How To Freelance Write With No Experience

How To Freelance Write With No Experience – Living an independent life can be incredibly attractive. Imagine having the ability to work anywhere, be your own boss, choose your hourly rate, and choose exactly who you want to work with. If you’re wondering how to start freelancing with no experience, you’re in the right place.

I started freelancing about two years ago, without much prior experience. All freelancers have to start somewhere and I now have numerous clients. Trust me, you are not alone and freelancing for beginners is completely possible!

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

Stop looking for articles on how to become a freelancer with no experience; This article will cover all the bases. Implement these steps and you could be on your way to finding your first client.

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Probably the easiest way to start freelancing with no experience is to create a website for your services.

Even if you’re not a web designer, you can find templates for virtually every web platform out there. All you have to do is change the colors to fit your branding.

Some of the website platforms I suggest for beginners are Wix and Elementor. The latter is more convenient. If you want a little more freedom, consider taking a look at WordPress.

One thing to make sure of when building a website is to purchase your own domain name. (e.g.

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This looks much more professional to your customers right from the start and you can usually even get a free email address on your own domain, so you won’t have to use something like Gmail.

When you create your website, you don’t need to have a lot of information that will bore your customers. Focus your copywriting on your customer, what you offer and how you can help. Make sure you have at least a home page, an about page, a contact page and a services page.

To increase your domain authority, consider starting a blog on your website as well. This is a great way to share information with potential clients and showcase your knowledge so you can start showing others that you are an expert in your field and that you should be hired for your skills.

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

Start your website using this link and you will receive a free, easy-to-follow video tutorial that will help you set up your website easily and correctly.

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There are many freelance websites full of potential clients looking for someone to do one-off (and sometimes ongoing) projects for them. These can range from proofreading and editing jobs, graphic design projects to writing blog articles for different websites.

Whether or not you have prior experience, it’s always a good idea to invest in yourself and take courses or certifications that will help you get hired. If you plan to teach English, you should get a TEFL. If you’re going to revise, take a course that offers lots of support and guaranteed work at the end.

Some of the best freelance websites for beginners include FlexJobs, Upwork, and Fiverr, but there are many others as well. Personally, I use Upwork a lot, especially when I want to find new clients.

Since joining Upwork, I’ve made over $10,000 on the platform, so you can earn money as a freelancer if you have the skills and motivation.

How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t focus all your efforts solely on freelance websites, because these platforms tend to take a percentage of your income, so you earn a little less. You may also tend to meet lower quality clients on these sites.

However, freelance work for beginners can be done easily using these platforms and I lived with them for my first few months as a freelancer.

Another great way to let others know what you do (so you can start getting regular clients) is to showcase your work.

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

If, for example, you want to offer graphic design services, use the pieces you created in college or in your marketing role at work and display them.

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You don’t need to have a website to create a portfolio, although it’s best to have your work on your own site.

Honestly, you could create a presentation using something like Canva to showcase some of your projects and their results. Then save it as a PDF and share it with anyone who might be interested.

As a beginner, you may have absolutely nothing to show for it yet. Do not worry about it! Instead, look at number 7 on this list; could help.

One thing you should keep in mind when exhibiting your work is to include projects in your portfolio that you really want to do.

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For example, maybe you once created an app for a school project, but you want to focus on freelance writing. Obviously, you don’t want to include this in your portfolio, otherwise people might think you’re open to doing app design projects.

When you are more established, I am against providing free services and it is imperative to know your worth. But when you’re just starting out, there’s nothing wrong with offering your services for free to a few people.

Just make sure you limit the number of people you will offer this service to and establish a contract.

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

Ultimately, the final payment should be a testimonial from your customer that you can display on your website. You should also have the right to be able to include work in your portfolio so that people who visit your site can see some of the work you are capable of.

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Note that I said you should still have a contract in place for free services. This is incredibly important because it covers you and the customer in case they start asking for more than you initially offered.

When offering pro-bono services, you may also want to consider reducing your packages slightly so you can get a large portfolio of work.

For example, you don’t necessarily have to include a mood board, five sub-brands, and social media templates that your regular brand package might include.

Keep things simple so you don’t give too much and then offer the rest of your services as an upsell to the client who received complementary work.

How To Start Freelancing With No Experience

Network, network, network! If you want to know how to start freelancing with no experience, this is it. One of the best tips when it comes to freelancing for beginners is to spread the word every way you can that you now offer these services.

Use LinkedIn to communicate with former employers and colleagues. Tell them about your new services and pricing and see if they know anyone who’s interested.

Be sure to post on your personal Facebook page and let your friends and family know about your new offerings. I shared some of my first clients on my personal Facebook page thanks to some family friends who needed graphic design services.

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

If you’re wondering how to start freelancing with no experience, know that social media can be explosive in getting your services out into the world. I recommend you think more about your ideal client and where they might be. Would they be on Instagram or Facebook? Youtube?

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If you’re not sure where they would be, use the social media platforms you use most often and create accounts with the name of your new business attached.

On Instagram, use Reels, create Guides, try to post consistently, and show your face in Stories. You never know who might come across your page.

Facebook can also be filled with tons of customers if you look in the right places. Be sure to join Facebook groups filled with the type of person you want to work with. For example, if you want to work with travel bloggers, you will join as many travel blogger groups as you can.

Instead, wait for someone to ask a question in one of these groups that you can answer, and make sure it’s related to your services. I have gotten quite a few clients this way and it helps demonstrate the knowledge you have, even if you have no experience.

How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience 2023!

One of my new favorite ways to acquire clients and show off what I’m capable of is to create fake client projects and post them on social media and in my portfolio.

Don’t lie and say you created the project for a client; Instead, let’s say you created a message and imagined it would be made for a certain type of customer, and share your thought process.

For example, I recently started offering branding services, but I don’t have much logo work in my portfolio.

How To Freelance Write With No Experience

To remedy this, I will start creating brand kit templates that I can include in my portfolio and possibly turn into digital products to set up shop on my website for people who may not have the budget for my full brand. Services.

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When creating designs for fake clients, make sure you only do the work you want to create for your clients. Don’t focus on creating designs for a botanical shop, for example, if you want to work with course creators. There’s no correlation there.


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