How To Start A Website For My Small Business

How To Start A Website For My Small Business – If you are a small business owner or about to start a business and think I need a website for my small business, save yourself the time – you need one. Good. Professionally designed site. In 2021, the number of consumers who go online to find local businesses has increased to 97 percent. If you want them to choose your company or your business, you need to find them online—and that means you need a website.

In today’s article, I’m going to reveal the best secret of why you need a website for your small business right now

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

Your website is your main marketing asset as we live in the digital age. Most people spend an average of 23 hours a week online and up to five hours a day on their mobile devices. Consumers now expect companies to have an online presence (including a website) and will consider a company that does NOT have one to be less professional.

How To Build An E Commerce Website That Sells

One of the benefits of having a small business website is that you are where your customers are. There’s a reason so many businesses invest in website search engine optimization (SEO): 97 percent of people go online to find a local business, and 93 percent of online experiences start with a search engine. Believe it or not, 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day, and right now someone in your area is online searching for your service.


Not having a website makes consumers trust you less. In fact, in 2021, 75 percent of people admitted to judging a company’s credibility based on its website design. People are more likely to do business with a company they trust, and the website is the first place they go to check credentials, reviews and awards.

Be careful though – if you have a bad website design, it won’t help you at all. You have 10 seconds to impress website visitors and tell them what they will get from your website and company. After this time, they can leave.

How To Create A Website — Meghan Makes Do

This is especially true for B2B companies. People visit your site when they want to learn or do something. They also expect instant gratification, which means visitors should+ be able to answer three questions within three seconds of landing on your website:

We live in the NOW era where consumers want the information they are looking for immediately, which means your company’s website should answer each of the above questions without having to scroll down the page to find everything.

Did you know that having a website can help you defeat the Goliaths in your industry? Maybe if it’s optimized for search.

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

A website is a social media backup So you think you don’t need a website because you’re on Facebook or another social media platform.

I’ve Doubled My Website Traffic In A Year — Here’s What I Did

Every business needs a website, even if you have a social media page. While social media can help your business grow, don’t use it as your only marketing channel, make sure you give your consumers a website landing page that represents you and what you have to offer them.

If you want to learn more about the specific marketing strategies mentioned in this article, our blog is a great resource for all of that information. Where builders learn product ideation, validation and MVP to build monetized products online. The favorite newsletter of product managers, entrepreneurs and founders, twice a month

As a product developer↗️, I build microtools to solve my own problems. For example, an article tool, an event app, a dining app, a financial tracker, a SaaS tracker, a Notion portfolio, and a book reading tracker.

Today I’m going to share my process, technology stack, and strategy for building, monetizing, and promoting a personal website. I hope to share my insights with anyone trying to break into a product/tech or freelance professional career.

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For context, I’m sharing my experience as a single founder, product developer, and independent consultant who has embraced the power of a personal website and brand.

I launched my personal website in 2019 when I switched careers from digital marketing. The original goal was to build a new portfolio and keep myself accountable by constantly building, launching, writing, and reading.

As my work expands, I’m starting to turn my website into multi-faceted “hubs”. Here is my thought process in creating the current version:

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

De-risk new ventures by building and launching startup experiments using an MVP and rapid prototyping approach. You can find all my product launches on the main page.

Top 2023 Seo Trends Every Small Business Should Follow

To expand my portfolio, I added a “Growth” section to log my project’s appeal, traffic, followers and income. You can find these trackers on the main page.

I document my process of building an MVP, tuning Notion performance, developing profitable side projects, and launching products — and contribute knowledge to the community. You can find these guides on my blog.

Where do I want to be in technology in 2021? What do I want to build next? The answers to these questions can be found on my About the Program page. By creating this public memorandum, he forces me to refine my North Star and improve it as I go.

Package my track record, experience, and social proof into digital products, namely code-free app templates, Notion templates, and online courses. You can find them on my tools page.

How Can I Make My Small Business Stand Out In A Competitive Market?

In my previous post, I told how I created the first version of the site in an hour — without coding.

To extend the functionality of my site, I used these no-code tools to quickly set up my website with features such as: catalog, portfolio, email signup, product page, and customer checkout:

I bought a website domain from Namecheap for $8.88 per year. They have the most user-friendly interface and DNS dashboard.

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

Carrd is an integrable website page builder. It allows me to quickly drag and drop, add custom CSS, integrate with codeless tools, and create multiple pages or sections.

The Tools I Use To Build My Website

I’m using Airtable to create a feedback database. I created a “Wall of Love” where people who shared words about my work and product creation were approved.

I created the Notion Portfolio Tracker as an extension of my personal website. As my work expands, I wanted to showcase all of my past work and resources without linking to my personal site.

I integrated Gumroad to sell digital products and process customer payments directly from my personal website. Check the example

I offer 1:1 video consultation for Notion and MVP sessions. You can easily do this by using the PayPal buttons and pasting the payment URL on the website buttons.

Cygnisoft Inc.~do I Need A Website For My Business? 10 Reasons Why The Answer Is Yes

When I purchase a video consultation through PayPal, I use Calendly to automatically redirect paying clients to book my time slots.

I use Substack to collect email subscriptions and grow newsletter subscriptions. With Carrd Pro, I can easily insert and customize the registration window to match my website theme. I have placed the registration at the bottom of each page:

I created containers and tags in GTM to integrate Google Analytics, GA event tracking, and custom Facebook event code. This can avoid cluttering my HTML with a bunch of tracking pixels.

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

I monetized my personal site (or personal brand) by offering products and services to a tech-oriented audience. Some of them have the following forms:

Best Productivity Apps In 2022 For Small Businesses

Early on, I monetized my experience providing client services for remote US/APAC teams and technology companies in product, community, and growth strategy.

I created pre-defined consulting packages using 1:1 video consulting in Notion consulting and product development without code.

Notion TrackerSuite is a profitable business that generates revenue from the sale of Notion’s online course and templates (as I created it). I’ve also added a bunch of other codeless products to my tools page.

This is the model I am currently synthesizing – a repeatable business model that will generate scalable revenue growth.

The Top 5 Reasons You Must Have A Website For Your Business » The Makers Collective

In 2019, I got a remote job with an American company, physically located in Malaysia. I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity if I hadn’t created my personal website and promoted my work publicly.

Marketing your website can consist of constantly showcasing your work, growing your mailing list, promoting your expertise, distributing blog posts, building your audience, community or personal brand, and more. Example:

Building an online audience can increase the visibility of your work. Here’s what I do: I grow Twitter (5,500+ followers) by sharing my best resources, writing articles on Medium (46k monthly traffic), and growing my list with Substack (2,400 email subscribers).

How To Start A Website For My Small Business

Alex Lieberman, CEO of Morning Brew, recently shared the idea of ​​audience building. The idea is to convert your free audience into a monetized audience where they become paying customers for your products.

How To Create A Website For My Small Business?

I call this “transparent” or “behind the scenes” marketing. You publicly share your ideas, strategies, wins, losses, knowledge, technology stack, patterns, and more. In this tweet, I share my income growth and the strategies I used to achieve it:

Paul Yakubyan, founder of, shares transparent statistics about the popularity of his startup: engaged users, recurring revenue, product metrics:

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