How To End A Formal Letter In French

How To End A Formal Letter In French – This article was co-authored by Lorenzo Garriga and author Jennifer Mueller, JD. Lorenzo is a natural French speaker and connoisseur of the French language. He has many years of experience as a translator, writer and reviewer. He is also a composer, pianist and world traveler who has traveled the world with a backpack on a string for almost 30 years.

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How To End A Formal Letter In French

How To End A Formal Letter In French

Writing a letter or email in French follows almost the same format as writing a letter or email in English. However, the French are more formal in their written correspondence than most English speakers. This formality is particularly visible in the conclusion, which can be long and complex. How you end a letter in French depends on how well you know the person you are writing to, the purpose of the letter, and the level of formality.

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This article was co-authored by Lorenzo Garriga and author Jennifer Mueller, JD. Lorenzo is a natural French speaker and connoisseur of the French language. He has many years of experience as a translator, writer and reviewer. He is also a composer, pianist and world traveler who has traveled the world with a backpack on a string for almost 30 years. This article has been read 126,658 times.

To close an email or letter in French, be sure to remain formal and let the recipient know you look forward to hearing from them, using specific expressions such as “dans l’attente de vous lire.” If you’re writing a business letter, try something like “Veuillez recevoir, Monsieur/Madame, mes salutations distinguées,” which means something like “sincerely.” However, if you are writing to a business associate whom you consider to be your equal or inferior, use “Veuillez agréer, Monsieur/Madame, l’assurance de mon parfaite consideration.” To use the correct protocol, be sure to include the same full address and name that you used in your introduction, and be sure to use the correct pronouns as well. Finally, close your letter with a handwritten signature that will convey a sense of formality and respect. For more tips, such as how to close a formal email in French, keep reading! My French teacher joked that when you move to France you need to buy a printer/scanner first because you need to make copies, I scan and send official letters all the time… I send myself. I send a decent amount of letters in France, but it’s been the same in all the countries I’ve lived.

In this post you will learn the correct structure of a formal letter in French, the correct order of information, placement of French letters, French politeness formulas for different levels of formality and recipients, phrases that you can use and immediately adapt to your letter. There are also French punctuation rules and general tips at the end.

The use of “vous” and polite forms (such as le conditionnel) are still required in informal letters, unless the recipient specifically tells you to switch to “tu”.

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Why do you (as a non-French person) need to know how to write a formal letter in French?

It is important to know (which I did not realize until a few years after moving to France) how important it is to respect the appropriate formalities. However much egalitarian ideals prevail in France, hierarchical relationships must be respected in official letter writing.

Children learn most rules at an early age, so it’s second nature to the French, but for foreigners we have to learn it (especially if you come from a less formal country). These formalities and such different levels of address are usually a holdover from monarchical times.

How To End A Formal Letter In French

Some of the formulas you find online are no longer in use as they were reserved for royalties and royalties and people might not be too happy if you use them. As with other forms of communication, the words we choose can have a political or ethical value, so it is better to choose the formulas we have seen before. If you can avoid it, don’t use translation apps.

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Every culture knows the concept of respect. But each culture expresses it differently. Our French teacher explained to us that when you ask someone, even if it’s simple, politeness and correct formulas mean showing respect. Think of it as respecting their time, the work they do, and recognizing that they are human (who didn’t make the rules and will make mistakes). You make their job easier when:

1. The top left (left justified) is reserved for the sender: your first name, last name, address, phone number and/or email (so they know how to contact you).

In France, you do not normally include academic titles in personal cover letters. Madame and Monsieur are generally all you need. If you write letters where addresses are important, you probably have staff to write and send everything.

But when you write on behalf of your employer or association, it is a good idea to include your workplace.

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2. At the top right (below the sender, aligned to the right) you write the recipient’s name (person and/or company) and address. When writing to a specific person in the organization, include both (as in the picture).

3. Below the receiver (still right-justified) is the place and date in this format: à _________, a (date in numeric form) (written month) (year). Example: à Lyon, 5 June 2021

4. Under place and date, aligned to the left, is the subject (in French, Objet 🙂 why are you writing/what do you want.

How To End A Formal Letter In French

If the wrong office receives your letter, they need to know it’s not for them (and who to give it to), just because of your target.

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5. The first polite form of the letter, the greeting. It is limited to 1 or 2 words (no academic titles or anything else).

6. The French written word is specific to how you will structure and organize your thoughts. For most of us this was part of our formal education, although I still found the French way a bit different from what I was used to in my mother tongue or English. For a formal letter, you need to be precise and find a difficult balance between politeness and directness (so as not to waste time).

Keep it to 2 or 3 paragraphs maximum. If paragraphs are not visually separated enough, people can indent the first line of a paragraph.

Start with a polite “I’m writing…” Then you’ll want to introduce yourself and provide any relevant background details.

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Explain your situation in order of importance or time (this happened first, then this, then this, so now I’m in such and such a situation…). If you are presenting an idea or have a complaint, include all the events that are relevant to your purpose. If your formal letter is a proposal or collaboration, state the reasons why you are proposing something and the results you want to achieve. Optional: If you have data to support this, include it here as well, but the letter may be too long.

After explaining the who, what and why, ask what you want them to do. If you have more suggestions, you can put them in bullet points.

When writing the body, you’ll want to use more advanced sentence structures (if you can), which means formal sentences and conditionals. Depending on your level of French, you may want to stick to shorter, simple sentences, which also increase readability. The point is clear and direct communication.

How To End A Formal Letter In French

REALLY IMPORTANT: When writing a formal letter in French, write your attachments in a logical order or as they have asked you to. Once you’ve gathered all the documents you need to send, organize all your attachments in the order you listed them. It saves them time and they “come together” because you did it “the French way”.

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8. Any closing greetings. This is where it gets complicated. Once upon a time, each title, position required its own version. Some of these phrases are still very common in France today. Although you can simply write “Cordiallement” at the end of an email, it does not work in a formal letter.

If you want to dive really deep, here’s a guide to French admins (in French). For a quick and easy version, here is a simple diagram. Simply find the recipient in the table and copy and paste it into your letter.

9. Your signature goes on the bottom left or right, and when you sing the letter, sign above your name.

They may ask for your original signature in blue or black ink. The pen you use must not be smudged, should not be erasable…just a regular old fashioned regular ballpoint pen (blue or black). If you’re wondering why this is important… With black your signature can look like a photocopy, when the ink is blue they instantly know it’s original.

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