How To Start Journal Writing

How To Start Journal Writing – Are you worried about writing a diary every day? Forget the usual advice. Here are my top tips for journaling and the life-changing benefits of writing.

Sometimes I write how-to posts that are techniques that really work for me in my daily life. After a few weeks, my good habits fell apart.

How To Start Journal Writing

How To Start Journal Writing

Sometimes journaling can feel awkward when I don’t always maintain the correct writing sequence. I get anxious and deal with depression and anxiety like many others.

How To Journal: A Complete Guide To Journal Writing In 2023

But here’s the thing: Journaling is a habit. It is not a hobby to do when you feel good or you have enough time.

This is the most important habit to develop when you are feeling anxious, irritable, or in a bad mood. You don’t have to beat yourself up when you don’t write every day.

A journal can also be a check-in tool. There are times in your life when you feel balanced and motivated, and when you have clarity on your priorities.

Even if a person is able to speak, it is not always perfect. It is a belief in the value of journaling and the persistence to do it.

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I was thinking of a solution as I walked. Because the journaling techniques I read about didn’t always help me in my real life.

So I tried and found what works for me. Because the fun and benefits of journalism are more than putting words on paper or journaling in the morning. Having something – even a few lines in the Notes app on the subway – is much better than nothing.

Do you struggle with journaling every day, or do you hate writing or just don’t have the time?

How To Start Journal Writing

My advice is to try and find your own way – even if it goes against the usual journaling techniques found online.

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Common advice is to write on paper, as cursive writing forces you to slow down and reduce stress.

While I still enjoy writing drafts of stories on paper, I also occasionally write a daily journal on my laptop.

Sometimes a keyboard is better for speed and ease of use. I type faster, I feel more efficient, I’m less likely to censor myself and more likely to write stream-of-consciousness. Because typing is easy compared to hand pains caused by writing a paper diary.

The trick is to keep yourself informed. Try some journaling techniques and see how it makes you feel. Are you obsessed with your handwriting when you write in a paper journal? Try downloading an app for gratitude journaling that gives you daily prompts to enter. Are you a visual person but have difficulty with communication? Start an art journal and express your feelings with daily sketches and doodles that add some writing.

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Try writing on paper, a laptop, or your smartphone to find what works best for you.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about morning pages – fill three A4 sheets of paper with your conscious thoughts every morning while your mind is still fresh.

It’s just that my brain needs two cups of coffee before I wake up – and even more to form a decent thought. So I’m journaling in the evenings, when the house is quiet and there are no delivery people to interrupt my flow. And my writing flows more easily.

How To Start Journal Writing

I love journaling in the morning, but there are many ways to write in a journal. The only correct method is the one that works best for you. Writing in the morning allows you to plan your day, think about how you will face any anticipated challenges, and also write down the things you are grateful for. As far as evenings go, evenings are great for reflecting on your day, what you’d do differently, and what’s on your to-do list for tomorrow.

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The only question is: What do you want to get out of your journal? What time and technique works best for you?

Try writing at different times of the day and feel the difference. When are you at your best, and when does journaling feel most rewarding?

Being with a group of people pursuing similar goals can be very motivating – even if you don’t think of yourself as a competitor.

Every November, I participate in NaNoWriMo—an annual writing challenge in which people from all over the world sign up and commit to writing a full-length novel in one month. I don’t write a novel every year (the rules are flexible), but I do use the challenge to hit the suggested 1,600 words per day to hit my monthly goal. I use this word count to write blog posts, short stories, or daily rants.

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There is an emotional component to participating in NaNoWriMo every year, but most importantly the community. Strangers and soon-to-be friends from all over the world cheer you on. Famous, brilliant writers give inspiring stories on the NaNo site about how terrible their first drafts are. There is so much energy that you can’t help but get nutrients.

Last year I met some women in a cafe in Cairo to write, and it inspired me to keep going, even though I was constantly traveling and far behind my target word count. It’s so encouraging to log in and update my word count and see the lines go up on the graph knowing my new NaNo friends are cheering me on.

Create a local writers’ circle or find one on Facebook. Google some online writing communities or just find some like-minded friends on WhatsApp to help each other out.

How To Start Journal Writing

Take responsibility. This is a powerful tool. Whether it’s a real-life writers group, an online challenge, or an app that tracks your writing progress.

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Have you imagined yourself with a beautiful Moleskine, Mona Lisa smile on your face, writing pages and pages of insightful prose to nurture your grandchildren?

Whenever I don’t take my own advice, I limit my goals to one piece and I can do that even on my worst day. When 10 minutes of meditation feels too much and I can’t stand still, I cut it down to 5 minutes. I also do short guided meditations when I’m too tired to go alone.

It doesn’t matter if you write one line or three pages – it is you who is important in the first place

. Make journaling part of your daily routine and tie it in with another habit—like your morning coffee or your evening shower. Continue journaling until it becomes routine and automatic, until you are fighting with yourself about how well or poorly you are doing.

Benefits Of Writing In A Journal

On days when you’re tired or full of self-doubt, writing gratitude can lift your spirits and get your thoughts flowing again.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with what’s in front of you – your laptop or diary, the balcony or the table with your morning coffee. Then describe your feelings in detail. Instead of trying to fill a page with all the things you’re grateful for, try focusing on a few things to really allow yourself to feel the emotion of gratitude.

Gratitude journaling can be life-changing when used in difficult situations or directly in troubled relationships. Ask yourself, despite all the bad things, what can you learn from a difficult day? What qualities do you appreciate in your partner—even if you don’t want to be with them right now?

How To Start Journal Writing

Sitting on the cafe terrace gave me something to write about and took my mind off the daily desk and laptop grind. Different environments stimulate my senses and stimulate my thinking.

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If you’re feeling unmotivated, change your environment. Go out on the balcony or find a chair in the garden and write in your journal there. Take your journal to work and write a few lines during your lunch break. Pick it up at night and doodle while watching TV.

Otherwise you’ll never get around to journaling – journaling whenever you’re in the mood and inspired is doomed to failure.

Journaling can lift your spirits when you’re having a bad day, which means sometimes you have to keep writing even when you don’t feel like it. When you schedule journaling throughout your day, you’re less likely to make excuses or rely entirely on sheer force.

Set aside time to make journaling part of your daily routine. Pair this with another habit you’re already good at maintaining.

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If you are a serious morning coffee drinker, make it a habit to write a few lines between your drinks. Or, if you’re relaxing in the evening watching a Netflix series, write a few lines before you start playing.

I use a habit tracking app to mark the time I journal each day, even if it’s just 5 minutes. It’s psychologically satisfying to see those scores add up to a winning streak. in my day

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