How To Make Own Blog Website

How To Make Own Blog Website – Today I’m talking about the Start Here page. This thread originated from a question posed by John at

Why start a page here? John wants to know why we should have a page that starts here and how best to create one.

How To Make Own Blog Website

How To Make Own Blog Website

We recently added a new page called Start Here. For us, the Home page has replaced the About page. If you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be difficult for readers to know where to start.

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The Start Here page helps new readers find the content most relevant to them and guides them through the site. It is also very clickable. Start here is a compelling call to action.

The content you should put on your Start Here page will vary depending on your blog’s goals, but here are some compelling ideas.

There really aren’t any formatting rules. I would use whatever medium you would normally use to talk to your readers. If your blog is mostly text, write your homepage here. If you’re a podcaster, add audio.

Use whatever voice your readers are used to. We’ve found video to be particularly effective, which is also a good option.

How To Start A Blog

I’d love to hear or see examples of your Start Here pages. Leave a link to a Start Here page or another great example of a Start Here page.

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Full transcript Expand to view full transcript Collapse to a smaller transcript view Darren: Hello, welcome to episode 111 of the podcast. My name is Darren Rowse and I am a blogger. The real purpose of this blog is to help you as a blogger and online influencer build a sustainable and profitable business for your online properties. You can find it all at /podcast/111, where you’ll also find today’s show notes.

How To Make Own Blog Website

Today I want to talk about Start Here pages, a topic that grew out of a question John asked at

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John: Hi Darren, I’m John from I have a question, I hope you can help me. I’ve noticed that more and more bloggers are adding a “Start Here” tab to their main navigation menu, and I saw that you have a Start Here page on your redesigned site, which looks great by the way. My question is two part, first, what are the most important elements of a “Start Here” page, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of content yet?

Second, should I use a specific program or plugin to create the Start Here page? Is it the work of Leadpages, WordPress Page Builder, or another program? Thanks a lot for your great work. Your blog and podcast always provide practical and inspirational help when I need it most. Thanks again. say goodbye

Darren: Thanks for the question, John. I really appreciate your listening and kind words. You are right, we have created a new homepage with a completely new design and as you can see, this is something new for us and something I have wanted to do for a long time. I’ve always had a very prominent “About” page on my blog, and our “Get Started” page has replaced it. I think most bloggers have an about page, and I think that’s a really good thing, and you can have an about page and start here if you want, but in a way, I think we just decided to go with it.

Most things in WordPress already have an About page built in, and most bloggers have them too, but I think a Start Here page is even more effective than an About page, and there are many reasons for that. I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that when you have a blog, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be very difficult for new readers to come to your blog and find sex content that is relevant to them. . Anyone who’s blogged for a while – I know John, you said you probably haven’t blogged that long and haven’t had that much content – as you create more and more content on your blog, your profile will become something. Create a crazy war room for your readers.

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Finding the right content for them can be really difficult. Someone visiting your blog for the first time may see if they clicked on your home page, your latest posts, but your latest posts may not be relevant to them. It may not be relevant to them, and your recent posts may be less effective in communicating to readers who you are, what you blog about, who you blog for, and how to use the site.

They will have to click from post to post and stumble upon the right thing. Pages that start here can be very effective in doing what I just said, landing your readers on the right pages, quickly letting them know who you are, what you do, and how it’s all going to help them.

We know that people can quickly decide if your blog is right for them after just a few seconds of visiting your website. Having a page where they can click and find the information they need will speed up the connection between you and your readers and make them more likely to click the subscribe button and build an ongoing relationship with them.

How To Make Own Blog Website

Another thing I’d like to say about the start page here, or the Start Here menu call to action, is that it’s very, very clickable. We discovered this in (I think) less than two weeks since we remodeled. The home page here is already the first page people click on in our menu bar. This is not the most viewed page on our site. We have a few blog posts that get more search traffic, but when people land on the site, they tend to visit that content more than any page. It outranks everything except our home page and some really popular posts, the phrase “start here” is sure to get people to say, “I’ll click on that.”

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Within seconds of being on your site, they’re probably going to click on that link and then you have a great opportunity to get them the right content, get your message, call to action Sexual terms, so I think that’s really important. I think you should add a lot of content to your home page. It will vary slightly depending on your blog goals, blog type, and what you want your readers to do. I want to go over seven things you should probably include on your Start Here page. If you can combine them, you should probably add at least four of them, maybe all of them, although I think that can also be said because the start page isn’t too big.

Some of the examples I’ve seen today, and even thinking about this podcast, I’m like, “Yeah, there’s probably a lot of content on this page, and maybe it’s a little overwhelming,” and you can just click on three or four of these things. Regardless, I encourage you to include the following on your home page.

First, do something to make a personal connection. I think people are very skeptical of brands. They’re very skeptical of new sites, and maybe that comes from working in the money-making blogosphere, where there’s a lot of skepticism because there’s a lot of, like, dodgy characters who lead people into corruption […] and the way they go, the money just goes out It came out of their pocket.

Of course not everyone falls into this category, the vast majority of people who write about how to make money online do a great job, are highly motivated and very helpful, but unfortunately in our specific niche some people are not. It’s not the right thing to do, so people are going to do it with some suspicion, as they should.

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I think a personal connection can help dispel that suspicion. It’s not just the money making blog space that is questionable. people are careful

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