How Do You Start Your Own Website

How Do You Start Your Own Website – When you first start online, the idea of ​​creating your first website/blog can seem confusing and difficult.

Knowing the steps to take to get your website from the mind / brain on the Internet can seem like a complex task that requires a lot of work.

How Do You Start Your Own Website

How Do You Start Your Own Website

In fact, setting up a website or blog is easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes if you know what you’re doing.

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Having spent a lot of time making websites for ourselves and our friends, we have distilled the essentials of how to create a website into a simple step-by-step process with lots of visual images to make. the faster you run.

Note: This article contains affiliate links, which allow me to make commissions if you purchase a product/service through one of my links. Please note that I often use these products on my own website and recommend them because I have found them to be very useful and would not recommend something that I have not used or researched thoroughly.

A 3-part visual guide to creating your first website or blog in 15 minutes (with lots of pictures)

Before breaking down the 8 easy steps to creating a website tutorial, I’d like to provide a quick reference guide for those who are ready to start their journey now!

How To Start A Blog: Tips And Inspiration For Beginners

The purpose of this 3-part tutorial is to help teach you how to start a website (with images) in 15 minutes or less using Bluehost, so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. do.

In addition to the visual / graphic guide and the 8-step tutorial, I’ve added a section that provides tips and advice on organizing and developing your content, website design, and navigation, so that your future audience can get the most out of it. of your website.

Note: If you want to skip the visual guide on setting up a website in 15 minutes with Bluehost, you can click here to jump to the 8 easy steps for creating a website domain. However, this visual guide is an excellent tool for any beginner who does not know / understand how to make their website run.

How Do You Start Your Own Website

Bluehost web hosting offers the best hosting plans for new bloggers who want to get a website up and running quickly in 15 minutes or less with just a few clicks!

Create Your Own Website

The first part of setting up your website / blog is to choose your domain name, because this is the URL / brand name that will identify your website and see when you type it into a search engine.

As you can tell, the domain name chosen for this website is . Try using several domain names that you like and feel will define what your website is about.

Once you have collected your domain list, go to Bluehost and check if your domain name is available by going to the current registration page and typing the domain name in the box like this:

Alternatively, you can use the domain name search tool below to see if there is a domain name for the website you are looking to create!

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When you first start, you will be asked to choose a hosting plan for your website. I recommend choosing a starter package for your first website, which I show below if you want to go with a smaller plan.

Each system has its own strategy. However, the starter package allows you to start your website at a very affordable price, and you probably won’t have to worry about upgrading to a higher plan for a long time.

If you want advanced options, a few comprehensive plans offer their own benefits. They can be useful for those who need website space or need other features.

How Do You Start Your Own Website

Once you’ve selected your plan, you’ll be asked to select the package information you want to add. I recommend adding Privacy Protection to your website because it will keep personal information such as your personal name, home address and phone number public.

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If privacy is important to you, then local privacy protection is a cost-effective way to keep your local information private. There is also a comprehensive link on the package details page that goes into depth about the privacy protection area if you have additional questions.

If you want to know more about why we use Bluehost for our website, blog, and small business, then you can quickly jump to the why we recommend Bluehost section here.

Once you’ve completed the registration process and have a domain name for your website/blog, it’s time to install the software that will power your website and allow you to blog, sell products or share anything you like. important.

Don’t worry; Installing and setting up WordPress is very easy and it only takes a few clicks to get your website/blog up and running online.

How To Easily Create An Author Website Yourself

WordPress is easy to use and will allow you to manage your website with little or no technical knowledge. Best of all, WordPress powers some of the largest and most influential websites on the Internet, such as The New Yorker, BBC America, Beyonce Bloomberg Professional, and Microsoft News Center, among many highly trusted websites.

As a great software development environment, WordPress allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of design, functionality and personal control, so you can design and build your website to fit any idea you have.

After you have registered your domain name and hosting plan log into your new Bluehost account and find your domain name website. Once you see it click on the WordPress icon that says, “Install WordPress.”

How Do You Start Your Own Website

On the next page where it says Do it yourself (FREE), click the “Install” button. Note: You can create your Bluehost WordPress software if you are confused about the process or prefer a more guided experience.

How To Start A Web Hosting Business?

You will be taken to the domain selection page, where you can choose the domain name you want to add to your blog. For most people, this will be the domain name you choose in a domain, where you choose your domain name and your design plan.

Once you enter your domain name and select the domain you want to bid on, make sure you have the correct domain name selected (if you have more than one) before clicking the “Check Bid” button.

Check the box that says you have read the terms and conditions, then click the “Install Now” button. Of course, you are free to read through the terms and conditions before installation from the link provided by Bluehost before installing WordPress if you want to know more about their terms and conditions.

Once you get a message saying, “Your installation is complete!” you will need to click the “View Credentials” button where you can see your Admin URL, Username, and Password.

Simple Steps For Creating Your First Website (the Ultimate Guide)

Make sure you set them up so they will want to access your website as soon as you complete the process.

Don’t worry if you forget your password or don’t like the one we gave you; You will be able to change your login information (username and password) later, but you will need them the first time you log in to our website.

Note: You can still access your website by directly logging into the Bluehost website and clicking the login button if you don’t remember your website admin/password information.

How Do You Start Your Own Website

Once you have entered your Admin URL, Username, and Password, type your Admin URL into your web browser, which will take you to your website’s login page, as seen below.

Start Your Own Online Business With Shopify Usa

As mentioned earlier, you can also access your website directly from the Bluehost website by logging into Bluehost and clicking the Get WordPress for Your Website button.

The image above (admin login page) shows what your login page will look like. This is where you will enter your personal login credentials, which will give you full access to your website so you can start adding content, uploading images, blogging, offering products, sharing articles, or taking action. whatever else you want to do with your website. !

Just enter your username and password, and voila, log yourself in to your new website/blog. good luck!

Make sure you are on the correct admin login page before entering your information by checking back to the “your domain name” link shown in the image above, which should identify your website name.

How To Start Your Own Online Travel Booking Website

You can also check the URL to make sure it is the correct URL for your website for additional security.

Note: For those who have lost or forgotten their password, you can click on the link (Forgot your password?) to receive an email that will help you reset your password.

Although you have now prepared your new website and have a working blog, there is only one step (choice) in your design process, and that is to choose a theme that will give you a look and feel of your own. . website when guest

How Do You Start Your Own Website

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