How To Create My Own Blog Site

How To Create My Own Blog Site – Today I am talking about landing pages here. This thread is from a question by John at

Why the start page here? John wants to know why we should have a landing page and the best way to do it.

How To Create My Own Blog Site

How To Create My Own Blog Site

We recently set up a landing page here. For us, the Get Started Here page has replaced the About page. If you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be difficult for a reader to know where to start.

How To Create Your First Own Website

The Home page helps new readers find the content most relevant to them and shows them how to use the site. It’s also very clickable. Here is a call to action.

What you should put on your home page will vary depending on your blog’s goals, but here are some compelling ideas.

There are really no rules when it comes to format. I will use whatever medium you normally use to communicate with your readers. If your blog is mostly text then write your landing page here. If you’re a podcaster, turn up the volume.

Use the voice your readers are used to hearing from you. We’ve found video to be particularly effective and can be a great choice as well.

How To Make A Website: Complete Guide For 2023

I’d love to hear or see examples of your site launch here. Please leave a link to another great example of a landing page here or landing page here.

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Full transcript Expand to view full transcript Collapse to view smaller transcript Darren: Hi, welcome to episode 111 of the podcast. My name is Darren Rose and I’m the blogger behind it. A blog dedicated to helping you build a sustainable and successful business around your web properties as a blogger and online influencer. Everything and recordings of today’s show can be found at /podcast/111.

How To Create My Own Blog Site

Today I’d like to talk about landing pages here, and this topic was created as a result of a question from John at

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost In 2023 (in 30 Minutes)

John: Hi Darren, this is John from I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I’ve noticed that more and more bloggers are putting “start here” tabs in their main navigation menus, and I saw that your redesigned website has a start page here, which looks great by the way. My two-part question is: first, what are the most important elements of a landing page, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of content yet?

Second, is there a special program or plugin to create a landing page from here? Is this a job for Leadpages, WordPress Page Builder, or another program? Thank you very much for your excellent work. Your blog and podcast provide practical and inspirational help when I feel I need it most. Thank you again. Goodbye.

Darren: Thanks for the question, John. I am very grateful for your listening and kind words. You’re right, we’re starting a new design here, as you can see if you go there, and it’s something new for us and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve always had a very prominent featured page on my blog and actually the landing page has replaced it for us. I think most bloggers have an about page and I think that’s a great thing and you can have an about page and a home page if you want, but in some ways for us, I think that’s where we decided to go. with one.

A lot of WordPress stuff they already have and most bloggers already have, but I think it might be more effective here than a main page about the site, and there are a few reasons why. I think a lot of this is because when you have a blog, especially if you’ve blogged for a while, it can be very difficult for a new reader of your blog to find the content they need. Anyone who has blogged for a while – I know, John, maybe you haven’t been around long and you’re saying you don’t have a lot of content – as you develop more content on your blog, your archives grow into something. raging war room for your readers.

Creating A Personal Blog With

Finding relevant content for them can be very difficult. A first-time visitor to your blog may see that they clicked on your homepage, your most recent post, but your most recent post may not be the right post for them. It may not matter to them, and your most recent post is unlikely to effectively convey to readers who you are, what your blog is, who your blog is for, and how to use the site.

They have to go from post to post and come across the right material. From here, a landing page can be very effective at doing what I’ve said, getting your readers to the right page, quickly communicating who you are, what you’re about, and how it all helps. .

We know that people can decide whether or not your blog is for them within seconds of being on your site. Having a page where they can click and find the right information for them will help speed up the connection between you and your readers and increase the likelihood that they will click the subscribe button and thus start a lasting relationship. you

How To Create My Own Blog Site

The other thing I would say about Start Here or Start Here in the menu bar is that it’s very, very clickable. We found it less than two weeks (I think) into our redesign. The Start Page Here is already the first page people click on in the menu bar. This is not the most viewed page on our site. We have some blog posts that get more search traffic, but once people get to the site, they end up more than any page. It goes beyond our front page and some cool posts, there’s something about the words “start here” that makes people go “I’ll click that.”

Super Skills: How To Be A Blogger & Vlogger In 10 Easy Lessons

Within seconds of landing on your page, they’re likely to click on that link, and then you have a great opportunity to get the right content in front of them and your message and calls to action in front of them. I think this is very important. I think you should put it on your homepage. This will vary slightly depending on the goals of your blog, the type of blog you have, and what you’re trying to get your readers to do. Here are seven things I’d like to consider adding to your home page. You should include at least four of them, maybe all of them if you can string them together, but I think that should also be said to avoid overwhelming the landing page.

Some of the examples I’ve looked at today and even thought about this podcast, I think, “Yeah, there’s a lot on this page, maybe it’s a little heavy,” you might just want to take a shot. three or four such things. Either way, there are things I encourage you to include on your landing page.

Number one, do something to make a personal connection. I think people are very suspicious of brands. They are very suspicious of new sites, and maybe that comes from working on a monetized blog, where there is a lot of suspicion because there are, shall we say, unscrupulous characters out there who rip people off […]. money is taken out of their pockets as they leave.

Of course, not everyone falls into this category, and the vast majority of people who write about how to make money online are well-intentioned and very helpful, but unfortunately, there are some people in our niche. you don’t do the right thing, so people come with some doubts, and they should.

Ultimate Blogging Bundle

I think that personal contact will help to remove this doubt. It’s not just the blogosphere that raises doubts. People are careful

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