How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay – EBay started as an auction-based marketplace, but has since become an eCommerce giant.

If you also want to be a part of this huge market, one of the easiest ways is to launch an eBay dropshipping store.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

But before you start, you should familiarize yourself with eBay’s dropshipping policy with its pros and cons.

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Fortunately, this guide will cover all of that and more to help you decide if eBay dropshipping is the right business model for you.

Once a customer places an order, you send the details to your supplier who will proceed to fulfill the order.

The catch here is that you need to mark up the price of the product to maintain a profit on each sale.

Yes, instead of paying for one product at a time, you have to buy in bulk from the supplier.

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If this is confusing, don’t worry, we’ll talk more about it in future episodes.

But know that even if you can get off eBay, you must follow the platform’s policy. It’s not as easy as launching a Shopify or WooCommerce dropshipping store.

Businesses are often confused about eBay’s dropshipping policy. To clarify, yes, dropshipping is allowed on eBay, but the platform has tested its rules over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most common eBay dropshipping policies:

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

In general, eBay takes its policies seriously, and failure to follow guidelines may result in your listing being removed or demoted. In the worst case scenario, it can even lead to permanent account suspension.

Start Dropshipping On Ebay With Confidence

The cost of dropshipping on eBay depends on the product you want to sell. Easier than launching a regular eCommerce store, but not free! You must pay eBay fees which include:

Determining the cost of eBay dropshipping is difficult. But usually, it’s easy because you only have to worry about selling expenses first.

It also depends on the value of the product you want to sell. If it’s a high-quality product, of course you need a bigger investment.

EBay is a great platform for dropshipping for both large and small businesses. To understand why, let’s look at some of its advantages:

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Setting up a seller account on eBay is a simple process. All you have to worry about is finding a reliable supplier.

The cheapest eBay monthly subscription starts at $4.95, and there are no other fees to worry about.

This makes it easier for low-budget sellers to post on eBay, especially if you find a supplier with no MOQ.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

Dropshipping on eBay will give you access to a large audience and you won’t have to work to build an online presence.

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The reason is that if you can find a good supplier, you don’t have to save and invest a lot of money in your business.

At the same time, it is also less risky to try new products because you don’t have to buy a lot.

Posting on eBay does not require a full-time commitment. It is a flexible business model that you can do with one job.

Now, you might think that eBay dropshipping is the perfect business model. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not as simple as it seems. So let’s talk about some disadvantages:

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According to eBay policy, you cannot sell products from other marketplaces. This can be a problem because most of the dropshippers are from AliExpress.

You need to find a reliable wholesaler, and most of them have a MOQ, so you have to buy a lot of products – which defeats the purpose of dropshipping.

Dropshipping doesn’t give you much control over your business, which can sometimes make it difficult to comply with eBay rules and policies.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

Even worse, not following them can be penalized and may even result in permanent account suspension. That’s why many sellers started looking for eBay alternatives.

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You can gain access to a large audience on eBay but the biggest trade is not building a name for yourself.

If you want to grow as a business owner, at some point you have to build a brand.

If you’re not dropshipping high-quality products, you still probably won’t make a profit. In addition, you must pay a 12.9% discount to eBay for each sale.

EBay has a low barrier to entry, and therefore competition on the platform is very high. There is a good chance that at least 5-10 sellers sell the same product as you.

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This is another reason for eBay’s low profitability. You will often find yourself stuck in a price war with your competitors.

There is room for things to go wrong when it comes to eBay. Your supplier may not be able to deliver the product on time, or the product delivered may be damaged.

Customers can even leave negative feedback and it only affects your store’s reputation and does not affect your suppliers.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

Product hunting is an important part of running an online store. Fortunately, the general procedure for finding dropshipping products on eBay remains the same as on other platforms.

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There are many product hunting strategies that we discuss from time to time and one of them is using AliExpress.

EBay’s rules say you can’t source from other markets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration.

Start your search by checking the best sellers on AliExpress and make a list of the products with the most reviews. This will help you evaluate the popularity and marketability of the item.

Likewise, there are various product hunting tools that can be used to find popular products as well. Just remember to avoid dropshipping products that may cause defects, such as electronics. Also stay away from fragile products.

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Finally, you can also search for products directly on eBay using the “Advanced Search” feature. It allows you to sort products by different categories, set prices, and target specific keywords.

Go through the features to see what types of products are most popular and what prices they sell for. This will inspire you to find your own dropshipping niche.

Now that you know the basics of how eBay dropshipping works, it’s time to get down to the good stuff – creating your own store!

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

Fortunately, unlike platforms like Walmart, eBay’s onboarding process is simple. Start by going to the registration page and entering basic information about your business.

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After that, choose a plan that suits your business needs and budget. A starter plan will be sufficient for most small businesses. You can purchase a monthly subscription for $7.95.

Although annual plans save you money, we don’t recommend buying them right away when you’re starting out.

Finally, choose a name for your dropshipping business and if you have an existing Shopify store, you can connect it to your eBay account through the eBay app.

Choosing what to sell is the hardest part of running an online store. We have explained extensively how to find products for eBay in the section above.

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Hundreds of products exist in each of these niches. And you can always explore other options. We recommend using eBay’s advanced search filters.

Find products in different categories and price ranges. This will give you a good idea of ​​the trends on the platform.

This is the tricky part because most dropshippers are looking for suppliers from AliExpress. But as we already know, eBay does not allow you to distribute products from other markets.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

This is why you should look for other ways to find reliable suppliers who will sell your products at lower prices.

International Single Order Shipping

The problem here is that most wholesalers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). And if you want to buy in bulk, why should you start a dropshipping store?

So if you’re wondering how you can find discount suppliers on eBay, here are your options:

There are many online directories with providers listed in them. Sometimes this directory can be very useful because you can find all the information about different providers in one place.

You can check the list of suppliers to see if they offer dropshipping services or not. In addition, you can also compare different providers to see which one offers the best price.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business

However, the biggest disadvantage of these provider directories is that most of the good ones charge a subscription fee.

People often think that it is not worth it because they can get products from AliExpress. But in this case, the list of providers is a reasonable option, especially if you can’t find anything else.

If you don’t want the trouble of producing a product, you can take the burden off your shoulders.

How To Start Dropshipping On Ebay

Just take it

How To Sell On Ebay

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