How To Start An Email Marketing Business

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I worked in email marketing for a long time before starting my first B2B campaign. Naturally, I knew that B2B campaigns needed to be handled differently than regular consumer contact, and I thought I’d make the necessary changes.

How To Start An Email Marketing Business

How To Start An Email Marketing Business

What I didn’t realize is that small changes to typical email marketing tactics aren’t enough to create a successful B2B campaign. Whether you’re a beginner just learning the ropes or an experienced B2C marketer making the switch, trying to work with anything other than a purpose-built B2B email marketing strategy is a recipe for disaster.

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I’ve learned from my B2B mistake, and in an effort to prevent other marketers from making similar mistakes, I’ve put together a guide to creating an effective B2B email marketing strategy.

B2B email marketing is a strategy for promoting products or services from business customers to business customers. Basically, the goal is to develop relationships with potential customers, create brand awareness and generate sales. Successful strategies include distributing newsletters, promotional offers, product updates or free tools, all highly personalized to the recipient’s needs and interests.

When done correctly, B2B email marketing provides valuable information that encourages the recipient to make a purchase or take another desired action to move through the marketing funnel.

Typical email marketing strategies don’t work for B2B campaigns for the same reason that two nearly identical doors still require different keys: You’re trying to let different people in. Here are some specific ways that common email marketing tactics fail when working on B2B campaigns.

Email Marketing Toolkit

Most email marketing campaigns target individuals, but B2B campaigns target businesses or, better yet, multiple individuals within a business. While an individual receiving B2C emails is responsible for every step of their buying journey, a company’s buying process involves people in all types of roles.

When you identify a B2B target, you are actually identifying a target group, and your strategy must take into account the differences between multiple contacts within the company.

What this means in practice: To reach people effectively, you need to send different emails to different people within the same target company.

How To Start An Email Marketing Business

It doesn’t take long to buy something on your own. To paraphrase one of my favorite Ariana Grande songs: you see it, you like it, you want it, you got it. Easy (in my case, there’s usually “check your bank balance” in there somewhere, but that’s a little complicated for a pop song.)

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On the other hand, for a company, the procurement process can be like herding cats. Coordinating multiple departments on a decision, especially one that requires budget approval, requires a lot of hard work and patience.

What this means in practice: Because email marketing campaigns last for the duration of the customer journey, expect the marketing cycle for B2B companies to take much longer.

What this means in practice: Because email marketing campaigns last for the duration of the customer journey, expect the marketing cycle for B2B companies to take much longer.

Customers know they’re customers, so when you write B2C emails, you can be more specific about whether you’re trying to sell. Content such as promotions, discounts and sales announcements are suitable for a B2C campaign but are awkward in business email.

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B2B emails work best when they focus on providing information and resources. Educational content such as trend reports, industry benchmarks, how-to guides, and webinar recordings help demonstrate the value of your brand to B2B subscribers.

What this means in practice: You need to source entirely new content types and formats to use for your B2B campaigns – reusing B2C content is out of the question.

You can get it: A B2C or general email strategy is not the same for your B2B campaign. But it wouldn’t help me much to tell you what tactics not to use without giving you some to change them, would it? Here’s how to best implement your B2B email marketing campaign.

How To Start An Email Marketing Business

When you target a specific B2B company, you’re actually targeting that company’s buying center, the group of people who determine whether or not the company buys your product.

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Influence is a generic group within any organization that influences the decisions and opinions of other members of the purchasing center. (In other words: everyone in the company.)

If you’ve done any marketing in the past, you may be familiar with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), or an audience profile created by outlining the demographics, behaviors, characteristics, challenges, and needs of your potential customers. with Your B2B targets are groups, so you need to expand your ICP to include different columns for each different role in the target company’s purchasing center.

With a customer profile matrix in hand, you can get into the mindset of each member of your target customer’s buying center to better understand which types of emails are best suited to each role.

For example, a beginner or user will likely be interested in guidance regarding some aspect of the user’s work. If you sent the same email to a buyer, which is mostly about purchasing and renewing a product rather than the actual function of a product, it will probably go straight to the trash.

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The more your emails are personalized based on the actual needs of your target, the more effective they will be and the fewer unsubscribe or spam reports you will receive.

When I’m running a large-scale campaign, the thought of personalizing my emails to everyone in the company would scare me away.

Email segmentation tools (built into most email marketing platforms) allow you to group your subscribers based on their characteristics. Instead of grouping contacts by company or industry, create lists for each of the different buyer personas. With at least six segmented lists, you can target everyone on your target list with content tailored to their interests and needs.

How To Start An Email Marketing Business

The B2B email marketing cycle should more or less mirror the B2B customer journey. By planning your campaigns based on the stages of the customer journey, you can ensure that your emails are not only relevant to your target audience, but also timely. Where are you located in a particular location?

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There are five main stages of the buyer’s journey, and different types of content are best suited for each stage.

Advocacy: Targets who are loyal customers can help you boost your marketing efforts by becoming brand advocates: they will tell others about your product and attract new targets. Survey and referral program offers can engage consumers in more active brand advocacy.

Email templates are another valuable tool in your smart, non-difficult toolbox. Building a solid library of high-quality templates takes time, but you’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to wade through hundreds of emails a day and still get to five.

The key to using templates is that the recipient of the email should not be able to tell that it is a template. Create a library of templates for each of the different types of emails you typically send, using the same branding elements across the board but making sure each template is still visually distinct. . I have a different template for each campaign:

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Maintaining a library of templates will not only streamline your process, but it will also ensure that you can take your time with the peace of mind that whoever is compiling it for you already has it. The generated email structures will be ready to be used.

For example, you can set up an automation that tags email contacts with any new information you receive about them, such as demographic details and job characteristics. With a robust tagging system, you can target very specific audiences like “female biotech executives” or “former attendees in the Los Angeles area” with just a few types of filters.

The setup feature of your email marketing platform will also allow you to set up drip campaigns that will be sent over a period of weeks. This is a very common example, but there are many others as well:

How To Start An Email Marketing Business

Like my template library, my email marketing automation lets me sleep easy knowing things are working.

Email Marketing Can Take Your Business To The Next Level!

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