How To Start Learning Coding

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As a would-be coding bootcamper, you’re probably new to technology and full of questions and misconceptions about learning to code and becoming a real developer. With more than 1,000 Flatiron School graduates making their way in the tech world, the Flatiron team has access to many developers willing to share what they’ve learned through countless mistakes and failures, even if they’re new to the field. themselves or experienced technology professionals.

How To Start Learning Coding

How To Start Learning Coding

Here are some tips and facts about learning to code and starting your life as a developer that we asked developers to know before they start down the road.

Practical Steps To Get You Started With Coding

Ian Candy, developer and instructor at Flatiron School: “When I see what it’s like to be a developer, I imagine someone who’s typing a lot of code, their fingers flying off the keyboard like they’re trying to crack the Matrix. The faster you type, the better a programmer you are. But what I discovered after joining the team was that the better developers were the ones who spent a lot of time thinking—not writing anything but thinking about problems. As a team, often we would spend five to ten minutes talking about what the name should be to see exactly what the method did. or we would have hour-long discussions about how lessons are organized and how they interact.

I have a special memory of discussing a problem with a senior developer. I thought it was easy – I just need to add a table to the database. When I told the senior producer what I was thinking, he stopped and said, “We need a white paper. We want more

And as soon as I started writing down the problem and how it all worked, I realized that it was as difficult as I thought. When I have a chance to go back and think about the problem, it looks completely different. Taking time to think allowed me to make sure that what I planned was correct and that the code I wrote was more stable. “

Sarah Alder, YouNow & Flatiron School Graduate Frontend Engineer: “Learning a language gives you a way to learn another language. When I started coding in 2015, I was used to Ruby’s object-oriented programming, but now a days I use Javascript, although it is still object-oriented, there are functional aspects to learn. I’m pretty sure I learned JavaScript faster after Ruby than I did before Ruby. You can think of it as learning natural, human language. If you already know German, it’s easier to learn Dutch.

Learn To Code — For Free

However, I would recommend starting with high-level languages ​​like Ruby rather than low-level languages ​​like C, which are less rich. If C speaks in grunts and gestures, Ruby speaks in song and idiom. Grunts are important! But if you’re just starting out, an advanced language will give you more power. Coding is hard enough to start with. You shouldn’t spend months flagging yourself in a cold dark window with no machine code class. “

Avi Flombaum, co-founder and dean of the Flatiron School: “In the beginning, nothing will change. Beginners often try to be as good at technology as advanced programmers. But when you’re a beginner, all languages ​​are the same. ; When you’re starting out, it shouldn’t be important that you use the newest, best tools.” .

If you’re good at a language and can use it to create amazing things, no one will care what language you use to make them. Beginners should not worry about the words they use. They should be careful that their choices are in line with their goals, if they gain wisdom and insight and then – and of course they like to use it. “

How To Start Learning Coding

Ian Candy: “I used to think of work as a lonely, lonely journey where you’re the only one with a problem and it’s your responsibility to solve it. But I’ve found that most of the good producers on my team spend a lot of time interacting with other people, getting other ideas and feedback. They are social butterflies, pollinating other areas of the codebase with eight different hosts.

Solution: Do You Want To Learn Coding Step By Step Easy For Bignners You Re In The Right Document

We also spend a lot of time pair programming, one person driving/coding, the other navigating, guiding them to solutions. We generate ideas and plan how to implement them

Tracy Lum, founder of Flatiron School: “Meet your team. Don’t eat alone and ask people to get coffee (or ice cream!). I’m an introvert, that’s all. This is especially hard for me. If you’re normal, force yourself to do it.” , because by building relationships with your team, you make it easier to work together. less intimidating, which is important when you want to ask questions (and you should ask a ton) Also, attend professional conferences or meetings and maintain a strong support network – whether it’s your team, former friends, or your family, you’re going to need some backup because changing jobs is hard, let alone learning how to do it.”

Avi Flombaum: “Always put yourself out there. Talk to programmers you admire—even outside your team. Even super famous people can surprise. As I got into the habit, I would go to meetups and stop my favorite programmers in the room, or I would write a blog I was interested in and send them an email. For the most part, they were very generous. They will help me improve the article and I will get very valuable advice.

Many beginners are afraid to contact only good programmers, but they should not be. In my experience, almost everyone I’ve met has been supportive. Because I reached out, programmers I really liked had dinner with me and even tweeted about my blog posts. All the good reviews, the positive comments I’ve received, I took the time to hear something difficult or worth nothing. “

How To Start Coding As An Adult: Day 1

4. There are times to bang your head against the wall and then ask for help.

Sarah Alder: “As with most things, you learn to code by doing. Whenever you get stuck, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you immediately turn to your good friend, the cool and helpful Lisa. Depending on the complexity of the problem, you should give yourself a time limit to try to solve it. If you’re struggling with something like using a simple string, give it 30 minutes to post on Stack Overflow or ask a friend. If the problem is more difficult, your limit will be several hours.

When you’re first learning, you’ll benefit from asking questions when you post your time limit. When you’ve been doing simple things for an hour, it’s clear that the basic coding mindset is still behind your wheel to ‘get it right’.

How To Start Learning Coding

Ian Candy: “As a coach, I’ve spent a lot of time teaching the idea of ​​’seeing it first.’ If you don’t know something, you have a lot of online tools to turn to: Google, Stack Cross, etc. When I first joined the engineering team, I didn’t take my own advice. Code it took me a while to figure out the base – the program I was working on was bigger than anything I’d ever seen before, and had many different models built into it. Somehow I had this idea that all the answers would be found in the source code. I figured that whatever problem I was working on, I will be another example of something like becoming the thing to lead in. So in my first few months on the team, I read a lot of existing code, trying to use similar examples of what had been done before.

Is Coding Hard To Learn? (3 Reasons It’s Not)

But since the problems I was working on became very specific and there were no examples to look at in the center, I had to turn to external resources. My gut response is to tell the person next to me, “I don’t know what I’m doing! Help me with this!” Then I remembered my old friend Google and started practicing what I preached as a teacher. there is

Answers, ideas and thoughts are freely available there. Even if it’s a problem I haven’t solved before, I can look outside our codebase and find someone with a similar problem and at least get something to say about it. “

Tracy Lum: “It’s better to admit you don’t know everything, and not knowing everything doesn’t make you stupid. That set me on my way

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