How To Start A Small Cafe Business

How To Start A Small Cafe Business – The food industry in Kenya is very diverse with many entrepreneurs. It is high because food is a basic need and the market will always need it.

Caterers who run profitable restaurants, often called cafes and hotels, receive a good portion of the food industry’s revenue.

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

Food business in Kenya is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have much capital. The little money you save can take you somewhere and start your own cafe.

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To start a cafe in Kenya, regardless of location and capital, the cafe needs to go in the right direction. This plan includes preparing to do business in accordance with Kenyan laws.

Understanding the legal requirements for running a business in Kenya and in this case a food business will save you a lot of trouble.

“There are many people who want to open a cafe, but they think that they only need space and cooking equipment. This is me 3 years ago. When I started my first cafe business

I didn’t have a permit or a food license. I was forced to close my business by the district court. Grace Muema.

CafÉ Business Package #7 Small CafÉ (premium) (php 189k)

You know where you want your business to be. It is important to conduct market research to understand the market in this area. You don’t want to plan and start a business in any market.

Ask if there is an opportunity for you in this area and if you can find customers. In this process, you will learn about the competition in the market, how they run their business, and how their customers see it.

That way you can come up with strategies to differentiate yourself from existing businesses. How to present your services or menu items. Look for ways to give your competitors a run for their money.

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

In addition to knowing the market, know what price ranges you can use in that area.

Small Business Café

You need a suitable location for your food business, an area with foot traffic.

“Don’t set up your cafe where customers can’t see it or there are no customers at all. Look for places near the road, in the market, near a university/college or a shopping center.” Carol Muthoni – Carol Delis, Embakasi

Different seats in different places go for different prices. But for a small restaurant or cafe that seats 10-15, you can get a place in the city area for between Ksh.7, 000 – Ksh.15, 000.

“My small cafe in Roysambu costs Rs 15,000,000 per month and currently it can accommodate 15 people, we keep in mind the issue of social welfare.” Brian Makori – Whispering Bamboo, Royasboo

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Rural areas are cheaper, while in urban areas, 7,000 rubles per month is about Ksh.5,000.

Before starting a cafe business, you need to register. This is another way for the government to legally protect your existence and your business.

Your business name is your brand name and you need a name that relates to you and your target customers. Registering your business name prevents others from using it.

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

“I registered my business name through eCitizen and all I needed was my National ID and two name searches costing Ksh.150. After a successful search, I I got a free name reservation on my eCitizen account. It was as easy and fast as I thought. .” John Kahuho – Heritage Choice Foods, Juja

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Every business must have a KRA pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority. Your small cafe needs tax compliance and the only way to ensure this is through KRA.

“These days it is very easy to get KRA pin for your business because everything is online now. I got KRA through iTax portal and the process was easy. First I registered my KRA Pin and details of National ID as a business owner. I then applied for a cafe pin and submitted a receipt and got a KRA pin at the cafe. Carol Muthoni – Carol Delis, Embakasi.

Once you have registered your business and received your KRA Pin, you will need to obtain a regional business permit. In addition, as a cafe business, you need to obtain a mandatory license to operate your cafe.

What you pay for your business license depends on the size of your cafe and your location. Some will pay more, some less.

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“I applied for a business permit at the City Hall and my cafe became an official. After paying Ksh 10,000,000, I was given a receipt and after a week I picked up my permit. “Brian Macori is the Roaring Bamboo, Royasboo.

The food industry is increasingly connected to health. How to care for and protect yours is very important. Proper handling and storage of food in your cafe is very important as it can cost you and your customers.

“Two weeks before I opened my business, I applied for a health certificate because I was told it was mandatory. The health officer inspected my kitchen, dining area and of the deposit and issued a certificate for my cafe, and I paid 1,000,000 a week. Later he was given certificates.” Grace Muema – C-Zones, Ruiru

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

Your cafe should have a fire safety certificate. Cafes often have fire incidents, and safety measures should be taken in the event of a fire.

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“Before the fire inspector came to my cafe, I had a fire extinguisher and blankets in my kitchen. He looked at where it was recommended to add more safety equipment. Then I got a certificate and got my fire protection certificate. John Kahuho – Heritage Choice Foods, Juja

Once you’ve registered your cafe, it’s time to get ready to launch. You have to buy the right thing for the cafe.

“Customers come to your cafe to eat. What matters is what they want to put on their plate. Your menu tells your customers who you are. Carol Muthoni – Carol Delis, Embakasi

Your menu doesn’t need to be fully functional at this point, but you do need to know the basics and the specials you’ll be offering. Over time, you can add to the list and make it more profitable.

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“When coming up with a menu, remember that your menu will help you stand out from the crowd.” John Kahuho – Heritage Choice Foods, Juja.

Different cooking tools and kitchen equipment come in different prices, and there are basic equipment for your cafe. Change your equipment to what you will serve in the cafe.

Before you open your cafe, you need to know where you will get your food. “At first I couldn’t find the best sellers, but with time, trials and experience I learned who to work with.” Grace Muema – C-Zones, Ruiru.

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

Your menu will be guided by the chef or type of chef you cook for. You will also need waiters to help customers.

Say No To Plastic: A Small Cafe With Big Dreams

When starting out, you may not need many employees. When your cafe is at its peak and you have more customers, you can get more jobs.

Fees vary from business to business. Your location, cafe size, access, equipment and options will affect capital.

With a proper business plan that covers all aspects, you can know how much you need to start your business. You can start with Ksh.20, 000 or Ksh.200, 000.

“My initial capital was Ksh. 50, 000, but I had set aside Ksh. 70, 000, 000. I had to cut costs by cutting excess costs and finding ways some for others.” Grace Muema – C-Zones, Ruiru.

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“I started my cafe with Ksh.200, 000. I had preferences and tastes that I could not let slip.

If you’re thinking of starting a coffee shop business, you need to know what it takes to get your business up and running transparently and legally. Worldwide, experts estimate that people drink about 2.5 billion cups of coffee a day. Sales in the ready-to-drink market, including coffee shops, are expected to grow by 67 percent by 2022. In addition, coffee shops and other beverages are showing remarkable resilience in markets that are not stability, helps eliminate others. the uncertainty associated with owning a small business. If you’re thinking of combining your love of coffee with an entrepreneurial spirit, it might be time to try your hand at opening a coffee shop.

In addition to loving this delicious treat, you’ll want to pick up a few things to get your store up and running. To that end, Jack Wilson, owner of Coffee & Brewery in Austin, Texas, and Mark Renson, owner of Ambition Bistro in Schenectady, New York, stopped by to cook and offer 13 tips for owners of they are coming. Here is what they recommend when opening a coffee shop:

How To Start A Small Cafe Business

One of the most important steps you will ever take

How To Open A Cafe: Go From Brainstorm To Brew In 10 Steps

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