Company

Formatting a book isn’t easy, but doing a good job is crucial if you want your book to look professional. And e-books need to be designed differently for Amazon than for any other e-book retailer.

If you have an epub file ready and want to see how it looks like an Amazon book, upload it here. After installing the cover file, you can preview it.

People judge books by their covers. Like it or hate it, this is 100% true, and there’s plenty of marketing research to back it up.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

Don’t create your own book cover. Even something as simple as a cover font can ruin your cover if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What Is A Business Model With Types And Examples

If you want to be taken seriously as a published author, hire a professional cover designer (and listen to them).

Do not use the “Start Review” button. Instead, click on “Preview on your computer” and install the current preview app for Mac or Windows. Then download and open your book file using the “MOBI” link.

Check out the cover image. Make sure browsing is running. Try any external link. Explore each page.

You don’t need an ISBN or a publisher for a Kindle eBook. You can leave these blank if you only plan to publish on Amazon.

How To Self Publish A Book In 8 Steps In 2023

Select “Save and Continue” if you want to continue. Amazon will not publish your book until you click “Publish your Kindle ebook” at the bottom of the next screen.

You can always add your book to KDP Select, even after it’s published. But after entering the program, you must leave it there for at least 3 months.

KDP Select enrolls your book in Kindle Unlimited and gives you additional marketing options, such as Kindle Countdown discounts, but the digital version of your book must be exclusive to Amazon.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

This will make your book available in all of Amazon’s global territories once you’re ready to publish it.

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Choose between 35% to 70% of your reward. For most authors, a 70% fee pays more. This seems obvious, but it adds some price restrictions and a slightly different royalty calculation.

Select as your primary marketplace and set the list price. The price in other markets is set according to the exchange rate, but you can set each one yourself if you want.

These options are up to you, but if you want 70% royalties, you’ll need to sign up for a book loan.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to think through every aspect of your marketing before publishing your book. It goes beyond your book cover, layout, pricing, and marketing plan.

Kristin Jensen Of Blasta Books: ‘i Always Said That If I Ever Won The Lotto, I’d Start My Own Publishing House’

Once your book is live, you’ll need to set up your Amazon author page with your photo and author bio. You will also need to add any promotional text to your book details page.

Finally, pay attention to your gut. No matter how excited you are to see your book in the Kindle Store, your gut will tell you if something isn’t ready. If you are interested in maintaining and repairing something, do it.

You can use the same KDP account to add a print version of your book, but that’s a completely different project.

How To Start My Own Publishing Company

Your cover needs a spine and spine and should be in a specific format. The internal format is completely different and very difficult. Price varies depending on both marketing and printing costs.

My 10 Year Plan

If you want a print book, make sure to include it in your marketing plan before you publish your e-book.

Yes, as long as you retain the rights to your book. However, it can be difficult for many reasons. If your book isn’t generating the kinds of sales that a traditional publisher wants to see (usually because they haven’t advertised and promoted your book well enough), they’re much less likely to be interested unless you convince them that something special still exists. Great business potential.

Amazon recommends Kindle Create, their free internal formatting tool available for desktop on both Mac and PC. Kindle Create can be used to create novels, essays, notes (reflowable); textbooks, travelogues and cookbooks (interactive print version); And funny (live funny).

Interactive publications maintain the look and feel of the print edition, but your

Create & Custom Print A Book Online

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