How To Conclude Your Essay

How To Conclude Your Essay – Below I have provided a list of different ways to draw a conclusion in an essay using a variety of parsing verbs. Each comes with an explanation of the best time to use each phrase and an example you can think of.

Overview: This is a good closing sentence for a value essay where you have to compare two different positions on a topic and then conclude by saying which one has more evidence than the other.

How To Conclude Your Essay

How To Conclude Your Essay

You can also use this term for argumentative essays where you present all the evidence relevant to your specific case.

Introductions And Conclusions, Transitions, & Tone.

Overview: I use this phrase in an argumentative or comparative essay. As an argument, highlight what you think

Overview: This phrase can be used to indicate a careful analysis of the information you found when researching the article. With this sentence, you are telling your professor that you examined all sides of the argument before coming to a conclusion.

For example: “A balanced assessment of the information above is that climate change exists and will greatly affect the world over the next few centuries.”

Overview: I would use this phrase in a less formal context, like a creative discussion, but I would leave it out of a formal third-person essay. For me, this phrase is very colloquial.

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For example: “Around the world, there are scientists from around the world who consistently present evidence of human-caused climate change.”

Overview: This phrase can be used at the beginning of any paragraph that states a set of facts supported by clear step-by-step explanations that the reader should be able to follow to the conclusion.

Example: “Logically, the advent of the automobile would accelerate economic development in the United States. Automobiles allowed goods to flow more quickly through the economy.

How To Conclude Your Essay

Overview: This is a colloquial term that is more useful in speech than in written text. If you think the term “as a result” is too basic, I would avoid that term as well. However, the usage is common in speech, so it may be more acceptable if you are giving a speech.

Writing A Research Paper Conclusion

Example: “After all that has been said and done, it is clear that there is more evidence that climate change is real than a hoax.”

Overview: “Overall” is a colloquial term that I use in speech but not in formal academic writing. Conversations may show that you have a poor command of English. However, I intend to use this phrase at the end of a discussion.

Example: “Overall, our debate team has shown that there is incontrovertible evidence that our side of the argument is correct.”

Overview: This term is a good way of saying “I considered everything above and now here is my conclusion.” However, this is another term that is used more in speech than in writing. Use it in a high school debate, but when it comes to formal work, I would leave it out.

How To Write A Conclusion (with Tips And Examples)

Overview: This statement gives me the impression that the student does not understand the point of the conclusion. It is not just a “final note”, but a recapitulation and recapitulation. So I personally avoid this one.

Example: “Finally, I would say that I consider the automobile to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century.

Summary: I don’t like this phrase. This will give teachers the impression that you are going in circles and have not organized your work properly. I especially avoid this in the body of the article because I always think, “If you’ve said it before, why are you saying it again?” Of course, the conclusion reaffirms things, but therefore it adds value

How To Conclude Your Essay

Therefore, add value by using a phrase like “summarize” or “quantify” in the conclusion.

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Overview: In articles where the evidence may change in the future. Most fields of study involve developments over time, so this phrase recognizes that “now” is the best evidence for a thing, but this may change in the future. It also shows that you looked at it

Example: “Currently, the best evidence shows that carbon dioxide emissions from power plants have the greatest impact on climate change.”

Overview: I personally find this phrase useful for most articles. This shows that you can identify the most important or central point of everything you have examined. It’s a little less formal than some of the other phrases on this list, but I don’t think it’s too conversational for a graduate essay.

Example: “At the heart of this article is the fact that scientists have failed to convince the public of the importance of action on climate change.”

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Overview: This sentence can be useful in an argumentative essay. This shows that there are some limitations to his reasoning.

, in balance you still think your position is the best. This allows you to demonstrate your vision and critical knowledge while reaching a conclusion.

Often, my students make the mistake of thinking they can only take one side in an argumentative essay. On the contrary, you must be able to highlight the limitations of your vision and at the same time assert that it is the best.

How To Conclude Your Essay

Example: “Despite the shortcomings of globalization, this article concludes that it has been well developed and is developing in a balanced way in many regions of the world.”

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Overview: Although the phrase “finally” indicates that you are reaching the end of the discussion, it is usually used at the end of a list of ideas rather than as a conclusion. This also means you are adding a point rather than summarizing previous points.

Example: “Finally, this article has highlighted the importance of communication between policy makers and practitioners in order to ensure good policy implementation.”

Overview: While this is not a phrase I personally use very often, I believe it indicates that you are “summarizing,” which is what you want from the conclusion.

Example: “Considering all of the points above, it is clear that the weight of the evidence highlights the importance of action on climate change.”

How To Write Conclusions That Don’t Suck

Overview: This phrase indicates that you consider the information contained in the body of the passage when drawing conclusions. Therefore, I believe it is appropriate to begin with a conclusion.

Example: “Given the above information, it is reasonable to conclude that the World Health Organization is an appropriate vehicle for achieving better health outcomes in developing countries.”

Overview: This phrase means to say everything in as few words as possible. However, this is a colloquial phrase that is better used in speech than in formal academic writing.

How To Conclude Your Essay

Example: “In short, there are valid arguments on both sides of the socialism versus capitalism debate.”

How To Conclude An Essay

Overview: This phrase is a good synonym for “as a result” and I am perfectly fine with a student using this phrase in their essay. Be sure to explain your position based on the weight of evidence presented in the body of your essay

Example: “In conclusion, there is ample evidence that liberalism has been the greatest force for progress over the past 100 years.”

Overview: Although the phrase “in essence” indicates that you want to summarize the main conclusions of your discussion, it is somewhat colloquial and is best reserved for speeches rather than formal academic writing.

Example: “Basically, this article showed that livestock farming is an industry that must be protected as an essential service to our country.”

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Overview: We generally review other people’s work, not our own. For example, you can review a book you read or a movie you watched. So writing “under consideration” as a substitute for “as a result” is a bit strange.

Example: “Upon review, the above information makes a compelling case for recruitment in the United States.”

Overview: I personally think this phrase is mostly used by undergraduate students. As students become more confident in their writing, they tend to use expressions higher on this list. However, I do not evaluate the student for using this phrase.

How To Conclude Your Essay

Example: “In summary, this article demonstrated the importance of sustainable agriculture in ensuring a healthy future for our nation.”

Ways To Conclude A College Essay (with Tips & Examples)

In summary: The phrase “in summary” is enough to indicate that you do not have time to summarize the article. This is an appropriate phrase to use instead of “as a result.”

Example: “Overall, this article showed the importance of managers in ensuring the efficient functioning of medium and large companies.”

Overview: Briefly and in summary are the terms that can be used to complete “as a result”. You will show that you want to summarize the points raised in the text, which is what you want from an essay.

For example: “In short, thinking is a very important metacognitive skill that all teachers must master to improve their teaching skills.”

How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay: Expert Tips And Examples

Overview: While this phrase may not always be appropriate for your article, it is when it is

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