Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers – If your readers are anything like mine, they love a good picture book. And for anyone who wants to encourage a child to read more books more often, picture books appeal to more children. So what are the best graphic novels for beginners? No, ANYTHING your child enjoys.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great choices every year—and this list of chapters in graphic novel format will keep your 6- to 9-year-olds reading good books, practicing their reading skills, and developing a love of stories and books.

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

Here are the best picture books to get kids interested in reading. Read reviews and find your next great comic book and picture book!

Graphic Novels — Schoolnest

I love, love, love this easy to read book with striking pictures and one sentence per page explaining something about worms. Painted on recycled grocery bags, readers are treated to beautiful, earthy ideas throughout.

Learn how pigeons can fly (faster than a car!) and fun facts in this easy reader from Toon Books. Readers will be convinced that pigeons are very tasty.

Zoe really wants Robot to understand pretend in this adorable first picture book from Balloon Toons!

A mix of groan-worthy penguin humor and cute penguin facts, this is a fun nonfiction picture book for beginning readers. The pictures often answer questions posed by the narrator penguin and are almost always silly.

Excellent Graphic Novels For Early Elementary Readers

Not only is it written in comic panels, but the dialogue has bubbles in colors specific to the person speaking, making it the first supporting experience of a graphic novel. Hedgehog is waiting to show his friend Harry his new bike. Children will love these beautiful stories of friendship and cycling.

This is excellent. I really like how the rhythm supports the encoding of the text. In this book, two cute fruit friends experience fun adventures such as cycling and going to the beach.

It’s hard for an animal like Owly to make friends. But when he saves a worm from a storm, he makes a lifelong friend. His kindness and gentle spirit help him make even more new friends.

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

Fox is serious and friendly while Chick is mischievous and playful. In this set of stories, they have a sleepover where Chick is afraid of a kangaroo but needs his stuffed kangaroo to sleep. In one story, Chick asks Fox to a birthday party – which is fun because it’s not Chick’s birthday.

The 50 Best Comics And Graphic Novels For Kids

The Scaredy Squirrel has a lot of fear and therefore a lot of coping mechanisms. In the first story, the scariest thing is the cute pom-pom-tailed creature – the rabbit.

Beginning readers will love this fun and friendly book – with great art from author/illustrator Mike Lowery! The three bug friends have a very nice secret headquarters where they earn badges. The friends begin their first badge hunt for food but then they spy a frog!! Even frogs EAT bugs! These bug scouts find a great solution – they use a spider’s hammock web to catch a frog. Hmmm…what badge will you get with that?

Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke One of our favorite picture books, Zita the Spacegirl is a true friend who not only saves her best friend from aliens, but also the galaxy!

That’s great! In this first book, Bird’s overconfident, laissez-faire nature combines well with Squirrel’s logical, fearsome nature. The two fall into Penguin’s world where a Bird named “The Chosen One” is destined to save the penguins from the Great Whale.

Must Have Graphic Novels To Engage Readers In Grades 3 6

Kids will enjoy fun and strange conversations between Chick and Brain and finally, Spot. Chicken tries to teach Brain about good conversation and Brain wants Chicken to pick up a leg. Which Chick won’t do it until… Brain says please. It is full of friendship, fun and silliness.

Someone keeps stealing lunch from Pawston Elementary, and it’s up to this team of mystery-solving dogs to investigate! Join Rider and his friends as they hack this lunch bag once and for all.

Cat Kid teaches a bunch of tadpoles how to make your own comic books… If you like a lot of silliness (including potty humor) with great messages about writing, creativity and perseverance, then read this one.

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

If you like bookish stories, playful characters, and random facts, this funny book for ages 6 to 10 is a great read. Jop and Blip reflect on topics such as pranks, words that start with silent letters, vision, foxes, and more – and as they talk, you’ll learn a thing or ten.

Graphic Novels For Kids

The kids in Mr. Wolf’s class start a birthday party and a secret party. First, they will investigate what happened to Mr. Green. Now Aziza’s frisbee. Also if the girls’ bathroom is really out. Friendships related to clearly stated school conditions. This new series is VERY popular with growing readers.

Arlo, the king of birds, befriends a beautiful yellow bird named Pip. Arlo tells his new friend all about his many talents while doing many things like visiting the big city and looking for shiny objects. Delving into the story there are interesting aspects of crows (big brains, counting 6 objects, etc.)

After escaping from an evil laboratory, cats August and Charlie help the others with “Super Dog” to hide a dog. But their evil scientist nemesis, a diaper-wearing baby named Princess, will stop at nothing to capture the escaped cats…and conquer the entire world. Full of fun, friendship and humor!

Magic Tree House The Graphic Novel Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne, edited by Jenny Laird, illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews

Top 8 Graphic Novels For Young Readers!

In this unique storytelling, Jack and Annie find a magical tree house full of books. Jack starts reading a book about dinosaurs and wishes he could go see them and zoom in, they do! Annie befriends a flying dinosaur and they help save other baby dinosaurs.

What a funny person! Salem Hyde is a difficult but very good witch who combines spells and magic. Is it nice!

Hilo doesn’t remember what happened before D.J. he finds him face down on the earth. Hilo remembers a giant robot following him to Earth. This one ends up on the fridge, but it’s worth it – it’s a great browser!

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

Blue is a worm who doesn’t want to share the beach ball because he knows Barry and Pancakes will lose it. (Actually, it is swallowed by a whale.) These disasters continue with a silly story and effect, where one disaster leads to another even in outer space and the volcano, but ends with a fun party of friendship.

Graphic Novel Class 4

Two soul brothers and sisters take a cat, go to the beach, play baseball, and more. Madness abounds in the stories, but their heartwarming relationships steal the show.

From writing the theme song to sleepovers to deep thoughts, this storybook features characters you can’t help but love, including Baloney the pig, Bizz the bumblebee, Peanut the horse and Krabbit the rabbit. Also read the instructions for drawing characters with ideas on the back.

Claudette is a dragon-slaying, evil girl who tricks her brother and best friend (the princess) into wanting to kill a dragon. And, don’t worry, no foxes will be killed.

At night, this pet turns into Cat Ninja, the protector of Metro City! His enemy is Leon’s sister’s evil hamster, Master Hamster. Learn the story of the Ninja Cat and follow his dangerous, fun and funny adventures!

Mommy Maestra: The Mega List Of Spanish Comics For Kids

Two best friends, Mole and Vole, naturally go out on adventures together. When these two friends accidentally move to the city, they do everything they can. In the city, they enjoy new city nature tours and discover new animal friends, sights and sounds!

Mr. Pants really wants to go to laser tag, but since he hasn’t cleaned his room, his sister chooses to go to the Fairy Princess Dream Factory. It’s fun and exciting.

Mal and her best sidekick named Chad still laugh a lot together. Perfect for budding readers and reminds me a bit of the beloved Calvin and Hobbes.

Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers

Wonderful. Weird. Funny. I think all three of them describe this classic Captain Underpants creator’s book about a cop and a dog together – the top of the dog, the bottom of the officer who… Dog Man. Dog Man solves crimes and has adventures, the likes of which will keep you entertained for hours.

Expanding The Story: 30 Mighty Girl Graphic Novels For Teens

If you like weird and wild stories that JUST make sense for kids, meet Banana Fox. This book is full of completely silly jokes (not potty laughs) about Banana Fox whose antics to prevent the secret mystery will have you laughing throughout the book.

A group of canine friends get superpowers… and superhero costumes. Each dog in the group has a unique personality but none of the dogs even take their powers seriously because they are too busy wreaking havoc and roaming around. Until… evil kitties NEED A CITY!!

Norma and Belly are squirrel friends who really want a donut. Can they work together, sneak into a food truck and throw the biggest donut party ever? Few verses, many

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