How To Start A Second Body Paragraph

How To Start A Second Body Paragraph – It is the first article you will learn to write an informative article. This type of writing explains something, tells something or gives direction. For example, if you were writing about your favorite aunt, you would write an informative/descriptive article that tells us something about your aunt. Likewise, if you were to write an article giving instructions for making a paper airplane, you would also write an informative/explanatory article giving instructions.

The explanatory article consists of 5 parts. Introductory paragraph First main paragraph Second main paragraph Third main paragraph Conclusion paragraph

How To Start A Second Body Paragraph

How To Start A Second Body Paragraph

Unity. The article is focused on a single topic This means your article focuses on a single topic. Paper lamps, not paper air planes, in the same article. Informational writing can be structured in many ways, such as:

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Structure: skeleton An article is like a skeleton; Its structure will be the same for each of you holding the paper together, but your own creative ideas will transform your paper into something different.

Transition. Use words that help you move smoothly from one idea to the next in your essay. Examples: first, second, most important, for example on the other hand, etc.

Development. Provide information that will make your article interesting and fun to read. Jokes. little stories that create a picture in our minds when we read your article. If you had told us that your favorite aunt was interesting without mentioning her, your article would not have been processed.

Highlighting Details and Description Providing good details is another way to enhance your article. Name your aunt, tell us about her crazy habit, or tell us about the weird hats she always wears. These are the details that allow us to “see” your aunt while traveling. Write in active voice instead of passive voice. The entity will perform an action rather than take action. Example: Jackie hit the ball out of the park. There are no examples. Jackie knocked the ball out of the park. Use ACTION MOVIES to create a strong picture instead of weak linking verbs. Use figurative language – Examples include metaphors, similes, and other figurative language devices.

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Topic – What will you write about Direction – How will you write about your topic. Three ideas, points, or reasons to write about your topic. You will combine these three things into a single sentence called the thesis statement.

11 Thesis Statements The thesis statement is the road map for your essay. You can’t write a decent article without this. Your thesis statements won’t let you get lost while writing. ALWAYS ALWAYS Write your thesis statement.

Topic or Topic – What you write about Direction – How you decide to write about your topic/topic. 3 points or reasons E.g. Kavana is my favorite aunt because she makes me laugh, bakes me chocolate cake, and is there when I need someone to support me.

How To Start A Second Body Paragraph

1. Opening sentence (interest, hook or clue). Have the reader read the rest of your article. Be as creative as possible. 2. Supporting sentences. two or three supporting sentences 3. Thesis statement. You’ve already written this at the bottom of your outline page. ALWAYS put the thesis statement at the end of the 1st paragraph of your essay.

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Start with a rhetorical question (Conclusion required – no need to answer) E.g. Do you know someone who seems almost perfect to you? Use figurative language. For example: My mother wraps her love around me like a warm blanket. Start with a famous quote. There is an old saying that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Start with a sentence that explains the background of your topic. For example: We found my dog, Skip, abandoned, unwanted, and dying in a gutter.

15 Three Main Paragraphs Each body paragraph will focus on one of the 3 points in your thesis statement. Each point should be written in the order it appears in your thesis statement. The first body paragraph will be about the point you first listed. The second body paragraph will discuss the second point. The third body paragraph will be about the third point. ADVICE: Look back at your thesis statement to make sure you have written each point in the correct place.

Start with a transition sentence (topic sentence). For example: The first reason why ________ is my favorite relative is because she is _____________. The transition sentence should include: 1. Transitional term (First, one, etc.) 2. The topic or theme of your paper 3. Direction 4. The first point or reason you list in the thesis sentence;

After writing a transition sentence, elaborate on the point you made. NEVER write about other points in this first paragraph or you will lose the integrity of your article. Anecdote (short story) – help the reader “see” the topic clearly Figurative language – similes, metaphors, personification, etc. Action verbs – write in the active voice. Lively Adjectives and Adverbs Use to describe your 5 senses. Write a good closing sentence

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18 Second body paragraph 2nd reason or point from the thesis statement (3rd paragraph of your essay) Transitional (topic) sentence: Examples. The second reason is_____ is my favorite relative because she is _______. Another reason my dear friend is _______. A declarative transition sentence includes: (1) a transition term, (2) a topic, (3) direction, and (4) a second point or reason from the thesis statement.

19 Second Body Paragraph After the transition (topic) sentence, develop your thought. Make sure you don’t talk about something else, otherwise you’ll end up with irrelevant sentences that will destroy the integrity of the article. Ways to develop the topic. Anecdotal Short Story Exciting Explanations of Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs Figurative Language Using Your Five Senses

20 Third part Paragraph 3 reason or point from the thesis statement (4th paragraph of your paper) Transitional (topic) sentence: (1) transition term (2) topic (3) direction (4) third point from the thesis statement. For example: The most important reason why _______ is my dear friend is because she is _______. Note the word “most important reason.” The third point should be the BEST point

How To Start A Second Body Paragraph

21 Third Body Paragraph Never rush or cut this paragraph. This is what your readers will remember best. Use the same patterns to develop a paragraph that includes transitions, details, examples, and support. Remember that the best way is to make jokes with every reason and figurative language. Don’t just list or catalog as your support.

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It should be shorter than the others, no more than 2 or 3 sentences. It summarizes what you said in your article. Don’t repeat your thesis statement. Never, ever add new material to your results. Begin paragraph 5 with a transition sentence.

Write legible handwriting. Write only on the first page of each page. Use loose paper (unless stated otherwise). Never begin a paragraph with the words “Here” or “There.” These are empty words. Write in first or third person. Use good mechanics and grammar. If you don’t care enough to clean up what you write, no one will want to read what you have to say.

Include lots of detail (stories, figurative language, evocative words, and clever use of dialogue). Write in the active voice instead of the passive voice. Choose powerful ACTION MOVIES that create images. Also use imaginary adjectives and adverbs. Write about something that interests you to make it more interesting for your audience. Indent each new paragraph. Review: Read and review again later. Keep improving your writing until you’re proud of it. Never write a rough draft that hasn’t been read at least once. Each time you re-read your paper you will find more errors that need to be fixed. Be proud of your writing.

Purpose: Follows the prompts completely Content: The topic develops your audience well. A structure that appeals to your target audience. It has a logical progression and a good thesis closing sentence. It gives some plan and strategy paragraphs to the article. Do not include unrelated sentences. Presents ideas that flow smoothly (called transition) Shows knowledge of grammar usage and mechanical skills Changes sentence structure to make writing more interesting Creative

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In order for this website to operate, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website you must accept our Privacy Policy, including our Cookie Policy. Many students find writing an IELTS essay more difficult than it should be. I aim to make this as simple as possible and make it easy for you to follow step by step instructions to help you get the score you need.

On this page you will learn how to write the two main paragraphs of Task 2 essays. These are also known as supporting paragraphs because the information they contain supports or supports the statements you make in the introduction of your essay.

If you haven’t read the How to write an introduction to Quest 2 page yet, I recommend you follow this link and read it now. The lesson on this page is a continuation of the introductory writing lesson.

How To Start A Second Body Paragraph

All IELTS essay writing tasks have easy-to-remember structures that will help you write high-scoring essays. It is an important part of exam preparation

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