How To Start A Food Blog Business

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How To Start A Food Blog Business

How To Start A Food Blog Business

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Easy Food Business Card Ideas

Sweetapolita—with its 300,000 and climbing Instagram followers—is perhaps best known today for its festive sprinkles and deluxe boxed cake mixes, but it started as a baking blog in 2010.

, Rosie realizes she’s having an affair with Aaliyah Sprinkles. She launched her first collection of sprinkle medleys on Etsy and continued to develop her product catalog from there.

Rosie took her passion for cakes and her entrepreneurial spirit and built an entire business out of her food blog. And this is one of the most successful stories. People all over the world have found the perfect material to monetize their food blogs. From e-books to cookbooks, meal plans to streamed cooking classes, we explore several ways to monetize a food blog below.

If you are new to blogging in general, you should first choose a platform and domain for your blog.

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There are many platforms to choose from, such as WordPress and Squarespace, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is the best option for ecommerce tie-in, however, it comes pre-baked with ecommerce functionality. Whether you decide to sell an e-book, a place for a cooking class, or a physical cookbook, for example, give your customers a simple and clean experience.

Sweetapolita sells sprinkles and cake mixes and started as a baking blog. The business still offers a recipe section where readers can find the perfect cake for an upcoming event.

How To Start A Food Blog Business

If you’re still looking for a name for your blog, a business name generator can be a useful resource to spark some extra creativity. Input a word that describes your brand and the name generator will pop out some suggestions. For example, input “kitchen” or “table” or “dining” and see what results you get!

How Your Food Blog’s Finances Work

While some blog platforms (also known as content management systems or CMS) can help you purchase and host your new domain, it can be a bit of a chore. , Squarespace and WordPress all have this feature. Your domain should be as close as possible to your real name for branding recognition. If it’s not available, add a filler word like “get” or “shop” at the beginning.

Hatchful also offers a free professional-quality logo maker that creates a logo for you to choose from in seconds. Choose your business category (food and beverage), add your business name, choose where you want to use your logo, and Hatchful will create a selection of logos that you can edit and personalize to your liking.

This platform has a large number of themes to choose from, so choose the one that best suits your brand.

It is possible to monetize a blog before you have a dedicated fan base or website traffic. How soon you start making money is always contextual. But for some bloggers it doesn’t take much time. Lily Ugbaja, founder of, saw revenue two weeks after launching her blog.

How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Food Blog

As a professionally trained chef, your content may not be as polished as other established food bloggers. Don’t despair! Everyone has to start somewhere. For those new to the game, display ads can be a great source of income as your business grows.

Many food bloggers make their biggest income by hosting display ads on their blogs. In a blog post, the blogger behind Tiffy Cooks claims that 40% of her blog’s revenue comes from display advertising. The best part about using display ads on your blog is that they are low effort and high income. New bloggers and food blogging experts like Half Baked Harvest use display ads because they are very profitable. But the downside is that they interrupt the reader’s view, and you generally have no control over what kind of ads they see.

Google AdSense is probably the most popular ad provider and a trusted network for millions of bloggers. If you are curious about how much money you can earn from Google AdSense, scroll down to the bottom of the home page where you can input some details about your blog to estimate your earnings per year.

How To Start A Food Blog Business

To make more money from display ads, you need to drive traffic to your website.

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Another low-effort way to monetize your food blog is through affiliate links. Here’s how affiliate programs work: You link to a product in a blog post. It’s the one you use most often and recommend for a given recipe, such as a KitchenAid mixer, silicone baking mat, or food processor. Whenever one of your readers clicks on that link, it will be tracked by the store. If a customer makes a purchase, the store records that purchase and you get a commission.

Some affiliate marketplaces (like SharASale) can help you find brands to work with. Others (like Target) make it easy to pick and choose the personal cookware you love. Here are a couple to get you started:

For example, Just One Cookbook and Lisa Kitahara have created curated lists on Amazon that allow readers to shop for spices they keep in their pantries or cooking essentials they use every day. Bloggers earn affiliate commissions when someone buys an item from this list.

Anytime you earn money from affiliate links, you must clearly inform your audience in accordance with FTC guidelines. If you are unsure or have questions about these guidelines, consult an attorney.

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Sally provides a disclosure affiliate link at the top of her blog posts that links to her full disclosure policy.

Email marketing is always a great way to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. The more traffic you drive, the more money you can earn through display advertising. Create a newsletter that shares a weekly roundup of your latest recipes, or identify a favorite recipe you’ve had in mind for any given week.

You can start building an email list by providing an email signup module on your blog. For example, Dan Pelosi of the food blog GrossiPelosi showed off a pop-up that prompts visitors to sign up for “new recipe and merch drops” so they know before anyone else.

How To Start A Food Blog Business

In addition to sending weekly readings, consider creating a package of emails around a central topic that your readers can sign up for. For example, Sally’s Baking Recipes offers three in-depth email tutorials. One focuses on baking bread with yeast, another on baking cakes and another on baking for beginners. That way, readers get concise, easy-to-follow information about what they want to know. A bonus is that once someone signs up for the course and opts in to all emails, Sally can get those emails for her main email list.

Startup Food Biz

Another way to take advantage of email marketing is through a paid newsletter. Websites like Substock allow authors to charge a paid membership fee as low as $5 per month. Even if you offer a collection of free recipes on your food blog, you can send out exclusive, subscriber-only content via paid email, like a weekly meal prep plan or your latest recipe creation.

Work with brands to write product reviews on your blog in exchange for some cash or free products. The caution here is to promote products that you truly love, trust and use in your own kitchen. Sponsoring the best or your favorite topics can build trust between you and your audience as they see you as a trusted source. As with affiliate links, you must inform readers whether you are being paid to promote something in accordance with FTC guidelines. Questions or concerns? Chat with a lawyer to make sure you’re covering your bases.

As your blog gains attention, you’ll start seeing sponsored requests arrive in your inbox. But before that time comes, connect with the brand by reaching out via email or social media.

While individual pieces of sponsored content can be one-off, brand deals are ongoing partnerships and relationships with brands. For example, you could become a brand ambassador for your favorite spatula company and agree to a cadence where you feature that spatula on your blog. You also agree on how much you will be paid.

How To Start A Food Blog With And Publish Stunning Recipes With Wp Recipe Maker

Remember that the brands you choose to work with will also reflect your blog and your own brand values. We recommend sticking with products you really like and use in your own kitchen.

If you have a favorite food blog, think back to the moment you first discovered it. Was it via a mouth-watering picture of frosting cupcakes on Pinterest? Or are you looking for the perfect warming soup for the transition between winter and spring? Especially about that blog

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