How To Publish An Article In An Academic Journal

How To Publish An Article In An Academic Journal – Source: Rücknagel, J. & Schmeja, S. (2021). Basics of Open Access – how to publish and what to consider? (S.4). Zenodo. (CC BY 4.0 International)

Authors can make their manuscripts publicly available by publishing them publicly or by keeping them privately on an open domain.

How To Publish An Article In An Academic Journal

How To Publish An Article In An Academic Journal

Only when the authors publish their research do their findings become visible and thus can be identified and named correctly. Publishing works in printed media – for example as magazine articles, monographs or materials for collections – was for a long time a common way of permanently storing and disseminating professional and scientific knowledge.

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Through the possibilities of electronic publishing and especially open access, a large number of other marketing options have emerged. This significantly increases the number of mentions and thus also the visibility of search results (Swan, 2010; Li et al., 2018). The following describes factors to consider when publishing open access or self-hosting in an open environment.

Scientists can support the transition to open science with their publishing practices. This practical guide “Supporting Open Access” describes the process.

You can find the answer in the presentation “Basics of Open Access – Advertising and what should be taken into account?”

The AuROA service catalog (Leistungskatalog) offers a collection of potential individual jobs and services in an open publication format. AuROA (Authors and Legal Certainty of Open Access) is a project that, between 2021 and 2023, addressed the diverse and complex needs, views and interests of open publishing in literary studies.

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Source: Oberländer, A. (2020). Open Entry – Es isst nicht alles Gold, it was glänzt. In: Open Science. Von Daten zu Publikationen. Zenodo. (CC BY 4.0 International)

The publication process usually begins with a decision on how to publish the research. There are many reasons for open publishing; is summarized on the Reasons and Reservations page. Basically, two different open access methods can be distinguished: golden open access and green open access. Open access gold refers to the publication of scientific works as articles in open access journals, open access monographs, or publications in open access collections or conference proceedings. These books are available for free and can be reused quickly with no time limit.

Green open access means making research freely available by keeping it private in an institutional or disciplinary setting. This can also be done in parallel or after publication or by the publisher.

How To Publish An Article In An Academic Journal

Several parameters influence the selection of advertising space. These parameters are very similar for closed access and open access documents. They include the thematic focus of the area; the type of quality assurance it uses; its reputation in the industry; and, where applicable, the terms of the license under which the books are made available and the level of any publication fees. In connection with open access, the needs of research funders are highlighted. Among the financiers, there are not only provisions in which grant recipients are given the opportunity to offer open access to technical documents created as a result of fundraising, but sometimes also requirements related to marketing areas (Dreher, 2020; Rücknagel, 2021). More information on the policies of research funders and a list of funders can be found on the Funding page.

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Source: Brinken, H. & Rücknagel, J. (2021) Flow chart interpretation. Open Access – Das sind Ihre Möglichkeiten für die Publikation von Artikln. Zenodo. (CC BY-SA 4.0).

If the goal is to publish the work openly (golden OA), for example as a journal article, monograph or contribution to a collection, it is recommended to start looking for suitable journals or publishers with open access. On our Study-Open Access website, we provide data-specific information that can provide useful first links. Open access journals can be searched in the DOAJ directory or in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). The Open Access Books directory (DOAB) and the online library and publishing platform OAPEN are the first gateways to open access books. Suitable marketing opportunities can also be found in conversations with colleagues. If the publisher does not offer a golden open access option, it is often worth asking if it is possible to self-archive the article.

Open source content goes through the same quality assurance and security process as traditional content. The revision process is no different either: from the peer review class and open review to the open review process – everything can be found here. German text

(AG Universitätsverlage, 2018) provides guidance on choosing the right publisher for open source books. When selecting journals, the German version of Brinken et al. (2021) can be useful in analyzing its quality. More information on this topic can be found on the Open Access Journals and Open Access Monographs pages.

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The scope and visibility of scientific writings play an important role in the success of the reputation and thus in terms of the prospects of science and scientific work. Studies show that the adoption rate of open access publications is often much higher than that of closed access publications. Open Access Citation Advantage Service and Piwowar and other partners provide related reviews.

(Piwowar et al., 2018). Journal Impact Factors, a measure describing the number of citations of articles in scientific journals, are published in the annual Journal Citation Reports, which also cover open access journals. So-called altmetrics have emerged as an alternative to traditional bibliometric indicators. They take a different approach to professional writing online.

Unlike closed access, where libraries and users pay for access, open access documents are funded in some way. The so-called author pays model, where authors pay article processing fees (APC) or book processing fees (BPC) for publishing their works, is widely available in the open source environment. To find out if authors are paid, it is often helpful to check the journal or publisher’s website. If a journal in the Open Access Journals (DOAJ) directory charges APCs, the information is entered into the registry. However, most open access journals listed in DOAJ are free to both readers and authors (Morrison, 2018). These magazines are financed, for example, by professional associations, universities, library associations or – as contributions in kind – by volunteer work. Regarding open books, university presses maintained by universities or their libraries and publishing systems started by researchers and scientists (such as in the consortium ScholarLed) are an affordable and high-quality alternative to commercial publishers. Detailed information on funding open source articles and books can be found on the Funding page.

How To Publish An Article In An Academic Journal

Most research organizations have a publication fund that can be used to pay open travel expenses. Financial management can often be found in institutional libraries. In addition, some publishers open access to offer membership to organizations, which resembles a kind of discount. Organizations pay an annual membership fee, which allows members to publish their works in that magazine for free or at a reduced fee. Also through translation contracts with commercial publishers, such as those negotiated by the German Projekt Deal project, a fee agreed upon in each contract links open texts to subscription books, which are increasingly growing at the expense of library consortia. The opening offices of the organizations concerned will inform about the matter. Funding in a true open access model with consortia is more focused: costs are covered by the consortium, and authors do not pay advertising fees, regardless of whether their organization participates in the funding.

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In addition to research funding, some of the financiers also finance the publication of articles in scientific journals and other publications. When sending a funding request to the German Research Foundation (DFG), you can also apply for a publication grant. The Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) have created special funding programs to finance open documents and books. The Volkswagen Foundation also covers the advertising costs of the projects it finances and expects the beneficiaries to publicize them. Funding organizations around the world, such as the Wellcome Trust and the EU framework program Horizon 2020, reimburse the advertising costs of open source documents within their funding framework. In addition, the Open Access Books Toolkit provides a list of fees for open access books.

An overview of the requirements for open access journals and rigorous methods that authors can use to guide them in choosing the right place to publish can be found in the presentation “Publishing Open Access: How to assess the quality of a journal”.

It is not always possible to publish openly, for example, if a suitable open journal is not available. However, an article can be made publicly available by privately storing it in an open archive. This allows the author to comply with the financial institution’s open access license or

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