How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship – Identifying the purpose of your mentoring program is a critical first step. In this guide, we break down the general goals of successful mentoring programs and the goals that come with them.

The purpose of a mentoring program is to accelerate the personal and professional development of mentors. This is achieved by providing guidance, advice and feedback from mentors with more experience than themselves.

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

We at Together have found that the most important thing for a successful mentoring program is the need for a north star. The cornerstone of any effective mentoring program is the North Star. It clarifies the purpose or objective of the program and how it is intended to benefit the company.

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Many HR and L&D professionals use Together’s consulting platform to realize their north star. Our platform replaces cumbersome, manually managed programs with customizable program templates that use our matching algorithm to instantly match hundreds (even thousands) of advisors and mentees rather than spending weeks manually matching employees in spreadsheets.

Whether you use Together or not, you need to have clear goals and objectives for your program. In this article, we’ll help you understand the best goals for your program and how to align your goals with your company’s mission to get buy-in and management budget. Throughout the article we will also have many tips on running a successful mentoring program.

Having clear goals for your mentoring program is an important part of success. You need to determine the goal and then build a plan to achieve that goal.

Wendy Axelrod, author of 10 Steps to Successful Mentoring, says that the purpose of your mentoring program should always be tied to some type of strategy, whether it’s a talent development strategy, before -diversity strategy, inclusion strategy, [or] continuity. . management process.”

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Goals help define your program’s priorities, set benchmarks, identify clear goals for outcomes, and provide a means for individual development.

So we know goals are important, but what goals should you have? Let’s examine the specific goals of workplace mentoring programs in more detail.

At Saam, we strongly emphasize clearly defining the goals of your mentoring program. It sets the tone for the entire program. Among our clients, here are some of the most common goals companies align with when building mentoring programs.

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

Goals and Key Results (OKRs) is a popular goal setting framework created by Google. We found it helpful to support program managers to use this framework when starting a program. Below we list the common OKRs. Aligning what your OKRs are will make it easier to know what metrics you want to measure to determine the ROI of your mentoring program.

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Mentoring programs encourage and empower minority employees who may not currently be reaching the next level of career development

Employees who see that the company cares about their career prospects and future are more likely to stay with the organization longer.

Organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the development of their employees will gain a reputation as a desirable place to work.

We’re about to throw you another goal setting framework. If OKRs are confusing to you, this might be a better alternative.

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To clarify, it is important for program administrators to have overall goals for a workplace mentoring program. However, it is also beneficial to encourage supporters to choose their own goals within that framework. This approach can increase motivation and reduce pressure from counselors.

What do you want to be able to say at the end of your program? Wendy Axelrod cautions, saying, “don’t say 25 people graduated. It is very nice, but not concrete enough. It is not specific enough to show the financial return, the benefit to the business and the benefit to individuals.”

Instead, choose a lofty goal that will motivate you and your partners. For example, in the Forum’s mentoring program, they wanted to increase the number of female entrepreneurs with mentors. It was a goal everyone could rally behind. But the result wasn’t just reporting the number of participants, it was the ability to mentor more female entrepreneurs than they did last year.

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

Once you have established clear goals for the program, outline them in a clear action plan that includes the mission statement, timeline, number of employees to participate, resources they will have, and how to measure success. We’ve put together this template mentoring plan to make it easy to create your own.

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With the support of your organization and willing partners, you want to ensure that the individual goals of mentors and mentees are aligned with the purpose of the program. Administrators should be available to answer any questions from participants and guide them in the right direction with goals that are compatible with any strategic initiatives. This means keeping lines of communication open, giving honest feedback and offering advice when needed.

Program managers should identify all the small steps that mentors and mentees take to achieve the larger goals of the mentoring program. This promotes motivation and shows mentors and supporters that they are fully supported.

Establishing key performance indicators that measure the effectiveness of your mentoring program is critical. These measures of success should be determined and tracked from the beginning of the program.

Without them, it will be difficult to get support from leadership and know if all partners are getting value from it.

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If your mentoring program is small (less than 10 people), it is reasonable to understand if the program is successful just by talking to them. But as the program evolves, it becomes increasingly challenging to obtain qualitative and quantitative data to support and provide feedback to your mentoring program.

Employers considering adopting a mentoring program must consider how to access the information they need to determine the program’s success. Employee retention could be one of these measures with the program in place and without the program. Understanding how well a program is working allows management to make adjustments accordingly.

All mentoring programs must meet one important requirement: the ability to evaluate their effectiveness. It is essential to establish measures to measure the success of the program.

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

As a program manager, advice on how program participants can provide constructive criticism to mentors and mentees is beneficial. This is because they may neglect to break up and consider their relationship while they are busy with their daily activities.

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These surveys help mentors and mentees think critically about the mentoring program, and by encouraging them to consider the benefits of the program can motivate them to continue to take it forward. the relationship.

Helping mentors and mentees understand what they want to achieve through the program is an important step in their careers. This can be done through goal suggestions that encourage mentors and mentees to begin their journey in a mentoring program.

Suggested goals can be emailed at the start of a program as examples for participants to adopt on their own personal journey. By helping mentors and mentees take on the program as if it were their own, you encourage them to begin their true journey.

Being a mentor is a great opportunity for senior leaders or experienced employees to give back to the next generation at the company. It is also a valuable learning experience that demonstrates their communication skills and ability to build relationships with others.

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A mentor’s goals are central to the success of the mentoring relationship. What do they want to get out of meeting with a more experienced leader once or twice a month? Some may want to gain leadership visibility so they can be considered for new opportunities.

As you build and launch your mentoring program, you’ll see that there is nuance to how they go. For example, do all mentors and mentees pair up at the same time, or can new partners join halfway through the program? Also, how do you sign up with mentor pairs? Will it be weekly or monthly? And will you have them fill out a form or will it be documentary entries?

Let’s unpack some of these small, but important considerations. By doing this, you will begin to create guidelines for how your mentoring program will run.

How To Start A Mentoring Relationship

Many mentoring programs have a clear start and end date. This is useful for measuring results and ensuring that all participants are on the same timeline. But what if an employee wants to get involved as a mentor or supporter halfway through the program? Do they have to wait or is the program flexible enough to accommodate them?

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At Together, companies running mentoring programs decide between cohort and (what we call) Evergreen mentoring models. Evergreen mentoring programs have no start or end date. Employees can come and go.

Depending on your program goals, Cohort or Evergreen models may make more sense. Each has its strengths.

Program managers play an important role in helping mentors and mentees build strong relationships. If there is a mismatch between pairs, program managers must adopt a switch quickly. The worst case scenario is for an employee to suffer through an inappropriate match without speaking up.

Program managers can use mentor matching software to ensure each pairing is appropriate and meaningful. Matching algorithms like ours at Bädda take into account employees’ tenure, skills, goals and preferences to match them with a more suitable advisor.

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Using pairing software also saves a program

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