Horse Stories For Young Readers

Horse Stories For Young Readers – The Adventures of Galloping Pals: A Collection of Horse Stories for Young Readers: A Collection of Horse Stories for Children: With Friendship, Bravery and Fun

The Adventures of Galloping – A Collection of Horse Stories for Young Readers is the perfect book for young horse lovers! This book contains 12 heartwarming stories about horses helping their human friends overcome challenges, make new friends, and find their way. In “The Healing Horse,” a horse helps a little boy cope with the loss of a loved one. In “The Heroic Horse,” a horse helps its owner overcome a physical disability and achieve her dream of competing in an equestrian competition. And in “The Unbreakable Bond,” a horse and its rider form a close bond despite many challenges and setbacks, including injuries, moving to a new location, and loss of support. These stories are sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young readers, and they will learn valuable lessons about friendship, bravery, and determination. The stories are easy to read and understand and the illustrations are colorful and attractive. The Adventures of Galloping Pals is the perfect gift for any young horse lover and is sure to be a valuable addition to any library. So why wait? Order your copy today and join in the adventures of these galloping friends!

Horse Stories For Young Readers

Horse Stories For Young Readers

I pray with all my heart every day that the aliens will come and save us from ourselves. In the meantime, I’m drinking in the various establishments and pubs of southeast Queensland and growing tomatoes – bloody big, squishy red ones that burst when you bite into them. Sometimes I write short stories. Doesn’t every child want a pony at some point in their life? Horses and riding are a popular topic for young children, so there are many fun books that highlight them. Check out this list of children’s books about horses to pique your child’s interest.

Fantastic Horse And Pony Facts

These are some of our favorite books about horses. It’s so fun to learn about and read about horses! Pick one or two of these children’s books about horses and have fun!

Clip-Clop was written by Nicola Smee. This board book follows a horse on a farm as he offers rides to all the farm animals. The simple text contains fun sounds and a repeating structure that kids will love.

That’s Not My Pony from Usborne Books features simple text that repeats as well as colorful illustrations that have a different feel and feel.

Read & Ride: Magical Horses was illustrated by Liz Mytinger. This interactive book contains 4 books in the shape of a board and large play scenes where children can use the books in the shape of a horse. Each book features vibrant illustrations and fits perfectly into the larger book for storage.

The Adventures Of Galloping Pals: A Collection Of Horse Tales For Young Readers: A Collection Of Horse Stories For Kids: Featuring Friendship, Bravery, And Fun By Johnny Smith

Horse Tales was written by Molly Fehr. This entertaining flap book takes the reader on a tour of a horse stable. The illustrations are vibrant and full of detailed surprises for horse-loving readers to discover.

“Busy Horsesies” was written by John Schindel and illustrated by Casi Lark. This board book features bright, clear photos and simple text to introduce the youngest readers to the lives of horses.

“A Horse Named Jack” was written by Linda Vander Heyden and illustrated by Petra Brown. This charming counting book follows a horse named Jack who breaks out of his stable and sets off on an adventure.

Horse Stories For Young Readers

The Littlest Horse was written by Lorie List and illustrated by Amanda Holbo. This sweet story is about Trixie, a miniature horse who is worried about his place on the farm. The heartwarming story and detailed illustrations will delight children with the adorable horse.

Best Horse Books For Children

“My Pony” was written and illustrated by Susan Jeffers. This story is about a girl who wants nothing more than to have her own pony. That’s all she can think about and it inspires her to draw and imagine what life would be like with her pony.

Horses was written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Betina Ogden. This book combines informative text with beautiful illustrations of horses on a farm. The story contains information about the horses from birth, including their care.

“The Princess and the Pony” was written by Kate Beaton. Princess Pinecone wants a horse for her birthday. One that can help her be a warrior. But what you get instead is a little pony. Together they learn to stay true to themselves.

Noni the Pony was written and illustrated by Alison Lester. Join Noni the pony as he gallops, prances and plays with his friends. The lively rhyming text is paired with charming cartoon-style illustrations.

Awesome Books About Color Your Class Will Love

“Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse” was written by Rebecca Janni and illustrated by Lynne Avril. Nellie Sue considers herself a cowgirl, so she knows she needs a horse. When her birthday comes, she hopes her parents will grant her wish.

“Justin Morgan and the Big Horse Race” was written by Ellen F. Feld and illustrated by Jeanne Mellin. This beautiful book tells the story of Justin Morgan, a big and strong horse who works hard on the farm and is challenged by two fast racehorses.

“If I Ran the Horse Show” was written by Bonnie Worth and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Jon Mathieu. Join the Cat in the Hat as she introduces readers to all things horse. The rhyming text is paired with funny illustrations of the funny cat character.

Horse Stories For Young Readers

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses was written and illustrated by Paul Goble. This story is about a young Native American girl who takes care of her tribe’s horses. The illustrations appear traditional and old.

Usborne Young Reading Series 1

Robert the Rose Horse was written by Joan Heilbroner and directed by P.D. illustrated. Eastman. This story follows Robert the horse as he celebrates his birthday. But when he smells a rose on the cake and sneezes, chaos reigns.

“If I Had a Horse” was written and illustrated by Gianna Marino. This beautiful book follows a little girl who imagines what life would be like if she had a horse. Simple text is brought to life with vibrant colors in impressionistic artwork.

“Horses” was written by Laura Driscoll. This informative book provides facts about horses and all kinds of professions. The text is complemented by bright and clear photos of beautiful horses.

DK’s Complete Book of Horses and Ponies is full of interesting facts and information about horses and different breeds. The layout is easy to read, with large, clear text and lots of photos and diagrams.

Npr’s 100 Best Children’s Books

“Fritz and the Beautiful Horses” was written and illustrated by Jan Brett. Fritz is a pony who wants to join the beautiful horses in a walled city. But when the chance to be a hero arises, he can prove himself to them. The illustrations are designed in Jan Brett’s signature style of detailed artwork.

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Horse Stories For Young Readers

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with it.Ok Privacy Policy Published in 1877, this ultimate classic is told from the horse’s perspective and teaches empathy for working horses.

Exciting Horse Books For 3rd Graders

We love every book by Marguerite Henry and we think you will too, but Misty’s story is probably her most famous.

(Book 1) tells the story of young Alec Ramsay’s shipwreck and subsequent friendship with the Black, an Arabian horse too wild to handle. Other books in the series are about the racing rivals and the descendants of The Black.

In this 1930s classic for younger readers, Billy receives a pony named Blaze for his birthday. The series follows their adventures together.

Horse Stories For Young Readers

Read the horse book that inspired the classic film for children and adults, telling the story of 14-year-old Velvet Brown as she trains her horse The Pie for the Grand National steeplechase.

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