How To Start A Business Email Message

How To Start A Business Email Message – Email clients are participating in a great race to offer maximum functionality and gain the greatest number of users. Gmail, Apple, and Outlook are at the forefront, and each of them offers great features that give your work new meaning.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about business email tools that give transparency and structure to your workflow and let you manage your time efficiently. You’ll also see how to use them to develop good habits in your daily activities.

How To Start A Business Email Message

How To Start A Business Email Message

Since Gmail has the largest market share as an email client, I will use it as an example in this lesson. If you use another email client, that’s fine. I’m sure they provide similar tools.

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Autoresponder email messages are necessary if you are planning a vacation or if other factors mean you won’t be able to respond to an email quickly. This is important information for the person contacting you. You’re just far away at the moment. The lack of response is not due to your forgetfulness or the fact that you are still thinking about the matter.

A well-composed message does not cause doubts or frustration in the reader. Keep it simple, polite and truthful. There are two types of elements that can be included in any out of office message.

The following elements must be included in your message. Without them, your vacation or time off could be cut short.

The message must be universal and understood by everyone. However, there are cases where it is worth adding interesting elements. These are additional elements that support a specific objective.

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Hello, I will not be available from [the time your absence begins] until [the time your absence ends] as I will be on a business trip. If your case requires immediate assistance, please contact [name, surname, email of contact person]. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely, [your name]

You can find this tool with different names like ‘Quiet Time’, ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Focus Assist’, ‘Turn Off Notifications’, etc. But the idea is the same. To ensure that a warning does not interrupt your process.

McKinsey Global Institute analysis showed that we spend about 30% of our time reading and responding to emails in any given week. This is too much. Emails that arrive in your inbox every now and then have an impact on productivity. How many times have you stopped working on something to check your email? Now you can take back control of your inbox so you can focus.

How To Start A Business Email Message

Here you can choose whether you want to receive important notifications via email or turn off all notifications. Remember to save your changes.

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Notifications can only be turned on and off manually. Gmail doesn’t have a built-in mechanism for setting specific times to disable notifications. You can check the G Suite Marketplace to find an app that does this, for example,  Send DND by Email.

If you don’t use G Suite, try Boomerang. It is an email productivity software that can support you in your deep work mode.

I bet you often check your email on your mobile device on the weekends or when you are resting. In this case, you can also use apps designed to limit your contact with incoming messages, such as Silent for Gmail.

You will bring harmony back into your life and will certainly be happier not hearing the warning bell when watching your show on Netflix or running in your favorite park.

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If you manage your work responsibly, you know it’s helpful to schedule your emails over time. Scheduling tools give you more control over your work schedule and allow you to respond at the right time.

In it, you can choose which actions are triggers for sending a message. Automated workflows are here for you, for example automatically sending a follow-up message after some time. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to boost your work.

Now, imagine a customer who needs to think about a few things before making the final decision to purchase your product. Let’s say the customer wants you to contact them within three days. Are you going to wait three days and click the ‘Submit’ button? You can simply schedule the email right away. This way, you won’t forget to respond.

How To Start A Business Email Message

If you want to use Gmail’s scheduling tool, you must compose a new email message or reply to an existing one. Then the email window will appear on the page you are currently on. Complete the message with an appropriate email address, subject, and content. When the message is ready, do not click the ‘Send’ button yet. Click the arrow next to the ‘Submit’ button.

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The next days are informed automatically, but it is also possible to choose any date or time. Remember that emails are sent according to the time zone in which you scheduled them.

Many people want to improve their ability to concentrate because they want to work in a more goal-oriented way. Many techniques are useful, and one of them is time batching. Grouping means performing similar tasks at the same time within a tight deadline. It’s all about choosing closely related activities and grouping them together. After that, perform a task type and block out the time needed to complete it. In this lesson, I will discuss a specific case related to sustainable management of your inbox and emails.

While time batching seems like a brilliant option, there are some downsides. You may create a project bottleneck because you don’t respond quickly to each message. You may also miss something important when implementing the time batching technique.

You can always openly communicate to colleagues that you are changing your workflow strategy, which will ultimately translate into increased productivity. I don’t think they can stop you from doing that, can they? Your team should be understanding and allow you to try to make changes. It’s good practice to clarify with your team members how they can contact you about urgent matters. Give them your phone number, suggest a live conversation at your desk, or create a special Slack channel with active notifications. These are just some examples. Inspired!

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I have some extra information for you. If unread messages leave you feeling frustrated, you can mark an email as Snoozed. The ‘Snooze’ button is available for each message received. You can find it by hovering over the selected message in your inbox. This way, you will see additional options such as ‘Archive’, ‘Delete’, ‘Mark as unread’ and ‘Snooze’ itself.

This allows you to resend an email at a specific time, which will arrive in your inbox as unread. Perhaps this will help give you inner calm.

Time batching has a real impact on your effectiveness. Stop jumping between tasks and wasting time re-engaging. You can be here and now working on your task and your attention at the same time.

How To Start A Business Email Message

The most important thing is the proper organization of work. In , you can use tags and priorities to determine if something needs a quick response and then schedule it over time.

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As you can see, you can use your inbox for more than just sending regular emails. You can manage information exchange processes and apply structure to your work. Keep an eye on your productivity so you never run out of energy for new challenges. The most important things to remember in this lesson are:

Learn how to make quick decisions when sending and responding to emails. Never mess with a CC field or Reply button again.

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